The slot games business has been more vigorous and consistent than ever before over the last few years. According to the World Bank data, a growth rate of the current US economy is four times less than the slot games business. This rapid growth and evolvement bring some troubles and mess along with a considerable amount of profit. Therefore, the significance of the game development team continues to rise gradually through services, project, productions that they develop.

Like other business industries, the game development sector is also modifying and evolving through technological advancement. For instance, people have already preferred to buy online slot games. This evolvement causes establishing of new game development companies which influence the industry enormously. According to the statistics, the number of game developers is increasing globally by 20 percent each year. It is not a surprise that the west is taking a leading role in the universal game development industry. On the other hand, Australia and Asia are overtaking the helm of the sector.


What are the First Steps for Game Development Team? 

However, what was hidden behind this profitable game development industry? There will be diversified responses and ideas from various people. Meanwhile, a few people think that you should have an innovative design and game theme; others will focus on the interests and preferences of the market and intended target. Nevertheless, all people would approve the fact that you should form a strong and successful team. It will help you develop turn-based strategy games. We would like to inform you that there are two methods of establishing a game development team.  The first type of team will adjoin new members to the already existing group. The second one will consist of all new members through recruitment. However, the success of the team does not depend on the forming method.

After this information, we can continue to define other aspects of forming a successful game development team. Initially, you should decide on the size of the team through the variety and features of the slot games. It is a kind reminder that establishing a simple game with a broad team will squander your resources. At the same time, a small group will bring you many troubles if you want to develop numerous sophisticated games. On the other hand, starting with a small and primary team has always been reasonable and advisable. It has never relied on the number and type of planned games. A small team with professional and skilled members will influence the success of the business. Moreover, do not forget that team members should handle more extensive work together with excellent management and communication skills. Since they will need to administrate new junior members in the future.


Team Roles

game development team

After deciding on the size of the development team, you can consider other significant factors for building a team. As you have already guessed, the next step is to define the number of people and which duties they will operate in the group. In other words, you need to detect the required roles and their holders.

Before defining team roles, you should consider that there are multiple factors which influence these roles. Firstly, the kind of planned games will modify positions in the game development team. You may be planning to develop a racing game which consists of a straightforward theme but sophisticated design and graphics. You will need a skillful programmer who will be able to fulfill the necessities. Yet, the significance of a writer will be immense. Especially if you decide to produce a story based game which requires many scripts.

Moreover, after defining the roles, you should come to a conclusion about the number of team members. You should hire a few people who can operate in multiple functions with more general roles in a small team. On the other hand, you need to establish more specialized roles in a broad group which occupied by design programmer, software programmer, graphic programmer, etc. When we consider the size of the team, it will not be awkward for the members to run various functions in a small development team. For example, programmers will be responsible for both the design and functionality of the games in a small group.


Outsourcing of the Roles

The next step in the team building is to consider various recruitment methods such as outsourcing.  Firstly, let us define the outsourcing game development. Outsourcing is a kind of deal where a firm charge another firm to run certain functions of this firm which can be realized internally. At the same time, they can hire some members and properties from one side to another one. Thus, on the first stage, you need to decide on which part of the project, people can develop out of the office. 

In other words, how much of the process you can transfer to another company which will run it instead of your team. Most of the game development companies rent a group of other firms or the whole firm for operating multiple functions such as arranging music, establishing art sides of the game. It is significant to determine these factors before building your game development team that you will need.

If you have already defined the roles that comply with the features of the planned projects, you will need to come to a conclusion about the next prominent factor. Which type of members will you need for running these roles? On this stage, you will firstly focus on common qualities such as honesty, punctuality, hardworking, leadership, etc. Multiple Human Resources methods such as trait tests, previous workplace conduct, tricky questions will help you on this issue. On the other hand, you will look through the background and knowledge of your future team members. Besides the uploaded CV and Cover letter, reference letters, and province tests will assist you in evaluating and selecting a proper member for your team. However, there will be exclusive features which you will seek for the members of your team. 

Importance of Communication in Game Development Team

There are various factors and a combination of these factors which you need to follow in the game development sector for being successful. The major part of this combination is communication, which defines the performance of the game development team and result of the project. Communications skills are the leading indicator of collaboration and conformity of the group. For instance, it will be great to hire artists who will be able to explain the design that they illustrate in their mind to the programmer for realizing it. Either, having a writer who can communicate about the visuals with the artists will raise the productivity of the development team. Therefore, it is one of the vital skills that you should focus on when hiring a member of the development team.

On the other hand, unfortunately, hiring good people does not mean that you will have an excellent team. Your team members should accept the projects as their own ones and perform it with these feelings. As a business owner, you need to encourage and convince them on this topic. You can find multiple methods for evoking the sense of possession over the work in the game development team. However, the essential issue is that your team members should have authority over the project. At the same time, you should indicate how precious they are for you. Moreover, there will be a peaceful environment in which people can communicate everything and discuss the process of the work regardless of their role and status in the team. 

