Fruit Sensation

About The Game

Spending time playing a traditional fruit-themed slot game can be the best way to pass the time. It is even better if the game offers some serious winnings and modern graphics. If this sounds appealing to you, then you should try the Fruit Sensation slot game. Though the game involves a traditional fruit-theme, it is a modern game with astonishing design and exciting features. Also, the game considers the needs of many players, which makes it a favorite slot. 

Features of Fruit Sensation

The symbols of the game include everyone’s favorite fruits, such as cherries, oranges, or melons, together with 7s and bells. Besides, the winnings of the game are quite promising. A combination of plum, cherry, orange, and lemon will reward 20 k coins. Meanwhile, landing lining melons or bells will get 50 k coins. If you wonder what the highest prize is, it is 500k coins. A lucky player who lines five of 7s will get this reward instantly. Besides, this online casino game allows us to risk and earn bigger prizes. After a winning combination, one can choose to gamble. He should decide the color of the card- black or red. If he guesses correctly, the prize will double. 

Who Should Play

Fruit Sensation is a favorite game of inexperienced players and high-rollers. People who love to risk more and gain more can bet up to 100 coins per spin. However, if you are a naive gambler, or merely risk-averse, you can enjoy this experience with as small as four coins per spin. 

This video slot game - Fruit Sensation provides excellent graphics with laser celebrations and relaxing gambling experience. Besides, a player gets a chance to earn half a million coins in this sensational slot. No matter if a player is risk-lover or risk-averse, beginner, or experienced - this game fits the needs of any category of players. It combines enjoying gambling experience and high prizes in one game. Hence, its popularity should not be surprising.