Video games are top-rated. Children, as well as adults, are fond of them. Many people have their favorite games. For instance, a timeless classic Super Mario is one of the most played video games. People played that game in the late 90s, and many players are addicted to it to this day. Over the last twenty-thirty years, the global phenomenon for video game development was Japan. The games that the Japanese game development industry created captured our childhood. However, in recent years, western game development companies improved more and became very popular. Especially American video game developers closed the gap between them and Japanese game developers. The video game industry is growing fast. It is not a coincidence that nowadays almost every country in the world has a brand which produces video games. This post will mainly discuss the top American video game developers. Alongside that, we will give you valuable information about the gaming industry, development process, etc. 

American Video game developers industry 

Video game development is a very competitive industry. There are hundreds of companies that are trying their best to produce exciting games. Consumers are selective because there are many options to choose from. In the video game development industry, no producer is safe. The reason for that is the co0nstant evolvement. For instance, imagine a case where you have a successful game development history, and you will launch a new game soon. In an ideal world, your new product should be accessible and sell well. But in reality, it can be unsuccessful. That is the harsh reality of this industry. Even if millions of players liked your previous product, it does not mean that the next game will be out of the seller. To survive in this business, game developer companies are continually moving forward. They are doing marketing researches, reading customer reviews, improving their technology. For those specific reasons, video game developers distinguish themselves. They are aware of the fact that video game development is not an easy task to complete. Thus they are always working on new ways to make their customers feel even better. 

American Video Game Developers

american video game developers

Game development is a challenging yet exciting task to do. Before getting into the topic of top American video game developers, let's discuss overall game development. Video games are consisting of many ingredients. With the help of video game designers and video game developers, companies are trying to build the best games for their customers. The main assets for creating a game are the story, audio effects, exciting characters, the level, theme, and gameplay mechanics. Why are these elements needed? Before developing a successful game, you need to have a successful idea. With the help of that idea, you can create a storyline. After that, you will need significant sound effects to make the game more realistic. If you have a storyline, then move on to build characters. The character development is one of the hardest parts of this process. Whether it is android game development or IOS game development, you need to have compelling characters to be successful. 

What is character development in video games and why it is essential?

Characters are one of the essential parts of a successful video game. Every company tries to create the best characters to grab the attention of the customer audience. For instance, recently, "Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey" game launched, and it became trendy in just one week. The game created by the producers' of Assassin creed which was Panache Digital games. Panache digital games are holding an important place between American video game developers. Historical themed games are their best feature. In Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, gameplay and character development are the second to none. You begin the game as an orphan monkey, and you should learn every fundamental trick to survive and improve your clan. The game starts ten million years before and after evolving you will go forward in time. The idea of this game is as astonishing as its design and character development. 

Levels and gameplay

Every successful game developer knows the importance of gameplay mechanics in video games. The levels and gameplay mechanics should be both challenging and exciting. No one wants to play smooth games. The basic strategies and easy level increase is not an effective way to build your franchise. Even if the case is mobile game development, customers want to buy or download a game that is pushing them to think strategically. Levels in video games should be exciting and captivating. Players should like the gameplay and enjoy every level. That is the main feature of the American video game developers that made them famous. Coding and mechanics are necessary, and many developers are trying to do the best that they could regarding the coding process. However, to launch a successful game, all of the features mentioned above should be met. 

Features that every video game should have

Uniqueness is the key to success in the video game development industry. However, there are certain features that every player wants to see in video games. Those features can be summed up as the button mapping, subtitle feature, multiple languages, cinematic and level choices. Let's briefly explain those features. The very first feature in this list is the button mapping. To personalize your game style and be convenient while playing button mapping is very important. Older players who played Sega, Nintendo, Sony PlayStation one video games know the struggle. For instance, imagine a case where the player is a lefty, but the controller is only available for right-handed people. That will be a problematic issue, fortunately nowadays that is not the problem. Button mapping allows you to put any button to which place you would like to set. That is an effective way of giving control to the customer. Not every player wants to play with the standard options; some of them like it in different ways. 

Subtitle and Language issue

american video game developers

Another aspect that affects the quality of the game is subtitled. Every player knows that to be successful in sports, you need to know what characters are talking about. Sometimes just missing a word can cost you mission or level. Subtitles are a great way to engage players who have problems with hearing or maybe another personal issue regarding this matter. In which language should subtitles be? That is the second part of that feature. Not everyone speaks English, but in every country, you can find a gamer. Not knowing the language may cost you to lose the game and prizes. To make more and more players play your game, American video game developers try to put subtitles in different languages as well. Subtitles and language options are crucial features in most of the strategy video games. To get your product to reach larger audiences of people, you as a company need to have Multilanguage subtitles and multilanga8ge modes in video games. 


