The entertainment industry is one of the most powerful economic and financial fields in the modern world. Interest and demand of people have created significant opportunity to develop successful businesses in this sector. Most potent areas of the industry are companies for movies, music, media, and games. Surprisingly, mobile game companies are the second-biggest field in the entertainment industry after media companies. Day by day, competition between companies strictly increase. They aim to produce the best project for world players. This struggle has developed some companies and make them multi-billion corporations. Nowadays, any person has met and got information at least one game from those leading companies. These games are also divided into several genres. The most well-known game genres are action, gambling, sports, strategy, simulation, board, etc. in this article, we will write about the most famous mobile game companies according to the different types of games. We will also give some examples of their well-known projects. 


 Supercell - One of the Most Earned Mobile Game Companies

If you read this article, with high probability, you have seen some video or ads about the clash of clans or hay day mobile games. Those are projects of Supercell, which is one of the most famous mobile game companies in the world. Supercell company was established in May 2010 in Finland. Total revenue of the company was 2.1 billion dollars for 2016. Initially, Supercell came to the game world with After that, they started working on more complex mobile games. They mainly have strategy game development projects. Today, we know them with Hay Day, Boom Beach, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, and Brawl Stars, which is mainly gained profit from a freemium strategy.


Creation of Supercell

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Founders of Supercell – Mikko Kodisoja and Ilkka Paananen was also working together in the Sumea until 2010, which is also well-known in the 2000s among mobile game companies. Although they were founders of Sumea company, they faced with negotiation problems in management. Because American based company – Digital Chocolate bought Sumea and it created cultural misunderstandings. Therefore, both Kodisoja and Paananen left the Sumea company in 2010. In the same year, they come together again to create their new mobile game companies. This year was the birth of Supercell.

Founders invested 250.000 euro from their savings for the establishment of the company. Additionally, they take 400.000 euro from technological innovation agency of Finland as a loan. They gathered all the money and created their first project – Gunshine browser game, which we have already mentioned above. This game achieved to have half a million active players. However, they could not continue in this sector. Because, social media game development company, the Zynga was quite dominant to the market.

On the other hand, managers had to give optimistic reports to the shareholders. Therefore, they should create more trustworthy projects. So, they started some of their mobile plans. Both Hay Day and Clash of Clans launched in 2012. Release timing was summer, and it was perfect for gaining the players.


Clash of Clans – Dream of all Mobile Game Companies

Both games stroke the expectations and become the most downloaded games in IOS. Especially Clash of Clans became one of the most profitable mobile games in the world.  After its release, Clash of Clans stayed in the top 10 download list of IOS until 2013. In the same year, they became the most earned android game development project on Google Play,  and the third most profit gained on the App Store. In 2018, the game was already the highest profit earned mobile application and downloaded more than five hundred million. Its total revenue is close to 7 billion dollars since its establishment.

In the game, each player has managed their village. The most significant building in the village is the town hall. Therefore, you should protect the town hall in the center inside the village walls. Two main strategies exist: defeat other communities and collect their loot. To protect your village, you should create a well-structured defense system with walls, towers, and traps. This equipment should be regularly updated. Each update increases the power of items. For the development of guns and village, you should collect coins and elixirs. The village owns several gold mines, and the player uses it as a money source. To invade other villages, you should create troops in the barracks. There exist two barracks in the village. After training your forces in the barracks, you will be ready to choose a victim village and to defeat it with a well-planned strategy.

Clash of Clans is a freemium smartphone game development project. It means you can download the game to your phone free. But during the game, you can buy gems in a change of dollars. You can fasten the development of your village items using these gems. For example, an update of a specific tower needs five days. During these five days, one of your towers will not defend your village. So, you can finish the update duration with the usage of gems.


EA Games

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Football lovers are aware of this company because in this part will write about the publisher of FIFA video games. EA Mobile is an American based game company, and it is the studio of Electronic Arts Inc. It was established in 2004, and the founder is John Batter. Their most famous mobile game projects are FIFA, Need for Speed, and The Sims. They have mentionable domination among sports genre mobile games. Its parent company, EA, is established more before than many of the mobile game companies, in 1982. Therefore, its creation history starts from this year.

The founder of Electronic Arts Trip Hawkins was an employee at Apple company. He was planning his own game company when he was working at Apple. After having support from venture capitalist Don Valentine, Hawkins achieved to establish his company with an investment of 200000 dollars from his savings. He created a group of workers from employees of Apple. In May 1982, he created the company Amazin’ Software. The main purpose was to be the best software development team among the game companies. 


From Amazin’ Software to Electronic Arts

However, the company name did not satisfy all team members. They desired to find out more influential brand. In their work, they were calling developers software artists, and the name idea “SoftArts” offered. But there was a company with the name of “Software Arts” so they had to change it. After a lengthy discussion, they liked the “electronic” word, they concluded with the name “Electronic Arts.”

FIFA is their most well-known project. It is a football video game released in 1993. Today, FIFA owns “the best-selling sports game franchise in the world” and listed in the Guinness World Records. In the game, there exist national leagues of many countries such as England, Germany, Italia, Spain, Russia, etc. At the same time, you can play the Champions League, World Cup, or Europa League. You choose your team in any league and start playing. Footballers are with real-life names. Although FIFA has a powerful competitor, it keeps the best football video game nick and one of the leaders among mobile game companies.


