The game development industry has reached its highest point in terms of technology, user experience, and live integrations. Today, there are thousands of companies, big and small, that develop games. In game-development, one of the critical factors is the game engine. A game engine is an environment for software development that is essential for people to develop games. Developers use game engines to build games for consoles, personal computers, and mobile phones. Game engines usually offer multiple features for users. They contain renderer for 2D and 3D graphics, artificial intelligence, memory management, sound, scripting, physics engine, and more. On of the popular game engines that a lot of developers use is Phaser game engine. It is a free 2D game engine to build HTML5 games for mobile phones and desktop. It was created by Photon Storm. 

Many developers prefer Phaser for several reasons. For example, it is easy to start, and it is also easy to understand. Additionally, the Phaser game engine is open-source and has many examples. Apart from this, there are a lot of tutorials available on the internet. It is something that you may want to use if you start game developing. In this article, we will talk about the top 6 games made with Phaser game engine. After this article, you will have a better idea of the Phaser framework.


Top 6 Games Made with Phaser Game Engine


Pong is one of the ancient sports games in history. Also, it is one of the original arcade games in the history of game development. Originally, Atari created it in 1972. Pong has a basic two-dimensional graphics. Another interesting fact regarding Pong is it is the first successful game in terms of profitability. Most people see it as the game which founded the base of the video game industry. As many companies noticed its success, they started to copy the Pong and release games. Since then, many people and companies have recreated Pong. Today, many professional and amateur game developers build Pong with the Phaser game engine. Besides this, they add various features, such as new graphics, to their Pong versions. As a result, we can observe the once classic Pong game to be recreated over and over again. One thing is for sure. If this game were not good, people would not rebuild it. 



phaser game engine

The Labyrinth is another popular game made with the Phaser game engine. Initially, Lucasfilm developed it in 1986. This game is based on the film of the same name. In the game, the player must solve puzzles and avoid danger while moving through the Labyrinth. The target of the player is to defeat Jareth, who is the primary antagonist of the Labyrinth. David Fox was the leader of the Labyrinth project. Together with him, Douglas Adams also had a significant impact on the creation of the final product. As a result, the game was a massive success in terms of commerce. It even surpassed the film it was based on regarding the financial side. Also, the Labyrinth was an inspiration for the game Maniac Mansion. So, it is evident that the Labyrinth is one of the most prominent and most influential games made with the Phaser engine.


Basketball Stars

Although there are thousands of games made with the Phaser engine, not all of them are popular. Among its popular games, the next game is Basketball Stars. It is a game full of action. The Basketball Stars was built by Madpuffers. It is the sequel to the hit Basketball Legends. You can play this game alone or in two-player mode. Also, it is possible to have fast gameplay. Likewise, you can enter a bigger competition and show yourself in the NBA. In an old school style, Basketball Stars will be interesting for all basketball fans irrespective of the age. You do not need to get tickets to watch a mind-blowing game. It is because you will be in the game show. 

The Gameplay of the Basketball Stars

The Basketball Stars is the latest update for the traditional Flash game. You may notice many new twists that exist in the game design. Further, you can play either a random match or a competition. Your charge meter is critical for your game. When you unleash it at the right moment, you will be able to win the game.



The next game made with the Phaser game engine that is distinct is Magikmon. It is a game where you will feel like a mixture of Pokemon and Harry Potter. Magikmon is a role-playing game with a combat theme. The value of the AD ratio for this game is exceptionally above the average. Also, the video AD integrations to Magikmon is done superbly. So, players are willing to watch ads in return for some game items. Its story is quite impressive, too. Here, a young trader just reached the Magic School. On his first day, different from expected, he meets a gang of magical creatures. To be a student, he needs to defeat these vicious creatures. It is the sole way to prove that he will be a decent student at the Magic School.



We could not forget CATS while talking about top games made with the Phaser game engine. Zeptolab established the Crash Arena Turbo Stars in 2017. What you have to do in this game is to gather toolboxes and compile them in a combat robot. So, in CATS, there is a world where cats control everything. Your character is a kitten who does his best to be the top engineer in battle car making. There 24 phases you have to beat to reach the final stage. Also, we need to mention that the battles are automatic in the CATS. So, all you have to do is to observe your cars beat other cars. Moreover, the IOS developed version of CATS became a phenomenon in the app store. More than 100 million people downloaded it. 



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The last game in our list made with the Phaser game engine is the Hikari. Here, without annoying other passengers, you should take selfies to collect points. Hikari is an original game where nothing prevents you from making progress. The sole input that is necessary is to board the train. Eventually, the ride will end irrespective of your actions. It can be comforting. Likewise, it can be discouraging. You cannot do anything to reach the destination faster. 

On the contrary, Hikari has fun elements too. In the game, there are many details that you will reveal. They include different personalities and others. All in all, it is a worthy game made with the Phaser game engine that you may like.



In brief, the Phaser game engine is one of the most popular frameworks that game developers use today. Although most of those games are not well-known to players, there are still games that people play with enthusiasm. So, in case you are also in the field of game development, you may easily use this game engine. As mentioned above, the Phaser framework is pretty easy to use compared to other game engines. Likewise, if you liked the article, you can keep an eye on our website. There will be similar blogs related to this topic.