Coin Dozer

About The Game

If you want to enjoy your pastime activity with a chance-based game that has simple rules, you are in the right address. Coin pusher games have long been the favorite of players for the simplicity of the game. Coin Dozer is one of the famous coin pusher games that developers brought to the digital environment. It offers players a variety of unique features and high payoffs.

The design of the game is very catchy and easy to navigate. 

The game does not involve much skill. One should only put the coin and look at the screen for some time. As observing takes more time than playing, the game graphics must be attractive. Hence, game developers and designers put a lot of effort into the visuals of the game. Coin Dozer has a very bright and catchy graphics that would not let a player get bored. 

Like slot games, the coin pusher game does not require much skill or attention on the game. On the screen, one can easily manage the levels, see the prizes, and other bonuses. Also, on the top, there is a bar that indicates the level. As players fall coins and other rewards, they earn points and pass levels. Besides, on the left side, one can notice the ‘shake’ feature. If it loads fully and turns red, it will shake the machine, and many coins will fall, too. Each gold coin is worth one point, while a silver coin is worth two of them. Also, there exist many different types of coins. One can see them on the menu in the specialty coins tab. Gift Coin, Giant Coin or Coin Shower - all ensure that the player earns more points. Bonus XP coins also exist, which helps to pass levels quickly. 

Another element that helps to dispose of more coins is the walls. When there are walls on the sides, coins only drop to the box. When there is not any, they also fall from the sides, which earns you nothing. Luckily, walls are the common prizes so that one will get their help frequently.