It is complicated to ignore the fact that our world is changing fast. 40 or 50 years ago, it was infrequent to find someone who wants to be a game developer. There were some primary reasons for this. The most important one was extreme difficulties. People could not even imagine it was possible to create a primitive figure moving on the screen like a triangle. But it is good to see the evolution in this field. As technology improves, the tools to create more complicated and entertaining games become available. But making games is not as easy as it seems. It demands an excellent understanding of physics, math, history, design, and so on. In this article, we will focus on the critical areas for 2D game development and the best company recently in this field. Besides, we will mention some important details about this company. After that, hopefully, you will understand why you should visit them if you are a regular gamer. 

Which fields does 2D game development apply?

You may have the impression that modern game development is not so complicated. As many people are interested in gaming and game development, it starts to seem easy for many. But only professional game developers know the case. Here are some of the areas all the game developers should have an excellent understanding of if they want to be pro. 


Math is the base foundation of all the games we know. The reason is quite simple: without it, we can not even draw a single pixel on the screen. The game elements we know are interacting in specific coordinate systems, which is a part of math. Having two-dimensional coordinate systems is the first basic principle of creating and developing 2D games. Besides, vectors and transformations, concepts like rotation, reflection, and translation of the elements are also vital. 2D game development requires calculations and approximations in the first place. So if you want to be a game developer and you are bad at math, we have bad news for you.


As many people have difficulties with understanding and comprehending of physics, it can disappoint many people. To do well, as in many fields, in  2D game development, you should have basic physics knowledge. Concepts related to motion, collision detection, and anticipation of the movement of the objects will help you on the way. It is also no big surprise that game developers use Newton’s three laws of motion in their works. Look at one of the most popular games of the last decade- Angry Birds. The structure will make you sure how significant physics is in 2D game development. 


2d game development

It sounds quite modern, but sometimes it is not necessary for developing 2D games. If you love game programming, you have a higher chance to succeed in 2D game development. Programming languages like Java, C++, Python, Javascript are prevalent in the 21st century. Fortunately, there are many online courses to learn them, and for many people, it is easier than learning math or physics. To keep your code as performative and clean as possible, you should understand how the game loop works. And it is necessary not to forget that coding is vital to understand how engines and frameworks function. As a worker in a game development company, you should be ready to work for hours on complicated codes. And do not let it distract you from the fact that once you understand them, it becomes fun.


Once you have an idea to develop your game, there are still a lot of things to do. Designing the game is arguably the most critical step. Because the design is what makes a game joy to play, an addictive one. Game developers can turn a simple game into a great success with just a few steps of adding features and rules to the game. Adding emotion, mechanic, theme, objects, obstacles, and a lovely main character can make your game a gem. But the most challenging thing is putting all these together and still making the least mistakes possible. After all, what you get is not your final product, just a prototype of what you are going to make. And that may seem a little bit complicated.


It may seem irrelevant to most people, but still, the desire is not something to disregard. Wherever you are working, you should love what you are doing. You may be the best artist, programmer, a designer in the world, and you may still fail. To succeed in 2D game development, like all the other fields, you should be the first one who loves the game. If you can play this game passionately as a neutral fan, then you can be sure you have done a great job.

Which companies are the best in 2D game development?

This question may trick you a little bit as it depends on the personal opinion of the gamers playing it. If you look through the internet, you will see a lot of companies’ names. They differ for their quality, size, projects, hourly rates, and so on. People often see their income as an indicator of their success, but opinions and reviews of the gamers and critics are essential as well. And when we talk about the best 

2D game development companies, there are some of them worth mentioning. VironIt, Playgendary, Herocraft, Playcot, Zeptolab, Ice-Pick Lodge, Intellectsoft are some of them. Each of them has its pros and cons, as millions of people use products of these companies every day. But the company we will talk about in this article is a little bit different. Stallion Gaming is the company where the game developers have all the features we have mentioned above. Besides, reviews and opinions about this company are getting more positive every day. What do they do? What makes them so unique? We will look at the outlook, design, types of their game development, and some other features. 

What is the Stallion Gaming?

Based in Los-Angeles, Stallion Gaming is a team of game development and design. This game development company has been designing games for every type of player and platform for years. Simply saying, you come up with an idea, give it to them no matter how complete it is, and sit back. They will probably design unforgettable games out of this uncompleted idea. And the result will undoubtedly fascinate you. Because once people start to play their games, no matter which type, it becomes an addiction. From PC to mobile platforms and online-cloud-based games, they have created games of each kind. 

But if we are talking about Stallion Gaming, it would be unfair not to mention casino games. It is tough to create a twist which will make gamers come back, but they handle it very well. Poker game or slot game development- Stallion Gaming is there to help you get those games. Generally, we divide game development into two parts, which are casual game development and casino game development. And each of them has its subgroups which we will talk about below. 

Casual game development

2d game development

It contains the games we play in our everyday life and are interested in. As the company’s focus is generally on the games that will keep you entertained and focused, there are some genres.

