About The Game

Ducky is one of the simple gambling games that let players rest and earn at the same time. The game is very similar to the lottery. The difference is that numbers do not come one by one; instead, 20 of them appear instantly. Ducky Powerball Keno is a funny and engaging example of a keno game. Any player betting in this game will leave it with a positive mood and relaxed. 

The game design is amusing with a cute duck standing on the side of the board. It gets even funnier when the players fail and let it win. Whether you win or lose, the keno game will leave the punter with a pleasant experience. Like slot games, the keno does not require much attention or effort. All the players need to is choosing a minimum of 2 or a maximum of 10 numbers. They can even use the button ‘quick pick,’ which marks the numbers automatically. Then they should set the wager amount for these numbers. By clicking the ‘start’ button, randomly 20 balls with numbers will be generated. If the numbers match with the ones selected, the player wins depending on the bet.

The casino game development team also added some more excitement to the Ducky with the Powerball feature. The last ball appearing-20th- is the Powerball. If the player has that number on his board, then the winning amount increases by x4. A player can keep track of the hits from the game table. Besides, the winning amount of coins will appear in the paytable. There is a function called Auto facility, which chooses the same numbers and the same betting if the gamer wishes to play in this way. To sum, Ducky is an engaging keno game to spend the pastime. Also, players get a chance to earn decent cash prizes.