You can't imagine a mobile game without art. Each play requires extensive skills for everything, including characters, symbols, locations, concepts, effects, menu, etc. Smartphone game development is a challenging process that requires creativity, designing, and programming skills. Most of the time, all these characteristics do not come with one person. Keeping that in mind, let's gain more detailed information about game art services and its role in game development. Generally speaking, game design is about what your game is going to look like. When you first think about it, the process could seem easy and straightforward. However, when you dig deep into the game designing choices, you could understand that those choices are important. Design decisions will directly affect the user experience and level of engagement and overall user satisfaction.  

If you read the history of smartphone game development, you will see how designing has changed and evolved during recent years. As the design continues to improve, more people start to spend their time with mobile gaming because game art is an essential factor for users. When smartphone game development was a new concept, developers were creating games with fewer codes. The primary purpose was to develop a running game that could fit into less memory. As a result, it leads to games with poor graphics and simple interactions. However, during recent years, we have seen massive development at both hardware and software. 


Why is game art services essential?

Today game art services have become a wholly separated field and many people prefer concentrating on game design instead of writing game code. User experience, enjoyment, engagement are essential concepts for both developers and players. Players expect to spend an enjoyable time while playing video games. For game creators, players' enjoyment is about the success of their game. 

Interest in smartphone game development has increased over the past few years. Especially after introduction to app stores from Google, Amazon, Apple, and Steam, there is a massive demand for mobile game developers. Competition between these tech giants leads to the shortage of mobile game developers. Developers could benefit from hundreds of online sources to learn game art design. There are also different books developers can read. However, mobile game development is a fast-growing field, which means books can be outdated after a while. For people who prefer watching videos rather than reading a book can find hundreds of Youtube courses free and online. This method is the most excellent way to follow the trends in-game market and develop your skills. To get the most reliable information, you need to watch videos from different sources. 

Or if you want to gain detailed information and learn from the start, you can attend game development or game art school. For game development learning by doing method might be the best. You can take a simple job and develop your skills by working. After a while, you will see a vast difference between your initial and current knowledge.  


Video games are art

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When we say the word art, we usually imagine sculpture or painting, or illustration. Video games are also some dance where players are no longer observers. Unlike from painting observer who stands in front of the wall or a sculpture in video games, players continuously interact with the game and is an active participant rather than an observer. We are not supporting that all video games are pieces of art. However, art and smartphone game development closely related to each other. Today technology has no limitation, and it opens endless doors for mobile game programming. They can create games with abstract depictions, perfect visuals to improve the narrative and emotion of the game. 

Video games demand attention and effort for engagement and better user experience. Movies usually take two or three hours; books take three or four days to finish. However, some games require 50 or 60 hours to unpack the tale fully. If we choose to engage with video games, we will observe that they are a dominant art form of our century. If we pay attention to them in more detail, we would see that video games are a collision of science and art. We understand the three leading voices while playing video games. The first one is a game creator, the second one is a game, and the third one is playing. People who play the game follow the story of the game creator by following game rules. Based on choices while playing the game, each experience of the player becomes unique and personal. 


Role of the game artist in smartphone game development 

The word game artist is quite self-explanatory for most of us. However, we could mention what may happen without a game artist and what importance game art has. Game artists take care of all artworks, but at the same time, it is more than just dance. Generally talking, their work includes the creation of images, characters, textures, environments, surfaces, scenes, concept, and many designs related jobs. The quality of artwork depends on the game itself and its platform as well. Some games require more realistic visuals and designing, yet others do not. In each way, game art services require a lot of creativity and hard work. 

There are different kinds of artists in Android game development. Initially, we could mention concept artists. The job of a game concept artist is about determining what item will look alike. Next, he/she sketch the initial designs. All other game design works depend on the concept of the artist. Concept artist determines the direction of the full game development and chooses the apparent path for other artists. As the second art worker of the game development process, we could mention a 3D modeler. He/She works on the concept of art and provides more details. Based on the game type 3D modeler decides richness of visuals. 

