Game development is an area that stands out for its diversity, complexity, and creativity. It is preferable to work in a team of professionals to overcome all the difficulties in the long journey of game development and speed up the whole process. Try to attract people and expand your team with specialists who can support and help your project. You do not need an enormous army, and just a few members are enough to fulfill the important positions in the team. Which actions should you take to hire a good game development team? To answer this question, we made several numbers of research and came out with the following result which we will talk about.

Early steps

At the very beginning of any project, you can face some severe tasks. Accordingly, the brought solutions can lead to the success or failure of the whole project. Hiring a good game development team is one of the crucial moments that need to be solved with the extreme seriousness of the matter. We can explain this notion with the importance of the experts who will implement your ideas, and bring your project to prosperity. To begin, you should have a leader of your whole team who has leadership skills and can competently organize the work of other people in the group. In an ideal case, the leader should be the most experienced person among others and be able to make appropriate decisions and solve problems. There are several characteristics necessary to become a leader and have a worthy outcome. 

Firstly, if you are seeking the position of a leader, you should have job-related skills and not just tell others to do all the things instead of you. People who want to engage in a project, look for leaders who can show them the right direction, and show appropriate methods to achieve expected results. In the case of the game development team, the leader should be the most interested in terms of strategy game development and its success. Therefore, if other members see that their leader always tries to invest some effort to solve the project's problems, they will understand the importance of this task.

What is the preferable size of a game development team?

game development team

You should understand that the vast team is not a solution while hiring a game development team. The reason is that it is better to have a group consisting of 2-3 people who strongly do their duties instead of enormous teams with unknown skills of its members. Highly motivated and responsible people in your team will always work hard even if there are problems on the way to success. Obviously, these 2-3 people should have a certain level of knowledge and concern your project as a way to realize and insert their abilities. As a person who wants to develop a game, you should offer sufficient stuff to attract such people in your team, and make them stay with you till the end of the project. In a word, we can say that it is preferable to have a small but durable team to realize a desirable task.

Process of searching

Have you thought about the details of hiring a suitable game development team? To notify you, we can say that the competition for intelligent specialists in this industry is high. Therefore, if you meet such kind of a specialist, do not lose this opportunity and keep him in your android development team. Always try to let them know that they are valuable to you, and you will give proper rewards for their hard work and professionalism. Otherwise, these team members will lose interest in your project and quickly leave it, if they do not see any gratitude from your side. Also, give chances to newcomers and let them feel the atmosphere of the game development team. Among these people, there can be talented programmers, designers, etc. who desire to improve and develop their skills.

Furthermore, the right solution, while searching can be a public post both in real and social life. More precisely, you can give a task to solve and perform some necessary skills for people who are interested in your project. In this way, you can find out more concrete candidates, having a specific example of their work. To summarize, we can say that the most appropriate human resource for your project is talented people, regardless of the level of their experience. The reason is that inexperienced people can make progress so quickly and be able to reach an outstanding level among other members of the game development team.

Motivation is important

In the beginning, the game development teams in which each team member performs a wide range of tasks are small. In the early stages of the game development, work is carried out 24/7, while the result of the effort is not always visible. The leaders, managers, and hired employees mustn't lose their motivation. During the project, it is necessary to highlight intermediate results and celebrate small victories to understand that efforts are not wasted, as well as to correct the appearing mistakes promptly. Also, praising employees for their excellent work, conducting joint brainstorming and informal events to strengthen team spirit are essential for the continuous progress of the project.

Become a family

You should understand that you are going on a long journey with your team; therefore, remove the relationships like “superior-subordinate” Mostly, the leaders and team members are of the same age, and all of them have nicknames to be addressed. Also, some other features unify a team, including hanging out after work, team building on weekends, attending conferences, sports competitions and so on. While having lunch, try to play some real-time strategy games like UNO to spend even your lunchtime in a more fun way. Show the value of each team member, and explain that each person plays a crucial role in product development, and without one of them, everything will go away. Understand that you should work in an atmosphere of a real family, which is one of the primary key factors to success.

Where to search for people?

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The most appropriate places for hiring game development teams are forums about game development, 3D or 2D graphics and programming. Do not forget that you should clearly state your project and its details in such discussions. Focus on submitting your project and try to show your grateful attitude toward the process of creation and design of the topic-announcement. Remember that you have to attract not only desperate people dying of boredom but also busy people working on their current projects. Try to make your topic presentable and attractive to have a good impression on readers.

