In our modern world, the impact of technology and its products is increasing dramatically. Now we see the terms like Java game development and programming languages more often. 30-40 years ago, when we had difficulties with moving simple objects on the screen, people could not see this progress coming. And it was equally impossible to foresee a world where video game companies earn billions of dollars in a year. We know that video games are now equally impressive as books, movies, music and some would argue it is more than that. They can make us think, learn, become emotional, feel attached, and more. People who are between 20 and 30 years of age have precious memories of their favorite childhood video games. Recently the games such as Angry Birds and Fortnite make millions every week.

So, why video gaming has become such a huge industry? What does it take to create new trendy video games like those mentioned above? How can we determine the most efficient programming languages? In our article, we will look through some of the most popular programming languages and discuss Java a little bit detailed. The list is not from top to bottom or vice versa, and there will be some honorable mentions. 

Some of the best programming language in Java game development

This category may seem a little bit subjective as there is no scale to calculate which programming language is the best. We will consider their accomplishments, reviews of the critics and users, and their income as a “scale” for their success. And yes you have heard about some of them, like Java game development or C/C++. That is no surprise that they are on our list too and deserve a little bit detailed information. And it is essential to mention that although there are a lot of programming languages, game developers use only a dozen of them. So let us talk about the most popular and high-quality programming languages.

C Programming Language

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C is one of the most popular programming languages out there. It is simple, effective, functioning, and a little bit easier to understand than those we will mention below. And of course, when we are talking about game development, C is one of the first programming languages you should apply. The benefit of it is in its XNA framework. This is a set of runtime environments and tools by Microsoft. That makes it particularly fitting for the games on the Windows or Xbox platforms. But if you compare C with C++ or Java game development, you will see some primary differences. It is like driving a car on automatic. The other programming languages will give you a lot of control over things like memory management or parameters. But in C, you will have to work over the framework which is already ready for you. That is what makes C one of the best programming languages for games. Without any extra hassles, C will give you the ability to build any game with a more natural language to learn.


When we are talking about trends and development, Python is the programming language we must mention. Despite being quite young, Python is now one of the most popular programming languages. Being straightforward, but at the same time, versatile makes it easier to have in your hand and work enthusiastically. You will probably find Python in network servers, web applications, machine learning, and many other popular fields. It provides game developers with OOP techniques, just like Java game development or C++. And when we look at different sources about the ranking of languages, we see the result. According to December 2018 rankings, Python is on the top of the list as the best programming language for games. The progress Python has achieved unbelievable and well-deserved. 

Web Languages 

If you want to develop games for web browsers, there are some types of different codes you should know about. Probably you need to know one language perfectly well, but it would be better if you know some web languages. There are some of them below.


According to Stack Overflow, Javascript is the most popular programming language. It is fair to say that more than half of all developers have Javascript in their hands. It is not for developing large-measured games; Javascript is turned the convention day after day. Integrating well with web applications makes the usage easy and puts it among the best programming language for games. When it comes to creating interactive online games, Javascript takes the lead. Developers can easily combine the codes in Javascript with conventional technologies such as CSS and HTML. It also contributes to the growth of mobile games from different platforms. And the fact that most browsers implement Javascript in one or another way, it is genuinely crucial web tool technology like HTML and CSS. 


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Despite at first, it may seem difficult to believe, HTML 5 is currently one of the most well-known programming languages. The most popular Android mobile games you spend time playing use this labeling language. By blending HTML 5 with Javascript and its interactivity, you can comfortably create complicated games based on the web. It is also worth mentioning that there is no requirement for developers about sophisticated and unnecessary theoretical knowledge. That is why more and more eager people start to be interested in HTML 5. As a web language, they are doing well. It is possible to anticipate that they will become one of the best programming languages for games in the next decade.

Objective C

For the games on the IOS platform, this is arguably the best programming language. As smartphone game development becomes more and more crucial, it is essential to mention Objective C’s role. It is like a mix of C and Smalltalk together, therefore it offers favorable results for building games for IOS. It powers some game engines too. Cocos2D, Core3D are examples of them. And it also enables the OOP style for the developers of C. Fair to say; we can wait for brilliant works developed by this language. Maybe it is not the best choice for the most futuristic games; Objective C is a pretty good choice if you want easy-to-understand game design. 


In the game industry, Lua is gaining more reputation and respect recently. A multi-platform and lightweight scripting language are the primary characteristics of this language. Video game programming is a complicated process, so choosing the most suitable style for developers is crucial. Simple language structure and syntax make Lua one of the finest programming languages for game development. A lot of free game engines use Lua for game and app development. This programming language includes Corona SDK, Gideros Mobile, and CryEngine. And the name CryEngine will probably look familiar to hard gamers.


Despite being one of the most recent languages, we should mention it among the best programming languages for games too. It powers some popular games like Fallout 4, Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls. We should say that Papyrus uses sophisticated programming techniques. Functions, variables, events, and objects are their targets. So, if you want to use the vast Creation Engine in order to develop your games, that is the best choice for you. 