The first choice feature is about cinematics. In the modern world, video game players like to see a movie like scenes in the game. Those scenes are making games more interesting, that is why it is so popular nowadays. American video game developers try to create such scenes to make game storyline even better. It is one of the best features of the modern video gaming industry that also used for IOS game development. However, a player can be busy for a minute or can rush for somewhere. What to do then? It is better to give a choice so that they can skip some cinematic scenes when they are busy. It is better to skip some parts that are not interesting and appealing to you in the game. So this choice of availability is essential for gamers. That is why every successful game developer makes cinematic scenes optional. 

Every player tries to do every task in the game quickly and reach final rounds. Thus it is not possible in many sports. The leveling up should be optional, and the player should play at any level which she or he would like to play. That is a comfortable feature that helps players who are experienced and did not want to lose time on basics. Moreover, tutorials for the games should be skippable too. The reason is the same as the previous one. Players who are not familiar with the game can play tutorials and learn. However, experienced players do need to perform basic tutorials and lower levels to reach the top. This feature applies to mobile game development as well as video game development. While developing a video game, you need to keep these features in mind to get high customer satisfaction in return.

Top video game developers in the USA

Naughty Dog

The second one on the top American video game developers list is the company called Naughty dog. The Naughty Dog is established in 1984 and has experience in video game development for over thirty years. Naughty Dog is famous for its game design and exciting storyline games. The popular video game series such as Uncharted, The last of us made this company a worldwide phenomenon. Their main popularity came with games like Crash and Jack Daxter which players enjoyed in their PlayStation 2 consoles. Endurance of the company is the main key for their success. Over thirty years, Naughty Dog is evolving and trying to serve their clients with high-quality games.

Bethesda Game Studio

bethesda game studio

Bethesda Game Studios are another video game development company that has been founded in the late 80s. In their first years, Bethesda Game Studios launched a video game series of the terminator. This game was not the reason why the company gets popularity. Although the graphics and gameplay were very successful for that time, this unity game could not get the success that it deserves. Bethesda Game Studios got popular since they launched The Elder Scrolls arena in the 90s. This game was considered as RPG series and became very popular and sold well. Afterward, the company created video game series such as Dagger fall and Oblivion which became very popular in the early 2000s. These successful productions made us put Bethesda Game studios among the top American video game developers. 

Activision Blizzard

Another game developing company on the list is Activision Blizzard. Activision Blizzard is an American video game development Company that founded in 1991. The importance of this game growing company is that they are unique with the ideas. For instance, the first MMO game World of Warcraft launched by Activision Blizzard. Since that, the popularity of the company grows. Most of the produced games by Activision Blizzard are mainly arcade type of video games. The StarCraft and Diablo are the other two examples of the popular games that Activision Blizzard created in the early 2000s. Those successful games made Activision Blizzard become known as one of the best American video game developers in the video gaming industry.


The valve is the video game developing company that founded in 1996. Over twenty years, Valve astonishes its customers with creative game design and FPS games. Their best games so far have been Half-life and Half-life two series. The war games are essential for this company. Many of us grew playing Counterstrike, and it was a viral game in the world since the day it launched. The founder of that fantastic game is, of course, the only Valve. Portal gun games, survival classics are the main category where Valve is established in this business. Valve also creates other famous games such as Left 4 dead, Day of defeat and Portal. 

Insomniac Games

The last company on the list of top American video game developers is Insomniac Games. This company founded in 1994 and since that time became very popular. PlayStation Exclusive games such as Spyro the dragon Ratchet and clank are a timeless classic. Both games created by insomniac games and these games still played in Sony PlayStation devices till now. Insomniac Games are also played a crucial role in the establishment of turn-based strategy games in this industry. Overall these companies created a ground for future game developers.

Stallion Gaming


 The first company on this list will be Stallion Gaming. Stallion gaming is playing a crucial role in today's video game development industry. This company is based in Los Angeles, California, and serving too many customers from all around the globe. The game development team that Stallion Gaming has is the second to none. The experience, customer friendly services, high-quality products are essential features of this company. They are designing and developing both casino games such as online slots, poker, baccarat, and also PlayStation and console games. The mobile games are also designed and served to customers by stallion games; Those mobile video games can be both for IOS and Android devices. The best feature of this company is the availability of giving ideas. For instance, if you want to design an online slot game but do not have technical skills to do that. Then Stallion gaming is here to help you with that issue. Contact them, get familiar with their working culture, give your ideas, and wait for the final product. Imagine a game which based on your thoughts, isn't it too cold? Yes, it is. To realize these dreams, you need to contact stallion gaming. 


In this article, we discussed video games, video game development industry, the main features of successful gaming brands and several top American video game developers. There are millions of video games available in the market. Many video game developers are trying their best to launch the game that customers will like. It is not easy nowadays to keep up with this kind of competitive market. That is why; if you are a game developer, you need to be attentive about the most wanted features part of this article. As much as a well-designed game with significant sound effects can appeal to players, other essential features should be taken into consideration.