If you are a young mobile game developer, working with mobile game publishers are the ones that you certainly need to consider. Mobile game developers can help you from numerous points of view. You can increase your gain from mobile game development. While choosing which one to go with, you need to place more into thought than simply the benefits split. A lot of engineers want to be part of the whole mobile game industry. Being part of the mobile game industry is participation in each stage of development from improvement to dissemination. Mobile game distributors can take your game and keep running with it, propelling it to new measurements. In this case, you are taking the benefit of being part of a large team and leverage your gain.

Mobile Game Publishers 

However, each mobile game developer asks a question of why to be a part of the team. If you can work alone and get all the profit, do it. Mobile game publishers offer their skills on profitable administrations like appropriation, adaptation, application store enhancement. Moreover, their highly skilled workers guarantee item technique, internationalization, limitation of the application. The marketing and sales department of mobile game publishers offers different services. They specialize in showcasing, publicizing, advertising, online networking, and even network the board and backing. For these reasons, mobile game developers work on a large scale and produce more games. It makes them more competitive in the market and decreases their production costs. Thus, they are able to make great profits. These types of companies are making money on mobile game development they distribute other designers' turn-based strategy games too.

However, the criteria for everyone is extraordinary, and some are pickier than others. It may be true that some for enormous setup distributors would choose the promotion of indie games. Talking about connecting with them, some of these publishers have complex email structures relying upon their organization structure. But, other companies incline toward contact shapes through their site. For each organization, you should locate the ideal approach to get in touch with them. For these reasons, we have prepared for you the list of top mobile game publishers. Each of them differentiates in the market with its high-quality products and services. 

EA Mobile Inc.

mobile game publishers

EA Mobile Inc. is one of the best mobile video game development studios in the industry. Originate in the US EA Mobile Inc is one of the mobile game publishers. It has an extensive range of different products. The studio's essential business is delivering games for cell phones. It has likewise created other amusement related programming industry. For example, ringtone applications and other related software applications. EA Mobile produces games in a wide assortment of types. For example, there are battling games, confound games, and sports titles in the inventory of EA Mobile. Their most outstanding items are games such as NFS, Sims, and FIFA. EA Mobile publisher was also dealing with the transformation of pocket console games to mobile smartphones.

There are such games as NBA and NHL which enables playing on smartphones. The EA mobile game development company is one of the most outstanding mobile game publishers which operates all over the world. Mainly, they have workplaces in Japan, Pakistan, Romania, the UK, and other countries.  They are distributing organization in the online video game industry. So EA Mobile's essential business is connecting mobile game developers in one place. EA Mobile keeps up robust associations with real organizations in the two gatherings.

Moreover, they make, buy, and keep up restrictive programming libraries to help designers with whom they have working connections. They additionally do most of the work with respect to quality confirmation for their video game testing. EA Mobile’s primary goal is to put our players first. They aim to gather the most gifted and innovative game designers on the planet. And by doing so, turn themselves into the world's number one mobile game publishers. Mobile gaming is the eventual fate of the industry. 

Activision Blizzard Inc.

Activision Blizzard, Inc. is an American video game development organization that originated in the US. The organization appeared in 2008 through the merger of Activision, Inc., the holding organization of Activision Publishing. The company entered to market on the NASDAQ stock trade. Since 2015 has been one of the stocks that make up many of the large portfolios. Activision Blizzard as of now incorporates five mobile game publishers such as Blizzard Entertainment, Activision Studio of Blizzard and others. The organization claims and works extra studios under a free studios model under Activision Publishing. Among large projects delivered by Activision Blizzard incorporates we can consider Call of Duty and Guitar Hero. World of Warcraft is the greatest project if theirs. It brought success to Blizzard Entertainment at a cost-effective rate. As one of the large parts of a mobile game development company.

Many mobile games such as Candy Crush Saga become alive by this studio too. As of March 2018, it is the biggest game organization in the Americas and Europe. Their income and market capitalization indicators were very high. For over 35 years, Activision tries to change the manner in which individuals. They are the world's best independent intuitive stimulation organization. Creating and distributing games dependent on the world's most cherished amusement establishments. They are in the list of one of the 100 successful companies in 2016. Moreover, their shares are increasing, which means that investors and financial analysts believe in the future success of this company.

They claim that their prosperity is no mystery. And their key is in incredible diversion encounters start with extraordinary individuals. Their aim is not just drawing on the planet's ideal and most brilliant ability. Additionally on getting the best out of that ability once they're here. 

Xbox Game Studios


Xbox Game Studios is one of the largest mobile game publishers in the industry. It is a division of Microsoft situated in Washington. They appeared in March 2000, for the improvement and distributing of computer games for Microsoft Windows. It has since extended to incorporate games and other intelligent excitement for the namesake Xbox and Windows Mobile. As the studio developed, it has obtained and surrendered responsibility. They deal with different studios and is the parent association of fifteen various studios. Microsoft progressed the Games Group into an utterly independent division named Microsoft Games around March 2000.

Meanwhile, mobile game developers were still developing other solidification of games-related tasks inside Microsoft. This came close by the open declaration of the first Xbox support. With Microsoft Games to fill in as a designer and distributor of titles for both Xbox and Microsoft. In 2019 Microsoft Studio made a change in the title and became Xbox Game Studios. It became Microsoft's purpose to utilize the Xbox brand to help to support every one of the gadgets. For example, mobile platform games are their product. In 2019, Xbox Game Studios reported it had gained large income. It built up another interior studio devoted to the popular product Age of Empires.

