As technology advances, the quality of the new games skyrocket. Modern games provide stunning visuals and smooth operations. Additionally, they enhance the gaming experience by offering mind-blowing features. As a result, the gaming industry today generates billions every year. Therefore, learning about how to design a game can be beneficial. First, it is fun and exciting to know about the game development process. Second, you can be one of the people who initiate a new game idea. Also, you will enjoy a lucrative business. 

There are a variety of languages and game engines for building the games. One needs to know at least one programming language no matter what type of game one wants to make. In short, the foundation of the development process is coding. Mastering programming will also enable developers to realize their custom ideas. 

In this article, I am going to explain to you the stages of the game development process. Besides, I will explain the features of several programming languages. As a result, you will be able to decide which one fits your requirements and skills more. 

Game Design Process

In this section, I start by describing a simplified process of how to design a game. Nowadays, the types of games are extensive. Each of them requires different skills and actions. Therefore, the exact method of developing a particular game can be various. However, the steps mentioned below are the building blocks of all games. Hence, being familiar with them will assist you by giving you some idea of how the development process works.

1.Pre-research and Conceptualization

how to design a game

The very first step of game design is researching. If you have an idea, you should think about what type of game it is. Then it is necessary to search what skills and knowledge you need. You can either develop the game yourself or outsource experts in this field. If you are serious about creating, it is always better to take some courses. For instance, if you want to design games for PC, learn about the programming of web games. Some platforms let you build a great game without programming knowledge. However, I would advise you to learn to code. Coding enables you to create a unique game with special features that you target. The possibilities of programming skills are vast. Hence, you need to maximize the benefits of coding. 

On the other, you can outsource game development services if you do not know how to design a game. In this way, you let specialists with strong knowledge and experience in the field design a game you want. The advantages they provide are extensive. After all, those people develop games frequently. Hence, they know the trends of the industry and anticipate possible risks. However, the decision is yours. No matter which way you choose, either build yourself or outsource, make sure you research all the details beforehand. As a result, you will have a solid base of the game plan, which will help you in the later stages. 

2. Design Document

Being planned and organized is always better when you have a lot to do. Kaizen principle, which targets the improvement in business, states the benefit of being organized. It says that your desk must be the tidiest when you have the most to do. This principle is essential if you want to deliver more in a short period. 

Now, let’s apply the Kaizen principle to game development. You already know that it requires a lot of effort from you. Besides, it has several elements to focus on including design, story, characters, or operations. Also, you did extensive research and gathered a massive volume of information. It is time to tidy up the process. If you have insufficient information about how to design a game, you need to pay more attention to a design document. 

The game design document is a summary of the game. It includes many crucial elements. For instance, it should indicate;

  • Which skills do you need? Whether you will do all stages alone or you need to hire someone.

  • Which programming language will you use? Is there any specific game engine that you want to use?

  • What will your game look like when you launch it, or how will it work? Is there any specific theme you want to focus on?

  • Will you provide updates and new features? How will you deliver them?

Those are examples of only a few elements that you can indicate in the design document. The more comprehensive it is, the easier your future work will be. 

3.Software for Game Design

Before starting the actual coding process, the final thing you need to do is decide which software you will use. There are many different options. Some of them are simple and most suitable for mobile, such as IOS or Android game development. Others are very advanced. They provide 3D modeling possibilities and many other special features. Accordingly, the cost of each software also changes depending on their complexity level.

Besides, you can also get the help of game engines if you have less knowledge on how to design a game. Game engines are the frameworks with built-in functionalities that make the game development process more manageable. Some of them even do not require programming knowledge. Also, some game engines are open-source and entirely free. One can create a game on an open platform and market it without any problems. You should only keep in mind that each game engine works with some programming languages. Hence, it is better to search if there is a valuable option for your preferred language. I will talk about different programming languages and game engines in the subsequent section. The last thing to note is that you will need a powerful computer that will be able to bear the complex operations of game development software.

4. Code and Test

how to design a game

Though I joined coding and testing under one heading, they individually involve a lot of effort. Once you get the software, now it is time to start coding. Depending on the feature, complexity, and type of the game, coding can take most of your time. If you design games for PC, it is better to use the help of game engines. Besides, game engines are more helpful if you do not know how to design a game professionally. In this way, you can save a lot of time and effort.

Coding takes a lot of time. What takes, even more, is the video game testing. One cannot merely code and launch the game. It is usually the most significant mistake publishers do. Testing against the bugs, errors in the game is essential. After all, none likes the game if it stops, restarts or malfunctions. Besides, the game should be tested in the market. Anticipating the needs of the players can be a challenging process. Sometimes people tend to view the gaming experience only from the developer’s perspective. It is another mistake that leads to failure. Player reviews, feedback, and comments are essential. When you get them, you should adjust your game to fit the needs and wants of gamers. 

5. Launch and Market!

After you finalized the game, it is time to launch it. There are several channels for launching. You can add it to the Play Market if your design is compatible with the Android system. Alternatively, you can also open your website and directly launch the game there. The advantage of the second option is that you do not need Google or another platform to review and approve your game. Websites are especially helpful for online casino games. The reason is that this type of games usually takes longer to get approved. However, one can launch a casino game on his website instantly.

