There have been many changes in slot machine graphics throughout the years. Numerous factors have impacted these modifications. One of them is about customer needs. It’s obvious that slot machine producers could not offer games with graphics that people would not be willing to play. To attract customers, they had to research what their players would like to see. As a result, the producers would come up with graphics ideas relevant to their customers’ wishes. 

On top of that, different periods had different trends. To make sure that their slot machines would be compliant with the demand of time in terms of graphics, slot producers had to fit in such commonsense, too. In brief, this article will discuss how slot machine graphics have changed over time.

What Factors Are Important for Slot Players?

For a high roller who seriously aims to win large amounts of money, the significance of slot machine graphics may be somewhat overestimated. Nevertheless, the sense of both online and land-based slot machines, is they are not supposed to be taken too seriously. There is no doubt that some of the prominent progressive casino games enable players to win incredible amounts. Still, the big majority of slot machines are built to be fun to play besides providing the chances of winning. So, as players do not want to get bored while playing, slot machine graphics are indeed a highly-important factor for having an ultimate experience. 

The vivid proof of this lies in the fact that there is indeed nothing called a specific winning strategy in gambling slots. Surely, you can plan how much money you want to bet in advance. Likewise, you can select the slot machine carefully by considering certain factors, such as return to player (RTP). Yet, the random nature of casino slots will prevent you from planning how and when to make a wager. In other words, each spin of the reels is treated in the same way by the random number generator (RNG). As a result, your probability of winning becomes equal in all spins. Bear in mind that all spins mean every single spin you have made, and you will ever make. 

Do not Overlook Slot Machine Graphics

slot machine graphics

The conclusion of the above paragraph brings us to slot machine graphics. As noted above, avid gamblers might not focus on the design of their playing cards when they are winning loads of money. But the ones that play slot machines, especially advanced online casino games, consider graphics as a highly critical factor in games. In fact, together with decent sound effects, graphics make up an exciting entertainment package. If you check any website out that makes comparisons of online slots, you will notice a page regarding the slot machine graphics there. That is actually one of the main motives why a lot of casino games have themes of popular movies, superheroes, and more. Just like that, it is one of the reasons why the latest slot games use visuals and gameplay found in the advanced video games. Here, slot producers cut several components of video games like characters. That is why players liked the final product a lot. 

How Was The Graphics in Early Slot Machines?

You can truly be mesmerized by some of the modern slot machine graphics. But it was not like this before. The first-ever slot machine had three reels. It used playing card symbols which were connected to the reels of the device. 

In general, graphics of slot machines were relatively simple. The card symbols were slowly replaced by fruit symbols, bells, bar symbols, etc. Once the electricity has been implemented, flashing lights started to be a part of slot machines going forward. The first example that featured both the electrical and the mechanical slot machines was Bally’s Money Honey. At the same time, the flashing display allowed the machine to appear in movies during the 1960s.

On top of that, Bally’s Money Honey was a pioneer in the use of an electric motor for spinning the reels. Lastly, this game was innovative for its electric hopper that differed from previous machines for its large capacity to hold coins. No doubt, this factor was making Bally’s Money Honey unique for players since it had the exciting jackpot feature. 

Slot Machines During The 1970s

The latter breakthrough in terms of slot machine graphics occurred in 1976. The first-ever video slot machine was produced around that time. The slot machine was called Fortune Coin and was available only in Las Vegas for some time. Nevertheless, the slot machine graphics, which could look very simple today, caused the casino game to be exceptionally famous at that time. Indeed, the graphics were quite revolutionary for that time and contributed to the game’s fame considerably. In 1978, International Game Technology bought Fortune Coin. That was the point when the period of video graphics started. 

Slot Machine Graphics in the 21st Century

Las Vegas

Video slot games had already become a benchmark following the rise of online casino games during the late 1990s. In the 2000s, casino game developers were working with two aspects which drove them to produce more appealing graphics. The first one was the growing audience all over the world. Many of these people were video game fans who anticipated to see the same salt and pepper in the slot machine graphics.

Additionally, game developers noticed that people now access slot games through several devices, such as desktop, mobile, etc. That, in turn, resulted in the creation of slot games, such as Gonzo’s Quest. It was a Tetris-style game that featured reels instead of spins. Following its development in 2011, NetEnt developed games like the Beanstalk in 2013. Games like Beanstalk opened a new period in slot machine graphics as you could see such advanced graphics only in the latest video games. 

What Made Games Like Beanstalk Special?

Slot games like Beanstalk stimulated the development of slot games with 3D graphics. The name 3D was a bit misleading in the sense that such games did not require you to wear 3D glasses to play them. What they offered instead was detailed animation to convert the playing acts of slots into a unique gameplay world. It will indeed take some time for developers to apply virtual reality in the slot machine graphics. Still, the very modern slot machines include the currently most advanced visuals that you can find in the advanced video games. Examples of such slot games are Raging Rex, Arctic Valor, and more. 


As you can see, the slot machine industry has seen significant development in terms of slot machine graphics. It was the customers who always demanded better graphics and the developers had to adhere to them. As a result, you can now see the ultra-modern graphics used in the advanced video games, and in the latest slot machines. Bear in mind that for your online casino business, you can outsource slot game development to Stallion. Professional game developers will ensure your clients will be happy with the quality of graphics of your slots. Hopefully, you have found this article useful. To get information on more related topics, you can check out our page.