The untitled Age of Empires arm of Xbox Game Studios doesn't straightforwardly build up any games. However, it supervises endeavors from outer studios. The main goal of the Xbox Game Studio is to enable each individual. Each association on the planet to accomplish is their aim. Their aim is in both the world wherein we live and the future which they endeavor to make. Today, we live in a portable and cloud-first world. The change in which the Xbox Game studio is driving over organizations. 


Gameloft was established by Michel Guillemot, who is the founder of Ubisoft in 1999. Before February 2009, Gameloft is one of the great mobile game publishers. It had dispatched more than two hundred million duplicates of their games since their initial public offering. Mobile game development companies achieved two million day by day downloads of their games. It means the App Store for iOS. Alexandre de Rochefort was the chief financial officer of Gameloft. He noticed that the organization's games created around multiple times more income on iOS than they do on Android. Google didn't build up its Google Play retail facade to its gold clients who have the most considerable downloads. Thus, Gameloft vigorously cut their interests in Android game development in 2009. In 2010, mobile game developers rather endeavored to sell Android games straightforwardly through their site.

Maintaining a strategic distance from the utilization of Google Play is the goal. CFO expressed that he needed to abstain from moving the organization to the NASDAQ exchange market in 2011. As the U.S. games market had all the earmarks of being just an enormous monetary air pocket. It observed by other game industries being ten million worth. Gameloft's games had troubles for being clones of other games. For this reason, the chief financial officer claimed that the videogame business has constantly played around a set number of topics. There is perhaps one new thought a year which might be similar.

Many journalists protected him, expressing that their games were normally well-cleaned, as opposed to the first ideas' games. Gameloft has 19 branches of computer game development studios worldwide. In July 2011, Glenn Watson lead software engineer of the Auckland branch. He expressed that the organization's administration made a consistent sense and large revenues at their studio.

Net Entertainment

Online casino lovers and enthusiasts will know the name of Net Entertainment for sure. NetEnt is one of the mobile game publishers that has been a pioneer in web-based games throughout the previous 20 years. It offers players remarkable ideas and a definitive in exciting gaming background. Their front line stage and programming give driving gaming answers.  They were for the world's most well-known gambling clubs as well as outsource game development. Focused on computerized simulation, games are flawlessly planned, have radiant illustrations and sound which should be downloaded. They are likewise famous for offering a high payout rate to game suppliers. Net entertainment enjoys making games significantly energizing and alluring. Unique topics and plans, inventive highlights and a high return to player coefficients are the keys of Net Entertainment.

Moreover, Net Entertainment has a comfortable navigation panel and user-friendly portal. Players enjoy spending their time gambling in this portal. Easy and quick money operations are the key to the success of this online casino. 



Playtech position themselves among the main three online mobile game development companies which specialize in online casinos. This company has a comparative advantage over other mobile game publishers by its skilled workers and video game programming. The organization has a variety of games that have probably the most splendid and appealing to the web club programming structures. It offers bunches of free twists and extra adjusts for online gambling club players. They additionally offer huge prizes from an arms stockpile of dynamic openings. If you are one of those players who like spending your time gambling, then this information is for you. They additionally have mobile gambling clubs that you can easily use from your mobile gadgets. These game suppliers propelled in 1999 were having probably the biggest amount of games that incorporate online bingo and gambling club rooms.

Nkidu Games

Nkidu Games offers the fast, high adaptability, and high caliber online gambling casino of things to come. Obviously, the online gambling casinos industry currently is bubbling. There are a ton of companies, and every one of them attempts to get the most noteworthy online casino. Be that as it may, Nkidu Games being one of the best mobile game publishers won't lose the challenge. Their portfolio comprises of an amazingly enormous assortment of online game art services and other captivating betting games. Dependability is another key that encourages this gambling club to pick up enthusiasm among club players. Nkidu Games are efficiently keeping up and building up their products. They are improving the structure and nature of the games, in light of their clients' surveys and experience.

Numerous information investigators consistently are dissecting the client encounters. So as to fabricate new betting games, which will be actually what clients were longing for. What's more, what a club player would dream of? Obviously, an enormous number of rewards in rounds of Nkidu Games is the explanation behind being among the top online gambling club in the online gambling club rating. They are offering a large portion of their online casino games. They pull in clients not to leave the game brisk.

In spite of free turns, Nkidu Games offer dynamic rewards which will expand your addition by bigger sums. If you would play numerous games at the same time games will give you a chance to get an opportunity to twofold or triple your increases. That will make your game all the more energizing. Ground-breaking specialized help in accordance with the economically improving item control. The improved configuration makes Nkidu Games extraordinary compared to other online clubs.

Headup Games

If you are the one who is looking for the quality and reasonableness in the online gambling casino, Headup Games has prepared a gambling casino for you. Headup Games is one of the mobile game publishers specializing in online casinos. Key parameters that separate Headup Games and make them keep the most elevated online casino publisher is that they expect to upgrade the client involvement with their games. Headup Games game development team has thought about all sections of the players and their inclinations. If you love to play online casino games, you can discover what you need in their portal.

Moreover, if you love to play board games or card games like poker, you can take your time playing poker in Headup Games’ online games. Headup Games ensures full security and income sans work installments. You can change over effectively your online chips to genuine cash in your financial balance. Headup Games has built up a simple mobile application of its games for playing at any place where you want.

In addition, this is one of the few mobile game publishers that deal with its players' successes. You won't lose your rewards despite the fact that your cell phone killed or you lost web association. The brilliant mobile application will push you to autosave your additions. One of the other upper hands of Headup Games is cashback work. This club will pay you back a piece of your underlying wager on the situations in which you lose all your cash. Therefore, players won't be in danger to lose everything. Regardless of whether they have lost, the online club still allows players to win, get back their cash.