Game Programmer

game development team

After deciding on technical issues, it's time to build your game development team. There are multiple roles that any development team cannot survive without them. The most important and required one of them is a game programmer who realizes your ideas. In other words, you can have the most creative game idea of the world; however, only programmers can bring them to the practice. Thus, the member of your development team who is always dealing with technical structure and codebase of the project is a game programmer. When we consider that strategy games exist on an online platform, a team without a game programmer means no slot game.

Keep in mind that a game programmer will not only deal with technical issues like developing codebase of the project in the team. The functionality of the slot games also depends on the game programmers. It means programmers also engage in exhaustive testing and debugging of the developed games to ensure smooth functionality. You can hire more than one programmer and allocate the task among them for increasing productivity. Nevertheless, most of the game development teams own just one programmer who handles all tasks. Thus, the size and type of project can determine the number of programmers in the group.  


As in real life, creating art on an online platform is also a time-consuming and challenging task. Therefore, you can need more than one game artist for your development team. It is apparent that artists establish the visual appearance of the project, which will be what the clients will see and evaluate on the first stage. However, they will need designers, programmers, and writers of the team in order to realize their ideas precisely. Moreover, the art concept of the project like animations, background, graphics, etc. can appear before the content and design of the games. However, they should ensure other members that the art concept of the game will match the technical concept and requirements developed by programmers.

Furthermore, the technical concept and requirements of the game determine the numbers of the artist needed. For instance, if you want to produce 3D games, you will definitely hire more than one artist for your team. Yet, if you decide to develop a retro slot game, only one artist can deal with all responsibilities such as animations, background, and pixel art.

Project Manager

One of the main features of any team is a manager who is responsible for all administrative issues. Just like other teams, the game development team needs a project manager who will ensure the smooth functioning of both the team and the project. As you have guessed the number of a project manager depends on the size and scope of the group. In a small team, an existing member of the team who runs other duties usually takes responsibility for administrative issues. In other words, you will not need to hire a new member for taking care of the responsibilities of the project manager.

The project manager of the development team usually establishes certain standards for the members and observes that they will accomplish these expectations in a limited amount of time. At the same time, they should encourage and motivate the members who drop behind the other members. In this way, they will eliminate the delay of the project and ensure the productivity of the team.

Game Designer

Regardless of the size and scope of the project, all members of the team conduce to the game design. Therefore, like a project manager, other existing members of the group usually take the responsibilities of the designer. The artist, programmer, or writer of the team can run the functions of the game designer in a small team. However, it will be more beneficial if you have a specialized member for game designing who will give the last decision about the design of the project. The designer of the project also observes the adherence of the design to the main idea. Moreover, having a specialized designer will enrich the concept of slot games and make them more attractive.

Creating and maintaining documentation is also one of the primary responsibilities of the game designer for the usage of the other members. In this way, they will find any information related to the design of the project when they need it.

Tester/Quality Controller

In an ideal team, each member of the game development team should take care of the quality of the project. They should test each stage of their job, report troubles, and eliminate them. Otherwise, it will be impossible to solve the stacked mistakes at the end of the project.

On the other hand, if you have a member who will be responsible for only detecting bugs, it will increase the quality and productivity of the project. You do not need to hire a particular person for this duty. One of your friends, people who support your business, or any related person can play the game and report which problems they have faced.

We would like to emphasize that you should not assign this responsibility to the game programmers of the project. Since they engage in challenging, time-consuming, and demanding tasks which will make them debilitated enough. 

Game Writergame development team

Although some members of the team can perform multiple roles at the same time, the task of the writer requires special skills and specialized employee. It is one of the primary faults of most game development teams that the artists or designers run the functions of the writer. It is apparent that many people can develop engaging scenarios for slot games. However, having experienced writer with specific skills will raise the productivity and success of the project.

The primary duty of the writer in the game industry is usually creating a scenario or the content of the slot game. Moreover, the writer of the project should also develop symbols/characters, related elements, layout, and plot of the game. At the same time, another primary task of the writers is to ensure continuity, smoothness, and attractiveness of the game, especially if it is a  story-based game. The writer also should check the text coded on the game to make sure that there are no grammar mistakes.

Keep in mind that having a writer does not guarantee the performance of the game. You need to hire a writer with related skills and considerable experience in the game industry. Not all writers can be successful in the game industry because of the unique requirements and relevant expectations. Therefore, you need to implement a highly detailed and rigorous evaluation and recruitment process. Any game development team needs a talented game writer. Even the most hard-working slot game which consists of a weak scenario. It might be full of dull stories, wretched dialogues which cannot survive for a long time.