Google Play Store is inundated with strategy games. But not every user finds games that include a real environment and pleasant interaction. Fortunately, we have good news for you! Instead of spending time determining which strategy game is best, just read our blog for a complete analysis. This will give you options for some exciting turn-based strategy games.

Have you ever heard about turn-based strategy games? If not, then let’s explain. Generally, there are two types of strategy games: turn-based strategy (TBS) games and real-time strategy games. Admittedly, the critical difference exists between these two types of strategy games. While real-time strategy games allow players to play at the same time, it is impossible in these kinds of games. It is because these games allow players to play only in their turns. It means that a player has to wait for his or her turn while another player is playing.

Turn-based games require every player to think carefully and predict further steps of all players in the game. That is why it is hard to play a turn-based strategy game. These games are the modern version of the traditional board games such as chess, Go, checkers. Thanks to the development of technology, today, players are capable of playing these games via smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and desktop.

Types of turn-based strategy games

As the game industry advances because of developing technology, new types of turn-based strategy games have emerged.

Indie TBS games are produced by a small team of gamers or indie game developers. These games are independent of the game industry, meaning that large gaming companies do not affiliate them. Golden Age of Civilizations is one of the most famous Indie TBS games.

turn-based strategy games

Mainstream computer games are the first tech-type of turn-based strategy games. Nowadays, companies create and develop original and unique concepts for TBS games. Heroes of Might and Magic and Final Fantasy are famous examples of these kinds of strategy games.

Because of the moderate requirement of art or modeling, game developers are keen to focus on gameplay. Open-source software is one kind of computer software where a license can be released with a license. Javelin is one of the examples of open-source turn-based strategy games.

There is no need to download the game application or files in browser-based TBS games. These games are mainly free for game fans to play.

Now let’s review some of these overrated games which you need to play.

Total War: Attila

Total War: Attila is one of the underrated turn-based strategy games, which is incredible. If you think that it is a boring game, you are mistaken. Not only Total War: Attila is a strategy video game; it also includes History, real war environment, military strategies, and emotions like fear, excitement, and enjoyment. As the game says: “The Scourge of God is coming. How far will you go to survive?”

The Creative Assembly developed this turn-based strategy game, and Sega published it in 2015 for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and OS X. Total War: Attila is the ninth version of the Total War game series.

The plot of the game backs to 395 AD that is called Late Antiquity when Medieval age replaces Classical Rome in European countries. Do not be deceived by the title of the game! At the start of the game, Attila, who is the leader of the Huns, is not dominant. It will demand a lot of effort for Attila.

While playing this game, you will remember or learn historical events. Since the campaign map of this game covers a large area including from Bactria of Asia to Garamantia of Africa. As you watch its trailer or look at game maps, you will be amazed by this geographical diversity.

Total War: Attila contains five contents that cover different times and historical situations. They are Slavic Nations Culture Pack, Age of Charlemagne Campaign Pack, Empires of Sand Culture Pack, The Last Roman Campaign Pack, and Blood & Burning. In every pack, you will enjoy various military strategies and war challenges. You can play this turn-based strategy game in the mode of single-player or multiplayer.

Chessaria: The Tactical Adventure

As the name refers, this turn-based strategy game is a new kind of chess game because this chess is a 3D video game. Pixel Wizards is the developer of the game that is for Windows and Mac operating systems.

If you love or play chess, you will also love Chessaria: The Tactical Adventure. Why? As the chess pieces flesh out as fantastic characters in the game. But it does not mean that the rules are different! This turn-based strategy game maintains the rules of classic chess. Three playable armies are available in the game: High Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs.

turn-based strategy games

Players can play Chessaria in three modes, including Quick Game, Online Multiplayer, and Adventure. To perform a solo campaign, you need to select Adventure that consists of a hundred chess puzzles and battles. While selecting Multiplayer, you can play this 3D chess with your friends. The Quick Game allows playing Horde Chess and Barricade Chess.

To note that, Chessaria also includes dragons, elves, and other races that battle for different goals.

Stars in Shadow

Do you love stars or space? If yes, then Stars in Shadow is the right option for you. The game is turn-based and 4X science-fiction strategy game. Ashdar Games is the producer of the game that was released by Iceberg Interactive. This turn-based strategy game is only available for Microsoft Windows OS.

The game represents a galaxy that experienced a great war between multiple civilizations and alien races. There are seven factions to play in this turn-based strategy game. These factions are either humans or alien races, including Orthin, Ashdar, Gremak, Yoral, and Phidi. In the game, you can win your enemies by making alliances, using diplomacy, or capturing their areas.  All these features make Stars in Shadow one of exciting, but underrated turn-based strategy games.

Clans to Kingdom

This turn-based strategy game is a 4X video game that focuses on city building. Players who use Microsoft Windows OS can enjoy this game. As the name refers, at the beginning of the game, you start a small Clan. The primary purpose of the game is to govern and advance your little civilization, and then your clan will turn to a kingdom.

Clans to Kingdom has two versions: full and demo. The full version includes six settlement and three outpost levels. The game consists of 21 distinct military unities and 150 different buildings. 

You can play this version in the mode of single-player and multiplayer. The demo version is available only for single-player mode. It allows players to play by the first settlement level and 11 civilizations. 

Into the Breach

This game is one of the turn-based strategy games of Subset Games, which was published for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Nintendo in 2018.

Into the Breach is about remaining human civilization experiencing gigantic creatures called the Vek. The main goal of this game is to combat these monsters by controlling your soldiers and operating massive mechs. The mechs are like robots that a player can equip with armor and weapons. In the game, you will see three types of mechs. Even though this game is mainly combative, all fights require to take your turn.

into the breach

Into the Breach is not a game including only spontaneous fights, the game has an objective map with fixed turns. It means every player has a limited number of turns to attack and defense. The map requires every player to protect civilization, supporting mechs with power. 

Making History: The Calm & The Storm

The game is a turn-based strategy game based on World War II, whose developer is Muzzy Lane. This computer game Qis promoted as an educational tool by its producer in 2007. In the game, you can control a nation during World War II and preceding times beginning from 1936.

Making History includes several various tools, such as diplomacy, industry, research, and war. History lovers can choose any nation to combat against other countries. In this turn-based strategy game, players can also play as one of the stronger countries in that period: Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, the UK, Soviet Union, the UK, Fascist Italy, France, and Nationalist China.

In economic management, Making History requires players to control and advance different areas such as population, industry, infrastructure, research, and resources. You can find five types of resources in this turn-based strategy game: goods, food, metals, coal, and oil. Players can also use the multiplayer mode of the game to play with their friends. All these features show that Making History is one of the underrated turn-based strategy games.