PUBG Corporation

If we talk about mobile platforms games, there is one particular game that we must mention. Because it stroked downloading and playing statistics just in less than one year. With high probability, you have played or still play this game. This game is Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. Although PUBG released on December 2017, it gained a massive number of players in a short time. Initially, it was just for Microsoft Windows. Following its great success, the company announced the development of PUBG Mobile after a few times. Players met PUBG Mobile in February 2018. Today, PUBG is one of the most popular video game development projects in the mobile gaming industry and gained more than 20 million players in a month.

The establishment history of PUBG Corporation starts with Bluehole Inc. This company was established in 2007 by Chang Byung-Gyu. In the same year, Tencent Holdings Limited invested in Bluehole and acquired 1.5% of Bluehole for 58 million dollars. However, their purpose was to buy Bluehole Inc fully. As the company value of Bluehole was 4.3 billion dollars, Tencent owned an additional 10% in charge of 412 million dollars. They became the second-largest stockholder with 11.5% after the founder Chang Byung-Gyu with 20%.


Creation of PUBG Corporation

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PUBG corporation was one of the sub-studios in Bluehole company. The first name of the game development team was Ginno Games, which is changed to Bluehole Ginno Games after purchased by Bluehole Inc. They started PUBG project with a group of 35 members in 2015 and increased the developers to 70 people in 2017. After releasing the game, it earned mentionable success. Downloading numbers skyrocketed within a few time. Following this success, the company changed its name to the PUBG Corporation in 2017.

Primary revenue source of the PUBG is quite impressive. Although the PC version of the game is for 20 dollars, the mobile version is free. Players pay only for “royale pass” function and to buy specific items. They can hire for their game characters different types of clothes and riffle skins explicitly designed. These payable clothes and riffle skins do not influence any technical features of guns. Logically, you cannot have any technical superiority. Payable items only show you more luxurious and expensive than other players. In this way, PUBG Corporation has become one of the most well-known among mobile game companies.


Playing Experience of PUBG Mobile

PUBG is an online multiplayer video game which is quite famous in the modern gaming industry. They have structured the game as battle royal style. It means, several players get together in an online platform and the goal is to survive till the end. The game also has some features of a turn-based strategy game genre. In PUBG, a hundred people jump into the island. This style is called Battle Royale. Battle Royale existed in some games such as Minecraft and ARMA 2. But these games could not grab the attention of gamers to battle royale. Anyway, ARMA 2 game was an inspiration for its idea owner and designer – Brendan Greene. So, he had already started to structure new project in his mind. It would be perfect with the elimination of drawbacks in previous experiences. After the release of PUBG, battle royale video gaming became very popular in the world. Millions of gamers started to play PUBG day and night, which made them one of the most earned mobile game companies.

At the start of the game, players jump into an island without any gun. Each player or group of players should select one specific region in the island and fly into there. They should start running around the houses and places to find guns and defense wearing for the battle. At the same time, the player should be fast and careful, because they can meet with the enemy. They should notice and neutralize the enemy before getting shot by them.

Following the game, the zone that is available to play gets narrower every minute. The server randomly chooses the center of the safe area. Players that stay outside the circle of the safe zone got damaged slowly. They can die and lose the game in case of not coming inside the safe zone circle within a particular time. One game takes 20 to 30 minutes on average.


Stallion Gaming

Stallion Gaming

Let's talk a little bit about the specific type of game genre. Online Casino games are one of these genres. The reader may or may not have information about online gambling. But according to statistics, overall money flow of online gambling is around 50 billion dollars in a year. Each year approximately 1.6 billion people gamble. For comparison, the revenue of the whole video games in the world was 36 billion dollars in 2017. Additionally, online gambling is calculated to increase 70 to 75% each year. This statistic shows the significance of online casino games among games world.

Stallion Gaming is one of the most famous mobile game companies in this sector. It is located in Los Angeles; the USA, and it is working principle is to develop any type of game according to the order. Besides having vast experience in online casino games development, they have also had projects on strategy, action, and multiplayer mobile games. The workflow of Stallion Gaming company is contained from several steps. Initially, the customer of the mobile game comes to Stallion and propose his project. The company creates a project management team for the customer, which will be busy with the overall creation of the project. In the flow of the project, the project manager regularly gives reports and information about every stage. The primary purpose is to create a game of how customer desires. So, Stallion Gaming could be the best way to outsource game development project.

Their most famous project is Magic 81. Playing strategy of Magic 81 is the same as other traditional online gambling slots. It pays back to players around 92 to96% of overall bidding. Additional 4% stay to the casino as a revenue. Winners are chosen randomly by the algorithm of the game. In the game, you purchase game coins in exchange for real money. You use these coins to spin the reels. You can bid from 30 to 2005 coins. To earn money, some of the possible winning combinations should come together in spinning.



However, in freemium games as PUBG and Clash of Clans companies create a fantasy game for the players. Some of them choose to be a farmer, and others want to make war. Companies always try to update their games to give players entertained game experience. Thus, they make some parts paid and earn money from selling additional premium features of the game. Players are also interested in investing in their account to develop their game characters. It is also possible to play freemium games without purchasing premium features. But gamers want to grow their game accounts faster, and game companies give them this chance. This trade let gaming companies earn billions of dollars, and both parties are satisfied with their situation.

All the information above shows how a significant portion does the entertainment industry have in the modern world. Not only mobile game companies but also media and movie companies are also one of the most significant figures in the world economy and financial markets. Online gambling games that Stallion Gaming Company develops have a quite ideal earning strategy. All casino players gather in one online platform. They bid for their gambling and either lose or win. Online casinos just take their commission fees.