Your interest in the project is one of the critical factors that play a crucial role in finding new team members. Therefore, show people how interested you are in the effectiveness of your project. If you have done some scratches, display them in a professional way, and ask people to join you. Later, let them evolve your engine, the 3D models, the drawings, the script, or anything else related to your project. Remember being unique, and show the candidates the advantages to come together with you.

Searching on your own

Independent search for employees who may, in the future, become your team is probably the most effective, but also undoubtedly the most challenging option. You have to go through long and not the easiest way of independent searches, using well-known job search sites, social networks, professional communities, and so on. But this way can lead you to the desired result of the formation of your game development team. To achieve this, you must have enough patience and time, be a good psychologist asking the right questions, and be able to analyze the answers. To find the required specialists with appropriate skills, you have to prepare some individual interviews to check the skills and knowledge of the candidates.


Do not be surprised if applicants treat you with high suspicion and even apprehension, which is quite logical and natural. How can they trust you if you do not have any status or reputation? In order to increase the confidence of applicants to you, you can contact the HR-agency, which will become your representative. The agency will independently select candidates according to your criteria. On the next steps, they conduct an initial interview, form a professional and psychological portrait of the candidate, recommend them for the second interview if applicable. The only disadvantage of this feature is that you have to pay the agency to do the searching for you.

The price differs in accordance with the appropriation of an applicant. Privileges of such an agency consist of increased confidence from applicants and professional methods used to select proper staff for you. However, you will encounter the high cost of services and the inability to self-selection of resumes. In a word, we can say that the HR agency is certainly a good and professional tool for hiring employees, which costs some money.

Ready companies


Undoubtedly, you should hire the first available game development team, which will assure you about their extensive experience working on such projects. Pay attention to the following selection criteria that should be clarified by the appropriate company. First of all, look at the year of establishment of the development company. This is one of the leading factors to be sure that the development of your project will not stop in the middle due to internal problems and the difficulties in the team. Therefore, you should not consider companies that exist in the sphere of IT for less than 1-2 years, because you cannot be sure of their stable work. Only after that, you can think of the execution of your project in the best possible way.

Secondly, take into account the company's size and its emergency team members. For instance, if there are more than 15 people in the team of performers, you can be calm. We explain it with the notion of finalizing your planned project on time, regardless of the specific reasons like leaving team members, irresponsible workers, and so on. Even if some people cannot continue to work on your project, there still will be some who are eager to.

What else?

The third point that we recommend to consider is the website of potential developers. If you are not satisfied with the website of the selected company due to difficult content, then it will be difficult for you to cooperate with them. It is vital that the game development team stands on the same wavelength as you. They should understand all your ideas and have a clear idea of implementation. Make sure you carefully study the portfolio to make sure that at the end of the work, you will receive your project exactly the way you conceived it. Despite this, pay attention to the similarity of its previous projects with the one you plan to create.

Since specialists have already had experience in developing turn-based strategy games, they know what difficulties can be encountered in the process of work and how to avoid them. Therefore, we consistently suggest that you consider all of these points mentioned above to hire a good game development team.

How to make a decision?

In parallel with the searching process of the development team, it is worthwhile not to be lazy and learn working tactics of negotiating with selected candidates. You should learn how to behave and what points you should pay attention to during negotiations. Remember to carefully and thoroughly get familiarized with your preferred candidates, sort out all unnecessary ones, and select the most worthy. Make a simple note for yourself of not choosing more than three potential teams. Due to a large number of candidates, you will not be able to pay enough and proper attention to everyone. As a result, you can miss some crucial details and lose the main points. Therefore, we ask you to carefully study the portfolio and select a maximum of three most suitable candidates based on some criteria.

After, choose the team which you think is the most comfortable one to work with. Even if you meet a company with a perfect portfolio, but it is difficult for you to go on a compromise with this team, do not stop on that. It will be hard to correct mistakes and shortcomings during the project and come out with a single solution. We believe that cooperation carried out in comfort and harmony can lead to great success. 

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All in all, we would like to say that we tried to emphasize all the main factors necessary while hiring a good mobile platforms games development team. Again, try to analyze possible opportunities, challenges, and risks when searching for and forming a game development team. Remember, that finding and interviewing developers is an exciting process with different features. The main thing is your serious approach and paying attention to the points described in the given article. While selecting candidates try to take into account how comfortable you communicate with specific teams. Considering all these simple but significant moments, you can get a clear and correct idea of ​​working with the right people. Ultimately, you need to appreciate each of the applicants and choose the most suitable team that will have enough experience and knowledge to create a big project.