Why do we like playing games? A simple question, right? As a response, you can hear different versions starting from the ability to relax and ending in having fun. We can say people like games because they take some pleasure from playing them. However, regardless of gender and age, everyone is willing to engage in games in a maximum comfortable atmosphere. Therefore, you can observe a significant increase in the number of players preferring to play mobile games. It should not be surprising that the mobile game development market will grow year by year because everyone is ready to play. Published annual reports say that games created for PCs will gradually decrease due to users switching to mobile gaming. 

The mobile game development infrastructure is an art, and its future depends on some factors. In this article, we are going to mention the main characteristics of game development. 

The creation of mobile games

You can see a lot of different myths about the first appearance of mobile games. However, they came to the field in 1997. At that time, Finn Taneli Armano created, probably, the most famous mobile game in history - Snake. He created it for Nokia, and the first device you could play it with was the Nokia 6110, which was sold in huge numbers. The game Snake has become a real symbol of the entire game industry. To meet the increased requirements of the audience, the developers continued to improve it with newly developed technologies.

The era of mobile game development

mobile game development

After that, later improvements in the mobile gaming market started to take place when the wireless application protocol began to be used. WAP is a technology that, for the first time, allowed mobile devices to connect to the Internet. With the usage of such an option, people quickly fell in love with the monochrome graphics of WAP games. Later, in October 1999, Nokia released its first phone with a WAP browser. The first phone with WAP browser was the Nokia 7100, and it had an updated version of Snake. After that, in the early 2000's we have seen phones like BlackBerry and Nokia5 appearing in the market. These phones brought with them 3D graphics, complicated interfaces, and enhanced networking capabilities. But everything in the world of mobile game development had changed in 2007 when Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone at the Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco.

The games became spectacular for the players due to the new option of a touch screen. It allowed reaching unpredicted borders of motion control capabilities which added more excitement to the gameplay. Since the improved graphics and Internet connection came to the area of games, mobile games became a mature competitor for PCs and laptops.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

The desire of developers to change the world with the help of technology is increasing every day. After years of mobile game development, virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) today are one of the most invested areas. Majority of huge and successful corporations invest their money to develop their technology to move to a wide audience quickly. Recently, Apple released a platform ARKit, which allows millions of iPhone and iPad owners to experience augmented reality in their surroundings. This tool recognizes the dimensions of the surrounding space and counts the lighting conditions to integrate various virtual objects into real-life reliably. Additionally, Pokemon GO is said to be the most successful app of all times which came into the market in 2016. According to statistics, every twenty people on the planet played a game that seemed to make us part of a world filled with Pokemon.

What are VR and AR? 

Which of them can have more impact on our lives? Firstly, VR is an artificial digital environment that is able to replace the real world. While using VR tools, users hear artificial sounds and see images, completely immersed in the digital world from the brain and feel like in the real world. Secondly, AR is the overlay of digital content in the real world. It includes images, videos, or interactive data.

Continue, the main goal of virtual reality is to model vision. A three-dimensional environment is created using special glasses or a helmet. Here, a special tool can track the position of the head and body, completely immersing you in another world. Also, the visual elements on the screen are displayed using a mobile phone or an HDMI cable connected to the console. However, AR is considered a more affordable technology, as people can use their mobile devices or tablets to launch augmented reality applications and games. AR uses the phone’s camera to impose virtual objects that are displayed on screens onto a real image. 

Another way of introducing AR into life were special smart glasses that added digital objects to the real world. For example, in Google Glass, digital data is projected right in front of the user's eyes. Another interesting project called Magic leap, which superimposes three-dimensional computer images on real-world objects is currently under development. Undoubtedly, it is appropriate and necessary to have such technologies in the life of a modern person.

The future of VR and AR

the future of vr

As mentioned before, AR is more appropriate and developed for usage with mobile devices. Therefore, it is necessary to work more on mobile game development using VR technologies. However, there are several points, including time, costs, and speed limits standing as a barrier for the developers. Today, some other tasks regarding VR consist of improving image quality and completely getting rid of wires. 

Nowadays, millions of dollars are invested in virtual and augmented reality technologies. According to the experts' forecast, VR will stand on its feet not earlier than 2020, or even 2025. During this time, developers will improve technology, rid devices of the negative impact on the physical condition of the user, and reduce the cost of production as much as possible. 

Marketing analysts say that If in 2017 the average income of VR-projects of the gaming industry amounted to $ 7.2 billion US dollars, then by 2021 this will increase up to $ 75 billion. Moreover, they have a significant impact on industries like sports, healthcare, gaming, tourism, and education. Surprisingly, even NASA uses these technologies to train astronauts and walk on Mars. Overall, VR and AR provide opportunities for different brands to create exciting marketing content. But do not forget about your psychological health and be able to separate reality from artificial events. Try to stay calm and avoid being dependent on VR and AR.

