Heart Of Cleopatra

About The Game


  • Discover the many treasures in the Heart of Cleopatra

  • Get a royal reward from the Heart of Cleopatra

Heart of Cleopatra is another iconic slot game from Stallion Gaming. Along with other top video slot machines like Gold Rush, and Hook A Duck, it is one of the most popular slot games among online gamblers. Players choose this game mainly for its high reward percentage and engaging player interface. You can that her highness Queen Cleopatra will give you a royal treat. She is often known to pay little or no credits. However, the Queen doesn’t fail to deliver huge amount of wins and bonuses too. The Heart of Cleopatra is therefore not for the fainthearted.

Experience in Ancient Egypt

The game comes with 20 paylines and five reels. All of which are available to the player from the offset of the game. Heart of Cleopatra takes you back in time. All the way to ancient Egypt when the Sphinx and Pyramids of Egypt were in their glory and splendor. We incorporated other remarkable Egyptian symbols like scarabs and hieroglyphics into this special casino game. Which renders the game unforgettable for slot game enthusiasts. Most of these symbols are more than traditional tokens. The sphinx, for instance, holds a special power to release a unique bonus to exponentially increase total winnings. But, your gameplay will considerably determine your chances of winning.

Win real money in Heart of Cleopatra

When you play Heart of Cleopatra, remember to play for keeps. Despite the fun and entertainment, it can also be very rewarding to the winners. There are particular bonus signs and symbols that improve your overall prize money. Some of these signs include the ancient Egyptian relic called Horus’ Eye, the Crook, the star, etc. In the event of two Sphinx symbols in the Queen’s heart, you obtain a splatter. However, raise your Sphinx to three and get free spins. This increases your chances for a jackpot and 15 additional runs.