Creating a new game is a creative and challenging process. It requires a vast amount of time, designing, and programming skills from the developer. Therefore, finding skillful game developer at a reasonable cost is steep. Above mentioned skills do not contain in just one person. Android game developer roles revolve around designers, narratives, coders, or programmers. If you want to transform your game idea into a real product, then you should hire a designer and programmer separately. The other options could be hiring them as one team. Some developers work as both designer and developer but finding that kind of developer could take a lot of time. Usually, game developers work as a team which contains front-end, back-end developers and designers. When you hire a game developer for your game project, you hire a team. 

The game development process is about using the latest technology to create video games. Android game developer role requires containing a set of necessary skills and ability to use those skills for converting ideas into reality. Successful developer should have vision, talent, and creativity. You can find thousands of successful global game development companies online. However, finding an expert team to convert your app idea into a real product could take time.


Android Game Development

The most widely used telephones today are Android mobile phones. If you have an app idea, it would be an excellent option to develop the game for android users initially. Additionally, recently, mobile developers give more priority to Android mobile development. Android game developer prefers to create games for Android platforms rather than the other ones. 

Wide range of devices uses Android OS such as tablets, smart TVs, smartphones. Therefore, the importance of android app development has increased hugely. Entrepreneurs who want to develop their applications outsource the development services. If you also want to outsource game development, it is probably a good idea. The main reason is that you will be able to control resources efficiently and come up with a high-quality product. Mobile game development is a fast-growing industry. You could find many Android game development companies which are ready to provide all kinds of development services, including designing, coding, or programming. 

In 2019, every business has its mobile application to serve their customers. Even small coffee shops develop a mobile application to collect discounts and accept coffee orders online. Therefore, it is no surprise that most of the entrepreneurs want to return their app idea into a profitable product. You can hire a game developer in several ways. Initially, you could partner with a mobile app developer and avoid app development expenses. The next way could be hiring a local mobile app developer. Or the last way could be outsourcing the development phase and relying on third party companies. 


Importance of Android game developer

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Because of the high demand for android games, the number of companies has increased during recent years. Therefore, you could face difficulties while choosing the right development company for your app requirements. There are different methodologies you could use to find the right company. Nowadays, the most reputational and experienced Android game developer uses better techniques and the latest technology to deliver the real application. According to statistics, the number of Android smartphone users will increase in a few years. Most of these users will experience their first android mobile gaming with low-end smartphones. Therefore, hire a game developer so he can provide the best and high-quality experience for your users. 

You need to work with a mobile app developer that is capable of creating games with a stylish interface and perfect graphics. In that case, you could gain lots of profit from the app development industry and reach to millions of gamers. Note that especially, 3D game development will be more critical for the whole game industry. Finding skilled developer for Unity game development is crucial nowadays.  


General steps to hire Android game developer

If you have an excellent idea but do not know where you could find a mobile developer, then the easiest way is to search for it on Google. After writing several keywords in the search bar, you will see lots of search results as there are many development companies available online. You will see a different skill set and price ranges. Before making a decision, there are three general rules you need to know. Firstly, you need to learn the basics of Android mobile game development and which languages are popular in game development. You may not be a computer science student or experienced programmer, but knowing the basics will help you to make the right decision. 

Search the approximately cost of hiring an experienced Android game developer. Who will be your target customers and pay for your game? These questions are essential before starting your journey. Let’s switch to the next step, which will be about checking the experience of the programmer. You would not want a knee surgery from the fresh graduate of the university. The situation is the same for a game developer. A game developer you hired app developer should be experienced and skillful. Additionally, you should require a portfolio or sample of new app products from the developer. You can even ask for the code of recent works. 

Search for the Android game developer that build communication with you and care about your both product and business. App development process could take time; therefore, it is essential to make an excellent communication and understand each other. 


Why Android game development?

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You probably wondered why there are many android developers than IOS developers. The first reason is that Android is open source. There are so many open-source projects that developers could benefit. Also, learning Android software development is much easier because of the online sources and Android game developer communities. Having a basic understanding of the Java programming language is not enough to create an Android mobile application. However, java knowledge is a must in game development. Therefore, you need to be sure that the developer has Java programming language knowledge. Does your mobile app developer know which data type he/she should use in which situations? How about having an understanding of the Java Native Interface. Do the developers understand the principles of object-oriented programming? 

The above questions are important to ask while hiring mobile application developer. Each Android mobile developer should know basic programming principles and should gain Android-specific knowledge. 

You could find an Android game developer easily from anywhere. It includes personal connections, social media, job boards, and many other platforms. You could even create a contest from your app idea to let app developers compete. But the idea should worth that. When you start your search on app development, you will find different ways to reach several smartphone game developers. Also, there are specialized platforms where people post their job description and reach to thousands of developers. You can check official social media groups, including Facebook, Google, Apple, or Windows. Finding game developers is also possible through Linkedin, Upwork, or indeed. Game developers usually post their codes on Github, or Gitlab so you could ask for their portfolio and look through game codes. 



