Establishing a company that makes mobile games cannot be easy. Especially if you are trying to create something long-term, you have to work a lot. When you include the crucial business side to it, the issue becomes even more complicated. However, these words should not discourage you. If you start working patiently and correctly, you will absolutely achieve your goal of launching a lucrative mobile game development company. In this article, we will discuss the steps that will considerably help you to establish a strong mobile game company. If you want to launch such a company, make sure you read this article.

Starting Mobile Game Development Company

Find your game idea

Determine if you are alone or with a team. There can be just one person with you, as well. This is the very first step you have to consider while creating a company in this field. Having a co-founder alongside you will make many things easier, from finding an idea to the division of tasks. Together with this, you have to think of an idea of a mobile game. This is perhaps the most sophisticated part of this journey. Here, you can think of an idea from scratch. However, a common method for this is brainstorming on an existing idea. Candy Crush is a very good example of a result of the improvisation of an existing idea. Once the game idea is done, you can move on to the next step.

Define the roles and category

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In the next, what you have to do first is defining the roles in your team. As mentioned above, it is unlikely for you to be completely alone. If there is at least one person near you, it is important to divide tasks clearly. This will also help to prevent the potential dissatisfaction issues between the team in the near future. If you are already clear with the tasks, now you have to choose the category. There are many categories available to select from, such as racing, arcade, fighting, online slot, sports, strategy, and etc. It is not rational to choose more than one category. You must base your game on one list. The main motive behind this is your own belief and interest. For example, if you are a fan of fighting, do not go for the racing category. For sure, besides your enthusiasm for fighting, your knowledge of fighting games is more comprehensive, too. That is why, while selecting the category, you have to opt for something you are closer to. 

Create a story

When you are firm with the category of your game, now you can pass to the next stage. Here, you need to create a story for your game. You may not notice a story in all games, yet be sure this will make your game stronger. Let’s say you are creating a fighting game. By answering the basic questions given below, you will have your story ready.

  • Who is the protagonist and antagonist in the story?
  • What are their strong and weak sides?
  • For what reason are they battling with each other?
  • How will the protagonist defeat his enemy?

As you can see, there is nothing challenging here. It may be a small but very effective factor in the creation of a mobile game development company.

Make it playable and addictive

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The story part finished, but we still have a way to go. One of the crucial points to focus on is the level of difficulty and addiction. Make sure that most people can easily play the game you produce. In other words, it should not be challenging to pass from one level to another. Increase the difficulty gradually. When a player sees that he is able to play the game, he will like it. If he notices he cannot even pass the first stage, likelihood is high that he will leave it after a few trials. By making the game playable, you will also make your game addictive for players. So, making your game playable and addictive will help you gain and retain players. This will strengthen your mobile game development company. Achieving this is, for sure, what you target. 

Determine the platforms 

The next step in mobile game development is determining the platforms where your game will be available. There will be several options, such as Android, IOS, Windows, and so on. Android game development will definitely serve more people. This is because, in numerous phones, the operating system is android. You can go to IOS, as well. By this, your players will only be the customers of Apple. We recommend you to opt for IOS game development. By this, you will be able to refer to a lot of players. 

Give Design

Giving a design to your game will be one of the challenging steps. It may seem simple, but it is much easier to design a mobile app compared to a mobile game. Here, you will have to take many factors into account. These include the story, the appearance of your characters, and etc. A uniquely created game design might be your competitive advantage for your mobile game development company against your rivals. All these being said, you should not only focus on making your design look good. A very strong design may affect your game negatively. For instance, it could make your game slow if the design is very heavy. This will, on the contrary, make your players refuse to play your game. So, while giving design, take everything into consideration.



Creating a mobile gaming development company will certainly take months of yours. Apart from your time, you will have to spend money on the development of it. To recover that investment and in general, to earn money from this creation, you have several options. The first one is the in-app purchase. Despite being comparatively ineffective in making money from your game, this will earn you many players. It is because many people will download your free game. Nevertheless, you can still make money in this way. You will basically make some stages of the game paid. So, the players will have to pay to play after certain phases. The second one is apps within the app. This is a great choice as you will get paid for advertising other people’s apps. Just make sure your ads are not irrelevant so that you would not lose your users. The last one is the premium version. Here you may put a price for your game. Another variant is you may propose a free trial, and ask for payment for further use. This is also an effective way to monetize your game if it is really a quality one.

Creating a brand

The last step is creating a brand around your game. Making your game, a brand will bring you millions of customers. For this, you will have to spend resources on your game. For instance, opening social media pages, blogs, websites, and advertising will be useful. Just keep in mind that your game will not become a brand in a week or month. This will take many months. Shortly, by following these steps, you can create a very successful mobile game development company.