In the past, it was only possible to play relatively sophisticated games on computers or dedicated console devices. However, nowadays, mobile game design is the most popular field of industry among game developers. The creation of mobile games makes it accessible to individuals to play their favorite games wherever they want. 

Video games have the power to take us out of the real world and throw it into this virtual environment. It helps us create an imaginary world where we can use our special superpowers. However, creating such an advanced virtual world can be challenging even for experienced game developers. Every group of consumers has different tastes and desires. While creating games, there are certain factors that game programmers should take into account, and that’s what we are going to discuss today.

Video Games

The mobile game design should be largely based on the storyline. Usually, video games have a certain style or theme that is being applied in every design process. How you are going to design your next video game is completely up to your creative imagination. However, there are guidelines you need to follow in coming up with a compelling product. 

About Mobile Games 

mobile game design

Mobile games have the kind of opportunities that not all technical devices can offer. People spend hours playing and winning various types of online games that are available for mobile phones. It is also the easiest way to spend your free time. Besides, some mobile games can improve your logical skills. Therefore, game designers need to create such a game that will not only benefit the player but will also let them have fun.

Now let’s get into the factors that you should consider before creating a mobile game design.

Which mobile platforms should you choose?

This is a common dilemma modern game developers face, especially the ones who have a tight budget. While there are other platforms like Symbian, Windows Phone, and Blackberry, which are used by the minority of the people, almost every mobile game development company creates games for iOS or Android. So how do you choose between these two operating systems? In order to find an answer to this question, you have to consider many factors. For example, you should determine your target audience and what platforms they are on. This will help you see which options can allow you to reach a bigger portion of your customers.

Most developers choose to go with both mobile platforms, which is the best option. However, not all companies can afford this as it requires more money and time. You cannot create one game for Android and expect it to work on iOS after minor changes, so more funds have to be involved if you choose to go down this road.

Keeping a draft 

No, any product emerges without having a draft paper. If you have any idea to apply for mobile game design, then you should take a piece of paper and make a plan regarding the issues that you are ready to come across. Also, writing down ideas will help you to have a lucid idea about video game design. You will not be confused while beginning the process. Therefore, having a plan at hand is an essential part of virtual game design.

Making a Design Document 

Make sure to have a document where all the information about your mobile game design will be stored. It will shed light on all the different aspects of your game. In case you do not have any team and should develop your mobile game design on your own, you can divide your tasks and write some information, paragraphs, references, and add links from various sources to assist you. You should dedicate most of your time to work on the details that you cover in your document.

Choosing Programming Language for Mobile Game Design

There are plenty of programming languages that you can use to create amazing video games. For example, one of them is Java for mostly Android phones. For IOS game development, you can use Objective C. The number of technical tools that you will use to design your game will depend on its structure. If you want to create an elaborate game, then, of course, you will need various technical tools and languages to apply to it.


Before showing a particular product to customers, it is crucial to make its prototype first. When you have a prototype of your game, then you will be able to notice what you missed or did not miss applying to your game. It would be best if you did not overlook this stage as it can leave an adverse effect on your product. It helps you to have a bright imagination in terms of the application of the product. You will realize whether it is relevant to keep or not. The prototype is also a time-saving guide to improving your game in a better way.

Make Your Mobile Game Design Look Attractive 

mobile game design

It is almost impossible to attract people with simple game design. The more the games have special effects, background music, or sound effects, colorful images, scenes, the more you can get plenty of players to benefit your game. You must do your best to make the visual design splendid.

Build Your Game

If you are sure that your video game prototype is ideal for developing your game, then it is time to start to create your mobile game. Make sure to follow the guideline you have on your document and stick to the routine plan. It would be better if you started to apply the main mechanics and tools to your game. When you finish the most critical foundation part, begin to create your sound and music effects, graphics, images to complete the later stages of your game. There is no need to be a professional artist to create your visuals for the mobile game. If you are not capable of doing it, then add an artist to your team to help you to make your efforts worth it. Various tutorials can assist you while creating your images.

Test Your Game 

Before making your online game available to the users, it would be better to get some people to play games in the late stages of mobile game development. In any case, you may expect to face problems or complaints regarding the virtual game. Therefore, it is better to determine these issues beforehand and work on them to make sure you have minimal issues after the announcement. If you are sure that you can share your game with the players, submit it. It does not mean that your game is ready, and you are done with your job. You should regularly make updates to your game as there will inevitably be minor issues after the public plays your video game. The marketing aspect of your product will also require some work, as you will have to optimize your strategies to achieve better outcomes constantly.


In conclusion, if you think that you have a lack of skills at some points or stages of mobile game design, it would be better to work on yourself and develop your skills to offer the best product to the customers.