Gold Records

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You will seldom find slot games that reward players with such wonderful wins. The Gold Records slot game is another wonderful release from Stallion Gaming. As a premium slot game, it incorporates outstanding graphics, memorable symbols, and characters. Like the name implies, the color of the precious metal (Gold) is one of the major features that characterize the entire time of Gold Records. In addition to this, the game is packed with music and sound effects that add life and color to your day. After all, it is a record based game.

Bonus Features

Like several other slot games in the Stallion Gaming portfolio, there are many amazing bonuses and prices lying in wait for players. One such bonus is the free spins feature. To obtain this bonus, you only have to be lucky enough to get three scatter symbols on any one of the reels. Basically, the game combines the traditional principles of video slots with rich, colorful experience. No longer do you have to wait till you visit the casino to enjoy premium casino slot games.

Winning big with Gold Records

Players looking out for generous wins through video slots can look no further than Gold Records. Here we offer you the chance to enjoy some of the best tunes for music lovers and win amazing prices. Should you ever need to unwind or release stress after a hard day’s work, Gold Records is at your service. It is the perfect pass time. All players can expect the game to help them relax, and rest after a long day’s work. And if you happen to win a prize too, all the better. With Gold Records slot game, spin and win literarily means spin and win!