Google play store has millions of games and downloads daily. The variety of games is ever-increasing from additive yet simple games like Flappy Bird to complex multiplayer games like Minecraft (pocket edition). Android users who want to indulge themselves could even install and play Grand Theft Auto. What do all these games have in common? All the best android games on the Google play store and dozens of third-party sites have one thing in common. The critical components embedded into the android game programming is what they all share, and what makes them such enormous hits. Any android developer who would launch a successful game in 2019 must know and adopt these into their android game development. Below are the vital components.

Know your ideal tools

Every good worker knows the right tool for the right job. Same with android game programming. Before you set off to develop the next Angry Birds, you need to familiarize yourself with the best tools for the job. For beginners, the best android game development tool is Android Studio. For those who haven't had much of an experience with Android Studio, there are several video tutorials online to learn.

 At the heart of this creative and innovative powerhouse is Java. If you are experienced with the Java programming language, kudos to you. However, for those who need help with Java too, the ideal option is to resort to the number one multi-platform game development engine – Unity. 

The standard tool for even the freshest novice is Unity for 2D. It is simple, straightforward, and easy to learn. The majority of high profile game developers began their careers with Unity for 2D. So for easy android game development Unity 2D or 3D is the number one recommendation (more on this later). But there's more.

Do not quit

Rome was not built in a day. Therefore no great feat was ever achieved by throwing in the towel. Likewise, you need to be ready to put in the long hours, concentration, and brainpower as required. Even with all the commitment and determination, the experienced android game developer still hit roadblocks. The key is never to give up hope. 

The android game programming team at Stallion Gaming in Los Angeles have distinguished themselves in this area. When developing a client's game and they run into a bunch of setbacks, there is only one option. Find a practical solution. In other words, to every engineering problem, there is an engineering solution. With this mindset, no amount of bugs can stop your android game in 2019.

Originality will always rise to the top

android game programming

Mostly, the temptation is to follow or imitate the big names in the android game arena. But mind you, Flappy Bird was in a class of its own and topped the charts. After it came down, there was an endless line of cheap knock offs, but everyone knows that story. Flappy Bird distinguished itself by its originality, simplicity, and smooth learning curve (though I am yet to find anyone who mastered it). 

Take another good android game which was a great success, Rovio. Imagine your android game programming project and was getting adopted for a movie. Herein is the success story of Angry Birds. Rovio didn't get where it is by copying anyone. The fact is, nobody likes a blatant copycat. There is a lot of room at the top for the android developers who aren't afraid to take risks and launch something new. 

The gaming industry rewards games that entertain and engage users in a uniquely creative manner. So make a name for yourself, get those creative juices flowing. Your result might surprise you. 

To be better is to be simple

One of Steve Job's famous quotes says: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Many times over and in many different industries, these words have proven right. A look at the current trends shows the steady rise of games with the most basic concepts. Gone are the days that android game programming has to take a toll on you before you can make a mark in the play store. 

Android users and games of today are looking for something more than impressive graphics. Contrary to popular belief, the very thing that makes some games too simple makes others highly addictive and fun. Android game development in 2019 needs to pay closer attention to concepts, psychology, and overall value player will derive from playing. In turn, this will lead to constant replay. 

Android games on phones shouldn't require too much time and brainstorming for players to get it. Usually, the player on the android platform is after a quickie. If your game delivers that and encourages sharing, it would be the next big name in the google play store. Want to find out how?

Seamless Gaming Experience

Google requires authentication from all game services. So android game programming must be done to provide accounts of players that are signed-in. In the absence of a Google account authentication, especially when it attempts to access the Google Play games service APIs. Your game must perform the following. 

  • Implement player sign-in

  • Verify if the player is already signed-n

  • Silently sign-in players 

  • Interactively sign-in players

Beta Testing

If your game has made it this far, you have achieved a great deal. But, don't start parting yourself on the back just yet. The most crucial stage in android game programming is perhaps the testing stage. Every Android developer dreads this stage at one point or another. Mainly because of the bugs that are usually waiting to rear their ugly heads. 

It is always best not to test your own game ( obvious right?) — approach as many trustworthy third parties as possible. Examples of people you want to approach are your family and friends, trusted acquaintances, etc. Notice here; the critical word is trustworthy. You don't need anyone saying the wrong words for any fishy reasons. Another common practice is to develop test cases with the game. This way, you find a way to test your game's most common use cases. This is how it is done.

Hardcode 'paths' are placed within the game. The game follows these "paths" to ensure everything runs smoothly during gameplay. Typically it is for more extensive applications because simpler games find it more challenging to execute hardcode. 

Intro to Unity3D for android game programming

android game programming

Always wondered how the best android games were programmed? It's not as complicated as many believe. As mentioned earlier, the key to an excellent android game development is choosing the tools. The Unity 2D,3D have been serving android developers for decades. 

Unity provides individuals and teams with a professional-grade programming engine. 

Indie developers and large teams like those at Stallion Gaming still rely on this beginner-friendly engine to program many of the decent games of Google play store. With Unity, even an individual with barely any coding experience can start an android game development project. 

Some say using Unity is not "proper coding." As yourself, those it work? Top games like Ocean Monster from Stallion Gaming, Temple Run, Crossy Road, and even Angry Birds 2 were programmed by developers using Unity. Over half of all Google play games were built with the Unity 2D and 3D engines

Why Unity?