Unity game development, which contains mainly 3D games, will give you an illusion of reality. Diamond Shot, Africa, Buffalo Thunder, Bananas, Casino are some of their most famous plays. When you look through their website, it is impossible not to see how they value new ideas. For that first of all, you should have a creative imagination. You may share your visions, drawings, and more with the team of Unity game development. The type of game matters less — a VR game where there is only one player or an MMO (massively multiplayer online) with hundreds of players at once. Game developers will turn your imagination into reality. And there should be no concern about motion, action, and entertainment. They will handle it all. In every page of the website, you can see contact us section, which makes the connection very easy.

Strategy game development 

It is where Stallion gaming sets the bar very high. With a brilliant design and selection of colors, you can see the amount of time spent on this development. Strategy requires a great deal of thinking, forethought, and attention. Strategy games could be about dragons, aliens, or other alternatives. They keep the gamer entirely focused throughout destiny. And in strategy games, your future means the players destiny. 

Like in Unity game development, the first and almost the only thing you should have is your imagination. You may have game playing in your head so that you can trust the game developers for the rest. And your input is the most ultimate part of what they want to do. In the second step, the game dev team will create the scenery and characters. Through all the process, the game development team follows the quality control standards. After all, Stallion Gaming and its strategy game development company will make sure that every player enjoys what he/she plays.

Casino game development 

As the online casino industry grows dramatically, it is no wonder why casino games have become so popular. The reason is simple: people can earn money and enjoy their favorite games even while sitting at their homes. Throughout history, casino games have always been popular, and playing online casino games is a more natural way to earn money from gambling. Poker games, slot games, roulette, craps, and others are gamers’ favorites, and we see every one of them in Stallion Gaming. This Android 2D game development company covers all of their users’ needs. There are well-known games like Fireball Ken, Fruit Bar, Dolphin’s Kingdom, and many more. If you come across the casino games of this development company, there is an excellent possibility that you will get addicted. 

And like all of the others, it all starts with a person’s imagination. If there is style, a new angle, a niche that you want in your game, feel free to contact Stallion Gaming. For the second step, you should feel relaxed and sit back down. Casino game development team will handle the designing process, and the project manager will keep you informed. There are some types of casino games that need separation

Slot game development

The popularity of online casinos has exploded over the last decades, so it is understandable to see the slot games lead the trend. And slot game development is one of the most crucial processes in the online casino industry and 2D game development. Games like Gold Records, Heart of Cleopatra, Hook a Duck, Goldrush and others are recently popular. If you want to create your iconic match, all you need to use is your vision. If you have drawings, innovative designs or scenarios, you can comfortably share them with the slot game development.

Real money casino games 

The excitement, the lights, sound effects, everything is like how you wish them to be. Stallion Gaming, as a game development company, makes sure that all of their customers’ needs covered. Jungle Queen, Hot as Devil, Keno Classic, Magic Lines are the games people will adore and play continuously. In Stallion Gaming, you will get all the support possible to create a great casino game or even an entire online casino. The online play system where gamers play with their real money is something a game developer may dream of. You can have ideas for creating new ones, but there are some things you should consider. Keeping the fun of the game while having top-level security is not something everyone is capable of. 

Poker game development 


Arguably we are talking about the most popular card game ever, and most people agree with that opinion. The most brilliant, exciting and fun video poker games are available at Stallion Gaming. Lucky Bowl, Rich Life, Northern Lights, and other unforgettable games will keep you playing and playing. Addiction level is high and for the people who can hardly give up on losing it is a little bit dangerous. But still, Stallion Gaming poker game development covers every need of the game lovers. As there are hundreds of different poker games, all of them aim at two things, fun and winning. While trying to develop a new poker game, you should consider having a plot which will make gamers stay playing. Stallion Gaming takes the product of your creative imagination and turns it into an unforgettable experience. 

Mobile game development

As we have mentioned before, Stallion Gaming develops games for PC and mobile devices. It is quite vital to have mobile games, as most people now have smartphones in their hands. We can see mobile game development as the future of game development, so creating mobile games is very prestigious. There are two types of mobile game development: Android 2D game development and IOS game development. As nearly 75 percent of the world use Androids, once you have your new Android mobile game, it can reach to billions. Do you want to create a new Clash of Clans, Asphalt 8 Airborne or Angry Birds? Then all you should do is having an idea and passing it to Stallion Gaming. 

Besides all the games and game development methods, we should also mention the app development. For its compatibility with different devices, it has become trendy in recent years. Although the app development process is time-consuming and complicated, it is still very vital. All the stages in app development start with having an idea and end with launching.

Besides, there is a software development which is at least equally complicated and tremendous process. And we can surely say that they are similar processes. The only difference we can talk about is the structure of the process. The process demand planned schedule and a certain budget. After all the 2D game development companies take every step to guarantee the high quality of the final application, and for this, they should take every step carefully.

We briefly looked through some of the features that becoming a game developer requires and talked about Stallion Gaming. This 2D game development company covers all the modern needs and requirements. And both gamers and game developers rate the services and quality of their products very high. Let it be a mobile game, a slot game, a strategy game, or another one. If you have an idea to develop a new one, they are always in your reach.