Hardworking developers built every single game in play around the world. From the simple brick game to the complex GTA V. These commit their time and expertise to give us the gaming experience we all love. Few people know that most of the popular games are built by unity developers who use a cross-platform game development engine known as Unity. 

The release of popular games has helped unity game developers to distinguish themselves among other game engineers. Mainly because of the Unity game engine; the world's leading game building platform. Think of any of your favorite games, and chances are it was built using Unity. With Unity, anyone can design an excellent experience for others to enjoy. Because it only takes a good idea and actionable guidelines for the best in unity game development to build the game of your dreams. 

Be it a mobile, PC, 3D, VR, and AR games; unity developers can be trusted to deliver a stunning job and provide good value for money. Explains why many entrepreneurs and businesses in the gaming industry trust these top unity developers to transform their android game ideas into realistic and breathtaking works of art. 

An essential advantage of hiring a developer is the cost-effectiveness. The client can rest assured of affordable rates that don't break the bank without compromise on quality. Outsourcing of software development is on the rise in many industries, especially in the gaming industry. Despite the many advantages of outsourcing in general, there are some significant challenges too. To remove the barriers to a great partnership between developers and the client, companies put in place a framework to ensure professionalism, flexibility, and world-class delivery (will come to this later). 

End-User Experience

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No matter how great the claims of any game developer, it is the end-user, the players who validate the game. The response your game gets from the market will ultimately determine its market value. It is the ideal time to enter the video game industry. Whether you are looking to develop mobile platform games or you’re a unity developer looking to join an elite team of developers, but pause a minute; why do people like games? 

According to research conducted at Pax Prime, America's biggest gaming expo, the following are some of the primary reasons why people love gaming. 

10 Simple Benefits of Gaming

  • It connects people from different backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities (you could even meet “the one”). 

  • Serves as a tool to manage health and happiness

  • It helps tons of people discover their creative side. 

  • Some even believe adults who play video games are happier. 

  • A medium to meet many interesting and new characters.

  • Keeps you young (Like Steve Jobs said, "stay young, stay hungry and stay foolish").

  • They make the wildest imaginations come true. 

  • Video games provide brain stimulation and keep thinking sharp.

  • It provides jobs like unity game development engineers.

  • Serves as an escape after a hard day's work. 

In spite of all the above benefits, many of us love video games simply because they are fantastic. It's always fun to wield a rocket-propelled grenade launcher (RPG) in VR, though we might never get the chance in real life. 

It is, therefore, the job of developers to work around the clock. Not only to deliver the best value for money but also to ensure the final product is human enough to engage players. Finding the best unity developer to build your game might be 50% of the job you need to do to launch a successful video game.

Why Unity Game Development?

So why do so many gaming companies, businesses, and developers alike choose Unity over other game engines? First, Unity provides people from all walks of live the easiest way to learn and master cross-platform and mobile game development. The process of learning to build video games is doubtless a long journey. But the Unity provides learning support, courses, tutorials, and materials to enable developers to reach an expert level in no time. 

Besides, since Unity is a cross-platform game engine, different consoles and environments are capable of running its games. In addition to this, this all-powerful tool is free for all users. Perhaps this is the most significant reason why developers on a tight budget choose Unity. 

Finally, many attribute the rise of the Unity engine to the vast number of experienced teams that use it building great games from scratch using this engine. Therefore companies, casinos, entrepreneurs, and businesses rely on unity developers to make the games we all love.

Find the Best Unity Developers

There are several outstanding unity developers out there. However, the real dilemma lies in determining the best game development team for your gaming project. Here is a list of questions to ask before deciding on which group or individual developer to hire. 

Four-Step Game Development 

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Step 1: Clients are assigned a project manager. Who transforms drawings, ideas, and game plans into simple, complete, and actionable guidelines for developers. 

Step 2: The game instructions and guidelines are used by the software to build a beautiful piece of art that players are bound to love. 

Step 3: The project manager keeps the client updated on the progress of work — working hand in hand to review and approve changes at every major checkpoint of the game development. Hence, the final product is precisely what the client envisioned. 

Step 4: This is the testing phase of unity game development. All aspects of the game are tried and tested to ensure all things are up to the high standards. 


1. What type of hire are you making? 

The type of developer you choose to hire depends on your kind of project and financial muscle backing the project. Usually, there are three main types of hire: full-time employee, freelancer, and contract-to-hire. 

None of these options is terrible; the final decision will always depend on the preferences of the employer. In the case of unity game development, it is still best to know where to find the most reliable place for outsourcing game development.

What level of experience do you need?

Ever heard of this saying: "Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor"? It’s right when hiring too. It is explaining why many clients will also go for the recruit with more years of experience. However, it's not always the case in every instance. But, the higher the stakes, the more skill is required. 

That's why you can either choose between junior, senior, lead developer and Architect, senior leadership, CTO or VP level.

How urgently do you need to hire someone? 

In the business world, time is money, especially in big cities like Los Angeles. The timeframe for the delivery of service is often very vital for the overall success of a project. Therefore it is very prudent to be clear and note the availability of the team and their respect for deadlines.  

