Hook A Duck

About The Game


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We have taken the traditional Hook A Duck experience and made it digital. This game embodies all the memorable and enjoyable thrill of a premium game. Good thing, it leaves out the hustle of buying a large 122cm inflatable pool and other items required to set up your traditional Hook A Duck game. Yet another professionally designed piece from Stallion Gaming, it promises players good memories. It will bring back fond memories of funfairs.

A True Game of Chance

Many believe the Hook A Duck to be a game of skill. However, Stallion Game has successfully made it a game of chance. Which means anyone with the good fortune can hit a home run. Unlike other online slots, the odds are inherently in favor of the players. Though the ratio ducks with hidden marks are considerably lower than ducks without hidden marks, winners can rest assured that they can secure some winning ducks. Nevertheless, should you fail to secure any winning ducks, you can always give your luck another try.

Rules of Hook A Duck

The rules are fairly simple. If you are able to hook a winning duck, the win a prize. In order to secure a top prize during gameplay, you only have to secure three winning ducks. Nevertheless, many people get two or even one duck. These are also considered as wins but gets you lower prices. As the name Hook A Duck implies, your sole focus is to hook as many ducks during gameplay. Therefore you don’t need to spend a lot of time getting used to this game. Stallion Gaming designed Hook A Duck with a low learning curve. Even the children will be drilled to try out their luck.