Using Unity, whether in 2D or 3D, is more comfortable and better than programming an android game from scratch. Many harbor the fear that using Unity limits the boundaries of the game. But as demonstrated by some of these successful names mentioned above, this isn't the case. 

Stallion Gaming has built its entire android game programming around Unity. And they never regretted it. So why not make life easier for yourself?

What is Unity 3D?

Funs of indie games are familiar with Unity. This engine is capable of handling the various laws of physics that are associated with physics like momentum and free fall. It has, therefore, the favorite engine for small android game programming groups.

Taking this into perspective, if you want to create a 3D explosion from scratch, you'll have to write endless lines of code. Covering the point the grenade is thrown to the way it moves through the air, to how it lands on the target and how it disintegrates under the force of the explosive elements within it. 

Contrast this with creating a similar experience on Unity, you create a 3D model of a grenade, set its mass and gravity and direct it's trajectory in the game world. Ask Stallion's team of developers, and they will explain that it is the difference between long months of coding and a few hours of basic computer tasks like clicking. There are other 3D game engines apart from Unity. 

A good example is the Unreal 4 Engine. Nevertheless, Unity remains the easiest and simplest to use. It has genuinely produced cross-platform games in the sense that you are capable of completing an android game development in Unity and launch it not only to Android. But you can also publish in iOS, macOS, Windows Mobile, Linux, etc. 

Who should not program in Unity

For those incapable of performing any coding themselves, Unity might not be suitable. It is true all behavior pattern, and physics principles associated with 3D programming are pre-coded into Unity. 

The Rigidbody class governs these; however, during android gaming programming in Unity, developers are required to add a little C# or Java codes to control some unique behaviors. 

The internet is flooded with tutorials and dummies guide to help teach beginners how to start android game development by themselves. 

But it is not the process that isn't complete without a little bit of extra coding. In such a case, it is always more effective to hire the services of experts of android game programming like Stallion Gaming. They take your gamin ideas and turn them into breathtaking Google play hits. 

Getting Started

getting started

If you are convinced you can program your own android game in 2019, then get ready for the next step. Once there, you will need to download Unity 5 to get started. Guess what? This fantastic engine with loads of features and benefits is free to download, install, and use. However, there is a professional edition for those who would take their android game development to the highest level. The professional version costs only $75 charged monthly. 

It gives developers access to some premium features like the "Team License." The team license is a project that enables teams to collaborate on a project with priority support from the developers of Unity (Unity Technologies).

If you are an indie developer, you might go with the free version. But professional game development studio like Stallion Gaming is ready to pay hard cash to enjoy the full powers of Unity. Even indie developers with the free version can choose to upgrade at any time along to line. 

Below are the significant steps you need to take once you've downloaded Unity. 

  • Create a unity account.

  • Verify and sign in to your account.

  • Get an android SDK and JDK

  • Set up an android emulator or android device for testing purposes.

  • Get Virtual Studio or MonoDevelop for coding C# or Java. 

  • You are ready to start programming your android game once you've got all these things ready. 

The Unity user interface

The ease of use is one reason for the popularity of Unity. Therefore the user interface is straightforward. Nevertheless, some need help to make the head and tail of it. The general interface called the Unity Editor is made of several different windows. 

These contain controls to enable android game developers to manipulate different aspects of a project during android game programming. The large panel to the writer is known as the #Scene pane. It illustrates the level of development and other aspects of progress for the game. It primarily serves as a window into the world you are building. 

Next to it can be found the 'Hierarchy' window. It displays the list of all aspects you use to build your world in the 'Scene' panel. It has a 'drag and drop' feature that enables movement and changes to elements in the central pane. 

Next comes the inspector. It is where you select priorities for the different elements, review variables, and attach scripts for execution. Other essential aspects of the UI are the 'Game,' 'Console' window, and 'Asset Store.' The 'Asset Store' is a kind of community market where developers can buy ready-made assets kike sounds, particle effects, and sprites. This helps to add more spice to your game. 

A Word of Advice

a word of advice

In the beginning, it is normal for your imagination to be all over the place. With Unity, the skies are your limits when creating an android game. But it is always advisable to manage expectations during the creative process. During android game programming, you can aim to create a big blockbuster in history, but you need to count the cost carefully. 

Find out if you are ready to pay the price needed for a game of such magnitude. At times, the price may be long hours of work, sleepless nights, and endless tests, which forces some to abandon her dream. Therefore your first android game development project should be something simple and easy. It should take more than a few months either. 

Bear in mind that success doesn't always come from the most sophisticated. Super Hexagon's success depicts this fact well enough. So instead of sinking years of your life on a considerable project, you might never be able to complete, set a 'SMART' goal instead. It works in business will surely work in this case too. 

Wrap up

Having this arsenal of tools and advice, you are ready to advance in the wild arena of android game programming! Nevertheless, it is practical to always bear in mind that no amount of words will deliver the kind of value real-world experience can. Therefore get to the job, start your android game development now. Follow through all the necessary steps. If need be, enlist a professional game development team to take a look at the project. Then launch in style. The world is waiting, but achieving global success on the Google Play store may not come from the obvious path to success. In case of any roadblocks, let us know in the comments.