GPU manufacturer Nvidia has developed high-level, sophisticated, and shading language, which is short for C for its graphics. Based on the C we have mentioned above, it distributes many identical components in syntactical terms. Problems related to GPU programming are the reason why you should give this a try. 


Minimalists will surely love that as Go is as minimal as Python. The fact that a large company like Google developed it has a lot to say for developers. The language is simple, like Java game development and works efficiently like C++. We can say that we now live in multi-core apps, and this programming language covers all the needs in developing online games. 


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With an attractive name, this programming language is proving itself as one of the best. If you are interested in IOS mobile development, Swift can be a high-paid career path for you. Released in 2014, it is a relatively new language, but the quality sets the bar high. It is a statistically typed language which means XCode checks your mistakes instead of you and makes the process easier. Errors are more comfortable to tackle, and the process operates faster.


It is a language designed for large-scale Java game development. Over the last year, it captured the vision of the broader developer community. It would be unfair to say that Typescript is just for a front-end developer. Developers also use it for powering back-ends, develop hybrid mobile apps, neutral networks, architect cloud solutions. Even controlling the robots is possible by this language, so the future of it looks bright.


Initially developed by the F software foundation, it is different from the others for originality and innovation. There was a time when different game development teams saw prestige in F on the Web, but things went differently. Surprisingly, Franks the highest salary in comparison with other best programming languages for games. Programmers often use it as a crossed-platform CLI language, but it can also generate different codes like GPU and JavaScript. 


If you have not heard about Rust, you may have missed a revolution in programming. This is new system-level programming that will change your way of looking at programming. Rust came in first place among the most loved, dreaded, and wanted languages where there were Python, Go, Swift, and others. Surprisingly, C++ and Java game development was not even among the top ten. 


This name should be familiar to most of the developers. According to the Stack Overflow survey we have mentioned before, it was the 2nd best language for games in 2018. It is no coincidence that in 2017, Google officially announced that Kotlin is now Android game development. The fact that it is operable with Java game development says a lot about this language. Before talking about the most famous two programming languages, we should mention how excellent the reputation it has gained. And hopefully, it will operate in the future as brilliantly as it has over the last five years.


Alongside with Java, C++ is one of the two most rated and used programming languages. Universities include C++ programming language in the curriculum as a priority for IT and computer engineering students. Some may like it, some not, but no one can deny that it is a high-level programming language that will teach you the basics of programming. And we mean object-oriented programming, so if you want to be a programmer or developer, it would be better to learn C++. One of the reasons why most people see it as the best programming language in game development. It is the language that is behind the most famous big console and Windows games. 

Scripts like Unrealscript, Lua, Python, and the others may thread you through the process of coding. Additionally, shader codes for graphics use frameworks such as OpenGL or similar ones. But for dealing with massive games in the world’s biggest companies, you should learn C++. This programming language is fast, first of all. Secondly, optimizers and compilers are reliable, which means you have great control over memory management. Third, there is a large number of libraries that come in handy for powering and designing sophisticated graphics. 

By no means, C++ is a natural language to learn and utilize. But all the hard work you put in to learn it will reward you eventually. And the reason is not that C++ games are comfortable to distribute across different platforms. Because you can quickly learn C and other object-oriented languages like it if you have already learned C++ perfectly well. 

One of the first reasons why C++ is one of the most efficient programming languages for games is the usage of popular game engines. PhyreEngine and Unity engine almost always take C++ and nothing else. 


programming language

Being mostly platform-independent, Java works brilliantly in developing 2D games. As C++ is well-known for developing 3D games, it is normal that Java is only ten percent slower than C++. It supports sockets and multithreading, which uses less memory and makes most of the CPU available. And there are thousands of games you can make with this language. If you want to develop mobile android games, or online casino or strategy games, it does not matter; Java is always there for you.

Sockets we have mentioned above are suitable for building multiplayer games. Additionally, Java runs on a virtual machine, so it will be easier for you to distribute your game. 

In the past, developers used Java for developing iconic games like Angry Birds for mobile devices. There is a reason for it. Java has taken a severe role in the industry, and Java game development is one of the best in the world, maybe even the best. It uses the same OOP used by C++, but there is a difference. Java offers a broader range of systems to play for. 

Moreover, unlike C++, Java got inbuilt graphics libraries like AWT and Swing. Although it would be a little bit risky to recommend, you can use them if you want to build simple games.

It may not be comfortable for you if you want to publish your games in the App Store. There are app stores that have requirements that a standard Java app does not meet, and this application needs JRE. If you have got JRE, we can surely say that there is nothing to stop you.


So these were some of the best programming languages for games. Although we could have mentioned many more names, these were the best in 2019. For their rankings, salaries, prestige, reviews, these names stand as the best game development languages. After all, no list like that can make you sure to find the best style for you if you are eager to learn to program. It is all about subjective choices and comprehension. After all, as we looked through, there are simple ways to learn Java game development. If you are a hard worker, there are complicated languages for you like we have talked about, if you are not, it is also no big deal. That does not change the fact that if you are interested in programming and game development, there will be hundreds of choices in front of you.