Fireball Keno

About The Game

This type of entertainment is an excellent choice for those who like to play with numbers. So, those who prefer keno to all other games will like the entertaining online casino game Fireball KENO. The proposed model would seem like a simple lottery draw, if not for its subject matter. As part of the video game, a story about fantastic creatures about which legends speak - fire-breathing dragons lost. Only brave knights decided to go to a fight with them, but gamblers are no less heroic. 

A close acquaintance with the grotesque characters will be there for the participant with maximum comfort. Therefore, it is necessary to show the ability and accuracy of the hit, and the outcome will not take long. It is a real-time strategy game

To believe that the player was in the lair of the dragon, will help high-quality graphic design. So the whole screen is in flames that spews a mythical creature. The character itself has a rather formidable look - a sharp comb, spikes, claws. It is chained to a stone, which is a playground, on which cells with numbers are located. The dragon is not a frozen image but looks very realistic. Nearby there is a stone head, from which balls with numbers pour out. You can see a decent number of digits on the screen. The gamer has to press on up to 10 tickets from a range of 80. At that point, the tickets randomly display numbers on the computer display. The player has won if his/her cards were visible on the screen. 

In Fireball Keno you can get bonuses. Control of the game process in the slot machine is carried out via using a set of different keys. To start the game, click on the Play button, which changes to Stop, and allows you to end the round early. The amount of the bet governs button One bet. Who wants to play to the maximum, there is also an option - Max Bet.