When it comes to a tactical role-playing game (TRPG), history is rich with great titles. Most players remember TRPGs as strategy platforms that were mostly famous with PC players. Over the years, the trend might have died down due to the lack of new releases. But with the release of the Disgaea 1 title for the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch, the idea of a TRPG is back on everyone's mind. 

Usually, the point of a video game is to satisfy and entertain the player. But there are a set of games that can make the player feel both like a dummy and genius at certain times. If you have ever played a tactical role-playing game, you would know what the reference is to. Every action you take can be the difference between you achieving victory and your character's death. This aspect is one of the main reasons why players have been thrilled by tactical role-playing games for decades. The point of this article is to take a trip down memory lane, and take a look at some of the most excellent examples of a TRPG. Let's get started!

Final Fantasy Tactics of Tactical Role-playing Game

Final Fantasy tactics were many gamers' first introduction to the TRPG genre. The reason for this is partly due to the Final Fantasy name, which was already very famous. The game was what the players were precisely looking for, and became an instant classic. The job system which was applied in the game helped make the game very engaging. The isometric view, which is now the standard for every tactical role-playing game, made the game ideal for strategy set up. After its alpha release, the series has seen several sequels over the years. The War of the Lions was a great sequel to Final Fantasy tactics. Nevertheless, the original was so good in fact that it is still played by many fans more than 20 years later. Another reason behind the wide success of Final Fantasy tactics was how it did not fall astray from its origins.

The game development team kept the character class system along with their properties and skills, while adding a more strategy and tactics demanding combat system. Fans of the series also enjoyed seeing the storyline that they had come to love, stay relevant. Final Fantasy games had always been famous for their story, which was oriented towards life, love, moral issues, betrayal, and more. The tactical role-playing game Final Fantasy tactics showcased character stats that determined the order of turns. Features such as side and back attacks would give the players damage bonuses. Gamers also loved the freedom the game presented to them. Players were welcome to use their abilities in any way they wanted and whenever they wanted. Final Fantasy Tactics will surely remain as one of the most famous TRPGs ever made.


xcom 3 tactical role-playing game

XCOM 3 became very famous with players that enjoyed playing on their PCs. But recently, it has also found its way into the hearts of console gamers. XCOM UFO Defense was one of the earliest releases, which became an instant classic hit with players. Fans have also admired recent reboots such as XCOM 2 and XCOM 3. The series was also famous for its multiplayer game development aspects that allowed gamers to play head to head with other players. Showcasing one of the most prominent features of any tactical role-playing game, permanent death, players have found XCOM to be one of the tensest games ever. Having a player lose a character that he or she had built over various missions can be very emotional. But it is that feeling that keeps bringing players back for more. 

Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem was one of the first series that kick-started the whole tactical role-playing game concept. The game is seen as a must-play for any players who call themselves die-hard fans of the genre. Often times Fire Emblem is regarded as one of the top games for the TRPG series due to its highly tactical and challenging gameplay elements. The story of the game is also loved dearly by players due to the great character creation and deep meta gameplay. 

What makes Fire Emblem different from Final Fantasy Tactics is the combat system. In Fire Emblem, the enemy and player movements are divided into discrete chunks. Every side in the game gives order to its units before the enemy team has a chance to see them. Also, the game's combat system is designed on a rock paper scissors format that relates to the player character class. There can be tens of them depending on the type of game. The game rules set the abilities the player can use and who they use them against. It is no longer dependent on player creativity. This makes the combat system in Fire Emblem seem like a tactical puzzle. Making it a challenging TRPG to play. 

The Banner Saga

Many tactical role-playing game players love the Banner Saga due to its fantasy-themed layout. The game features simple yet elegant combat mechanics. The central aspect is mostly deterministic combat. The randomness in the game comes from the knock-on effects from sequences produced by players and enemies rather than random outcomes. Through this, there are still random outcomes, but the player still feels in control. The gamer can always control his or her fate. This is especially crucial because the story of the game can sometimes give players the opposite feeling, regardless of self-conscious choices. 

The Banner Saga series tactical and strategic aspects go beyond the combat elements. Your team members can die if you go on long hiking missions through the unforgiving landscape of the game. The reason for this is, each day spent on the road will cost you precious supplies and food. There is also a cost-benefit system in the game. Every resource you need to pay to buy supplies can be used to level up characters. These characters are heroes that spearhead your battles. The player also needs to watch the decisions he or she makes outside combat scenarios. These decisions can have adverse effects on the battle performance of fighters. The Banner Saga series is an excellent example of a TRPG that mixes choice making with game mechanics

Tactics Ogre

tactical role-playing game

Tactics Ogre is one of the absolute 90s classics that kick-started the tactical role-playing game industry. Ever since its release, it has become absolutely loved by lovers of the genre due to its profound fantasy lore. This aspect lets it stand out from the competition. The game, however, was only exclusive to Japan for decades. After much popular demand, the developers gave it a video game remake that was available for players all over the world to play. Even after years of it being exclusive to Japan, players still admired the game for what it is. Making it deserves a spot on this list. 


A tactical role-playing game can vary greatly depending on the storyline and setting. But most of them have one thing in common, and that is the unforgiving gameplay that makes you think critically at every turn. This aspect of the games is what keeps drawing players more on to the platform. Every year there might be a new release with a different title, but real die-hard fans admire the classics mentioned above for their initial foundation laying. Whether you are a new player or a long time fan, the titles mentioned above are games worth mentioning.