Do you have product specifications ready? 

product specifications

Often, clients will have their ideas in different stages of development. At this point, the expertise of the unity developer comes in handy. The question has four key answers. 

  • I have a rough idea of what I would like to build.

  • I have a clear idea of what I want to develop, but I do not have any specifications written. 

  • Having precise specifications and wireframes.

Which of these three answers apply to your project?

How many developers do you intend to hire? 

Again this is based on the scale of the project. Unity developers are great at teamwork. However, it is the size and scope of the game in question that will determine if you'll hire one developer, a small team, or a large team.

How much experience do you have in managing developers? 

Many believe that a tool is only as useful as its user. Though true to an extent, there are other good reasons why many people hire Unity game development experts. So they wouldn't have to think through or make every many major decisions about the game-building process. Therefore the ideal team of developers is capable of getting the job done with little or no supervision. 

You can either have no experience, some experience (with or without agile) and used other methodologies to build great game development teams. The resulting teams are smart, work, and collaborate successfully.

Are you open to hiring remote developers? 

Harvard Business Review started in an article that remote workers are more efficient, more motivated, and commit long hours to work than traditional employees. Rightfully so because remote workers have the flexibility and freedom that in-house workers lack. Some say this contributes to higher creativity and overall productivity.

Depending on your answers to these questions, here are the sites to hire the best unity developers in Los Angeles.

Websites to find the best unity game developers


One of the best and fastest-growing places to find talented unity developers on the internet. Toptal has been ranked by Deloitte and other top talent market sites. So far, the site has served various high-class clients including HP, Motorola, and JP Morgan. 

This site is notorious for its stringent vetting process, which is also why only the best talents are available for hire here. In fact, the talent acceptance rate of Toptal is 3%. It is giving a good idea of how difficult it will be to find anything but the best. 

Therefore, unity developers on this site go through a series of technical and personality tests. And only the most exceptional ones are picked; consequently, assuring clients only the best performance. In terms of price, this site is on the high side. Employers seeking to hire engineers for unity development must be ready to throw some hard cash out there.

Which, in many cases, is the ideal hiring for larger businesses and fortune 500 companies. The only disadvantage with Toptal is the fact that employers looking to hire on a tight budget will have to look somewhere else. 

Stack Overflowstack overflow

The Stack Overflow is part of the Stack Exchange network of sites. Primarily, it is an open community that serves as a Q&A board for developers when they meet with any difficulties during coding. Because of this, it has a vast membership. Full with coders and unity developers from different backgrounds. This large engineer crowd connects to employers through the Stack Overflow's job board. 

The diversity and variety in this massive community ensure that all kinds of unity game developers are available to complete projects. Be it a 2D or 3D arcade game; you can find your ideal unity developer with the experience to get the job done. 

Stallion Gaming

Stallion Gaming Development is home to some of the brightest minds in the gaming industry. They primarily develop games of all types on the unity engine. Based in Los Angeles, this group of unity developers employs more than just programming skills to finish projects. They rely on years of engineering experience, diligence, and great design to create games of diverse kinds. 

Unity game development is their main area of expertise. LA’s own Stallion Gaming is among the elite group of unity developers committed to delivering entertaining games with superb graphics. Examples of such beautiful games include Diamond Shot, Coin Dozer, and many others. 

Using the unity game development engine, they build multiplayer games, casino games, role-playing games, and many others. They have a speedy and streamlined project management structure designed to take employers and clients through a very straightforward process. This structure progresses into four significant steps. Below are the four steps outlined.


Hire is yet another splendid option for hiring unity developers in Los Angeles. It uses a combination of online support and an in-house algorithm to match clients to the best unity game developers. Their vetting criteria for developers varies from the years of experience, previous work ratings, and many more. 

So whether you are looking to hire software engineers for in-house work or remote work Hired could be a good fit. At the moment, Hired services clients in 16 major markets. 


GitHub has built a large community of unity developers. It supplies developers with distributed version control. Therefore, serving as a very reliable source of tools for teams of designers and software engineers. The company has a dedicated job platform called GitHub jobs. This allows headhunters, recruiters, and companies in search of technical talent to find the best match. In essence, there is little else apart from the lots of exposure that GitHub jobs offer.  

X – Team

unity developer

X – Team serves individuals, companies, and businesses with the matching talent and experience to help build their dream games and software for the internet. As a top service provider, unity developers from X – Team join your team as full-time and dedicated players. They are also mentored and well-funded to ensure they are the best choice for large scale projects of all kinds. 

Therefore, if you are in to hire a single developer or solely in search of an hourly contract, you will need to look elsewhere. 


Again, it takes more than just money to get the job done the right way. Like most things, it also takes a bit of due diligence. Executives in the game industry need to take note of the different options available for hiring the best unity developers in Los Angeles. Though the gaming industry is very volatile, it is very beneficial once you adopt the right business model. A significant part of which is hiring the right team of unity developers for your game project.