Northern Lights

About The Game

Anyone who has seen an aurora, or Northern Lights, was probably fascinated by this natural phenomenon. It is hard to forget such a stunning combination of light and colors. However, it is just the same for the players of this game brought by Stallion Gaming casino game development. Many players are kidnapped in the deepest, coldest places of the earth, and you, as an explorer, need to rescue them.

What do you need for the rescue? A compass, a pair of crampons, a climbing rope appear to help you to be the conqueror of North and winner of a lot of cash. Not only its name takes you to Icy places, but also its symbols will make you chill to the bones! An experienced player will immediately notice the unique features and high-quality design Northern Lights offers. The video game has five reels and 40 pay lines. It is possible to see them on both sides of the reels. Its regular symbols with high payouts and replacement feature of wild symbols ensure great prizes for the players.

I should also mention that the casino development team added a lot of exciting features to the game. For instance, polar bears coming across your way will make adrenaline rush. If you land five Polar Bear symbol or Polar explorer symbol, the action game will open. Here you can spin the wheel of fortune and get extra bonuses. In bear’s action game, you get a chance of 2 spinnings, while in explorer’s case you have four spinning chances. You can also see the wild symbols reflecting the Northern Lights, which offer no monetary value but create extra revenue for you. This Wild Symbol expands vastly between rows and reels; therefore, you will be able to multiply your earnings further. To sprinkle a little more action to the game, developers have designed risk game, where you guess the color of the cards. If you guess correctly, your entire gain will be doubled.