Besides, marketing is a crucial step that you should never ignore. Even if your idea is game-changing and you know how to design a game, it is worthless if the audience does not know about it. Marketing makes your game visible to players and ensures that they will give a chance to it. If you are not a business guy, and you have no clue about marketing, it is better to get expert help. Anytime you can outsource a marketing specialist. However, it is even better if you work with a game development company. Some of them will provide marketing and promotional activities. In StallionGaming, it is one of the primary services we provide with great attention. As a result, not only your game has mind-blowing features, but also get marketing done for you. 

Programming Languages

If you know at least one programming language, you have enough skills and knowledge on how to design a game. Simple ones do not require much effort. However, if you want to create a complicated game, your task can become overwhelming. Expertise in programming languages enables developers to realize their unique ideas. Often, not one person, but a team of developers, designers, and artists work together to build a game. The decision of which language to use depending on your ideas, skills, and background. In this section, I will inform you about some languages, their benefits, and drawbacks. 


JavaScript is a platform which is easy and straightforward to use. With its help, one can build a basic mobile game. Most people in this field have some knowledge of JavaScript already. Hence, it is one of the most preferred languages. Another advantage of this tool is that it helps to build interactive online games. The reason is that you can integrate JavaScript codes with HTML and CSS web technologies. As the industry moves more toward the web-based system, demand for online games increase. Subsequently, JavaScript becomes the more popular programming language of the web. 


Java is one of the most dynamic programming languages. It enables developers to develop a game for any system. The superiority of Java is that it utilizes the same OOP principles of C++, but with a broader range of systems. The compatibility with any platform comes from its bytecodes. Java codes usually work on JVM(Java Virtual Machine). This machine generates generic bytecodes from Java codes. On any systems, these codes will work. 

People who engage in Android game programming typically prefer Java. Android Studio enables developers to customize the design and operations by using Java. The increasing number of game library software like LWJGL also affects the demand for Java positively.

The C Languages

Throughout the whole blog, I said you need a more advanced language for complex games. It is time to talk about mind-blowing features of C languages (C, C#, C++) which assist in creating enhanced gaming performance. 

Developers utilize one or a combination of the C languages to design games for PC and console. You need to know that they are complex and challenging to learn. You should spend a lot of time excelling the skills of these languages. 


Most people regard C++ as the best programming language. This language appears on the top results if you start searching for languages to design a game. I cannot say it is the best, as each game has its requirements. Depending on the complexity of the elements, C++ can be the most advanced and challenging programming language. One thing is sure that C++ is a pioneer in the modern game programming language. It is the first tool that utilized Object-Oriented Programming. For further information, OOP integrates data and function. As a result, no other code can access that data except its function. This feature made C++ work faster. It is not surprising that Xbox and PlayStation use this tool extensively. If you want to develop more advanced and futuristic games, you should excel in C++ skills.



Another member of the C family is C#. It is the tool that video game developers learn in the first place. The reason is that it offers a lot of conveniences and it is much easier than C++. Though it is more accessible, it does not provide control over parameters and memory management as much as C++. 

With C#, it is possible to create different types of games on any architecture. One of the advantages of this tool is the XNA framework that assists game development. It offers a set of features and runtime environment. It is suitable to create Xbox games. Also, it is practical to design games for PC with this language. Besides, game engines, like Unity, utilizes C# language. However, the problem is that games using this framework can become similar and feel the same. On the other hand, C++ lays in the core of the engine. With its help, you can develop customized exclusive games. 

Web Languages

If you want to develop a game for browser, you need to develop a couple of various codes. Only in this way, you will be able to provide an excellent user experience. Specializing in one programming language is great; however, you also need to work on HTML5, CSS3, SQL, or JavaScript. Building a game for browser is different from console games. You might also need Scalable Vector Graphics(SVG) and WebGL to render 3D visuals. ActionScript is the programming language that is common for browser game programming. Flash animation utilizes it. However, people also think that it loses its popularity. Hence, you might consider Google Chrome.

Lessons learned

As the gaming industry advances, attention, and interest in mobile game development increases. If one has an engaging idea, he can benefit from it by building an attractive game. He can ensure huge profits by doing so. However, most people do not have enough information about how to design a game. Hence, I tried to form a basic understanding of the game design process in this blog. 

In simple terms, the process has five stages. First, you need to do research and conceptualize your idea. Then, creating a design document will help you gather all your ideas in one place. Next, you need to choose the software for coding. Once you have done those three steps, you are ready to start programming. Throughout coding, testing the game against errors and for the consumer preferences is essential. Lastly, developing a marketing strategy that promotes the game will be the key to success and lucrative profits.

Stallion Gaming

Going through the steps mentioned above is fun. If you decide to build the game and excel in a programming language, it will offer you a life-long benefit. However, until you learn the skills, your idea may become irrelevant. After all, the industry is very dynamic. Your competitors might anytime create a game similar to your plan. Hence, time matters. If you do not know how to design a game, get the expert help, Stallion Gaming with its excellent game development team is ready to lend a hand. We assign a project manager to each client’s work. This person acts as an intermediary between the company and the client. As a result, we ensure that communication is flowing efficiently. Every change or progress gets the approval of the client. Hence, one should not worry that the final version of the game will be different from their ideas. Contact us and start building your game now.