We can call jank a nightmare of an Android mobile developer. While iPhone apps scrolls smoothly and without any problem, Android apps stack on what we call ‘jank.’ When the app becomes unresponsive, or crashes unexpectedly jank happens. You can bring this issue and talk about jank with your developers. They will give detailed information about jank and will offer their anti-jank patterns. To prevent this kind of problems, your developers should know to use ScrollViews and ViewHolders. They need to know the ways how to avoid janks and should provide information about how they avoided jank on their recent projects. 


Different Versions of Android

When we look at the last versions of Android, we see turbulent history. 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3, 3.1, 3.2, 4, and beyond. All of them are different versions of Android, and each has different capabilities and APIs. Before deciding on your Android developer on mobile platforms, make sure that the team will handle all of these versions effectively. There is no rule that your app should target all these versions. You can select one of several of them and target only that version. Unfortunately, Android app development has many more challenges. Another challenge is about screen sizes. Unlike the iPhone, which has a specific screen size for each model, Android devices come with different screen sizes and pixel densities, and resolutions. And there is an interesting question. Will, your app developer, will be able to handle all these challenges? 

And mobile development gets more complicated. There are lots of problems that mobile developers face, and we could not mention them in one article. Each manufacturer puts various APIs, applications, codecs, and skins on their devices, which creates a more complicated process for developers. These changes affect how the app runs. Before starting to develop your app idea, make sure to get a game developer who knows what challenges you may face. 


Publishing and Distribution

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If you think that developers only will help you in the development phase, it is not the actual case. Because your developers should help you when your app is ready for publishing, it is challenging to publish Android mobile application and expect the immediate traction. It would be easy to do all things online because there will be no review section like the iPhone app store has. When you publish the game, it will be free for all. 

Therefore, before hiring a mobile app developer, make sure that he/she will guide you through the process and will help you in the publishing process as well. Your game developer should explain how you will get the target audience, how your app will appear on the search. Additionally, how you will manage the customer feedback, and how you will keep your game app at high rank. There are also alternative app stores, such as the Amazon Android App Store. Will your Android mobile app developer help you to publish your game in that store as well? 


How to hire a game developer

If you have an excellent app idea and want to transform it into a real working application, the first step will be finding suitable game developers. To hire a developer, you need to understand what skill sets a game developer should have. Experienced Android game developer should not only be responsible for developing the game. He/She also needs to have a deep understanding of the game design, visual arts, voice inflection, etc. We want to mention several more requirements for game developers, which we think will help you while finding the best developer for your app idea. Initially, the programmer should have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related fields. Next to having an excellent knowledge of programming is also another requirement.  

Nextly, you need to pay attention to whether the developer has soft skills or not. Years of experience and portfolio should be a priority while making a decision. Experienced development companies always show their portfolio to their potential clients and provide all the detailed information about their companies beforehand. Also, skillful developers should follow the trends and know the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence or machine learning. They need to know how to solve complex problems in a short time and under pressure. At the same time, developers should have both verbal and written communications. 


Scope and cost determination

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The game industry is fast-growing and one of the largest entertainment fields today. You can easily find lots of game developers based on your game requirements. Depending on your game requirements, you may need different positions while developing your game. Jobs could be in the field of game animation, game testing, game programming, game design, or game art creation in 2D or 3D. 

Cost of Android development could vary depending on your game idea. Additionally, it depends on the skill set of developers. For example, new beginners in the industry could develop a game at a lower price than the experienced developers. Also, when it comes to comparing IOS or Android platforms, IOS app development costs higher than Android app development. You can hire developers per hour or project. Some developers require payment based on the working hours, yet others charge you because of the app idea. The hourly cost of developing Android game could vary between $20 and $30.00 depending on the experience or skill set of the developer. 


Game categories

Android game development companies create mobile games in several categories and directions. We can categorize these games in several types. Most demanded and popular games among game lovers are fun games such as strategy games, action games, puzzle games, sports games, entertainment games, and much more. 


Tips for hiring Android mobile game developer

We want to start with the first suggestion, which is again about the developer’s portfolio. It is essential to access past client projects and a list of created apps. You can directly ask for the name of clients and reach those clients through their websites. Check the games written by your potential developer try to pay attention to every detail before making a decision. 

Secondly, observe your communication between app developers. Does the company or developer expresses interest in your project or wants to create your app only for money. Do they offer you any changes or only pay attention to the assigned tasks? These are all little vital factors that tell a lot about the mobile developer. Note that app development is time taking process, and you should understand each other from the very beginning of this journey. 

As a last tip, define how you will make communication during the development process. Is there any time difference in time zones? And more importantly, decide which communication tools you will use. It could be Skype, email, phone, etc. 


Hire a game developer 

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What do you need to look for your android developer? The android platform works based on the Java programming language. Many computer science schools teach that language, which means many university students also could create Android games. However, knowing the fundamentals of the Java language is not enough for game creation. Developers need to understand other Android features for creating game applications. 

Hopefully, you gain necessary information about how you will select and hire a game developer for your app idea. And where are you going to find the best Android game developer? At Stallion Gaming, you can find thousands of great experienced developers for both your Android and iPhone app ides.