The creation of more game supporting mobile devices

Have you thought about the idea of having too few mobile devices supporting mobile games? In reality, the number of smartphones with advanced hardware is not so much. Do game studios want to invest in mobile game development projects for several hundred thousand potential users? Let's look through the existing statistics and facts. Over the entire existence of the Xbox 360 in all versions was sold about 85 million units, PS3 sold about 80 million units. 

You can be impressed by such huge numbers, but do not forget that this is the statistics about their selling from 2006 to the present. Now let's look at the sales tables of phones with included gaming hardware. Only iPhone 6S, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus sold about 200 million units. Plus all the iPads released about 140 million units since 2014. Then, we can add about 50 million sold Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

Moreover, here we can add several brands of Sony, Xiaomi, LG, LG, ZTE, OnePlus, HTC, and ASUS. Let's say about 100 million units of all of them were sold as it is difficult to collect accurate statistics on all of these devices. We can say that the number of sold potentially "gaming" mobile devices is several times greater than the number of released PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 combined. The reason behind that is that people prefer to use comfortable devices to play their favorite games. Therefore, different companies and firms do everything possible to engage in mobile game development, which undoubtedly has a bright future.

Occupation of mobile games

Majority of players perceive mobile games as instant entertainment. They describe it as a fast or on go gameplay, which is played while you are going somewhere and half an hour in the evening, while you are returning. Not everyone can play games on the phone at home. Because it is inconvenient, especially when there is a PC, games on which are better, more interesting and have a better design. Therefore, nobody is used to paying for mobile games having a poor game design. We can highlight that this applies only to the android audience, and its total audience is ten times larger than the apple audience. 

Accordingly, mobile gaming occupies a very modest place in the life of a solvent audience. This type of people need serious and profound games. As a solution, companies should take the mobile game development more serious and use different ways to improve it. If players see mobile games with excellent graphics and sound effects exceeding PC and other platforms, their number will increase.

What do the users want?

mobile game development

To begin with, look at the best games in Google Play to know what the average user desires to have. Free games in the store are much more popular than the paid ones. Also, while analyzing, you can see that the top games have very friendly control setup. You can notice that all of the free games are united by the phenomenon. You can play these games using your one finger. All the complicated control setup does not attract average users.

Other features are swipes to the sides and taps on the screen. User prefers the usage of one finger for these actions. For instance, even such enormous projects as PUBG Mobile do not hold users as tightly as Helix Jump did. This game has been at the 10th place in the overall rating of Google Play's games for several months. Experts think that the reason for this is the complexity of management. The users require the control to be as simple as possible, or the game to contain a minimum amount of actions. 

Mobile Game Development Platforms

Otherwise, it will be very difficult for them to cope with dozens of buttons on the screen, and they will move on to the next game. What is the most revolutionary example? According to facts, a revolution in managing on a mobile device can bring the developing game Platinum Games, created by successful developers of excellent games for consoles. In order to keep up with the rapidly developing digital market, mobile developers must take into account the customers' requirements in the period of creating a game.

Future forecasts

There are enough reasons to believe that the mobile game industry will continue to grow and will capture an increasing share of the game market as a whole. Some points include publicly available free mobile games, and most people using iOS and Android phones. Concretely, an average person is more likely to buy a phone than a PS4 and to play a free game than buy a drive for the console.

Additionally, we can emphasize the Asian market, which brings the biggest part of the existing profits. Undoubtedly, the specification of culture and the desire for competition, as well as a huge number of people contribute. Their main contribution is highly competitive projects and prosperity in this area. Obviously, the technology in the mobile environment is constantly evolving. The phones are becoming smarter, allowing their players to increase computing power. We can say that the existing limits in the area of mobile games appearing not due to the less developed technologies. The complexities of developing and implementing innovative solutions are the leading causes of such problems. 

Lack of innovative ideas

lack of ideas

Furthermore, you can see that the total number of games on Google Play is constantly growing. Today, we can notice a glut of the market with a huge number of the same type of strategies, game squads. Unfortunately, the extraordinary stories, unusual style, and innovative ideas in the gameplay are not a strong point of the mobile games industry. We cannot say that there are no outstanding mobile games at all because there are some. However, in most of the cases, they are sleeping under dozens of games with similar themes and genres.  


Over the past decades, mobile games have become one of the most popular and favorite ways for users to spend leisure time. Therefore, technological companies pay considerable attention to their improvement to make it more attractive for a wide audience of users. User insight is one of the greatest tools in the industry of mobile game development. A vast amount of information gathered from the players. 

It includes their location, interests, etc. helps to evolve a game in an appropriate way quickly. So, we can say that a generation that has never lived in a world without mobile devices requires more interactive games. Therefore, mobile game development in the future seems unpredictable and bright. The reason includes mobile devices becoming more powerful entertainment literally in your pockets. Ultimately, we hope that along with this, their quality will improve. As a result, game lovers will be able to enjoy new and unusual projects.