While talking about game artists, we should also mention 2D Texture artists. He adds appropriate textures to the game to make it more realistic and entertaining. Texture artist job is quite exciting but at the same time challenging. You need to have high skills in working with visual effects, lighting, and perspective. 


Technology and game art

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Game art workers use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Auto desk Maya for creating drawings and creations. They benefit from these programs to handle animation, texture, rendering, and modeling. That work is mainly about computer graphics. However, artists should use traditional ways of hand sketching during the initial stages, including character development and layouts. Reputable smartphone game development companies tend to have several artists working on different parts of the same game. But overall, there is always one leader artists that govern the whole project. But in other smaller Android or IOS game development companies, there is usually one person who does all the work.


Difference between game design and game art

The game designer has a vital role in game development as they are the ones who make games more fun and engaging. However, we do not mean that other parts do not have less importance in the game development process. Programmers are the ones that create games, yet designers decide how the game will look alike. However, if a game looks pretty and functions well, it does not mean that players will enjoy playing that game. If the smartphone game development company wants to make the sport more engaging, it needs to consider different aspects, including testing, user interface, levels, and game story. If a game looks great and functions well, but it is boring, then the game designer needs to work on the game to make it more entertaining. 

During the game development process, designers and artists work in the game team, but they have different jobs and responsibilities. Game artists usually work on the style of the game. You can say that the role of the artist in game development is about telling the game story with the help of art. When the art of game is ready artist switch to the creation of 3D objects. Later, the designer will use these 3D objects to finalize the functioning level and add the right mood, style, and consistency to the game. But how they manage to do it? Of course, with the help of 3D assets, character concept, and character creation. If you have creative and funny characters, they will help your game to get the attention of players.


Difference between graphics and art style

Generally speaking, graphics is about pixels and technical elements in the game. However, the style is more about visuals, lighting, colors, and the look of the game. So basically when we talk about art in gaming, it is about the art style. You could easily confuse these terms. Now we are going to explain why sometimes, the art style is more important than the graphics. 

First of all, game design is a challenging job, yet at the same time, it is funny and exciting. The most significant part of game designing is about determining the game art style. Sometimes, developers underestimate that phase. However, it will later affect players' decisions about your game. They could love or hate the game because of the art style. Minecraft game is an excellent sample in that case. When the game was famous, most people did not like the look of the game. The game had bad graphics. However, when it improved its look and graphics and gained more art style people started to love the game. 


Art style or graphics?

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Graphic design is another important factor in game development. However, it is not the most important one in the design of the game. The creative art style helps to obtain a more appealing and better-looking set. If players need to choose between HD or unique style games, most of them decide to play a game that has a better art style. It would be better to have both of them at the same time. But we believe that art style plays a vital role than graphics when it comes to smartphone game development. 

Almost every player appreciates having better graphics in games they play. However, graphics do not represent a substantial role in making the game better or good looking. 

Graphic design and art style complement each other. In some games, you cannot imagine an art style without excellent graphics. Therefore, before creating the art style for the game, designers need to ask one question. Does the game need excellent graphics? Most of the time, you will need graphics during the game development phase. However, we still believe that without having the perfect art style game will not attract players and will not be enjoyable for them to play. The absence of art style is worse than having low-quality graphics. 


Importance of providing game art services

Having an art style in games is essential to your game company. It provides uniqueness and a different style for the game and attracts more players. The main goal of a game development company is to appeal to as many people as possible. Your developers should develop a game that creates memorable experiences. As a result, these customers become loyal players of your game. Even today some games like Mario, which goes against realistic graphics is a perfect choice for some players. The creators of these kinds of games decided that having realistic graphics is not their goal.

On the other hand, some games prefer using better graphics. These games have gained lots of popularity, yet after a while, they become unplayable for people because of new games with better graphics. But classic games which do not make graphics their primary goal and pay more attention to art style always stay popular. The art style behind Mario games made everyone realize that it is not graphics that draw people.

If you have a game development company, you might think that graphics do not play a role in game development. But in this article, we are not telling you that graphics do play any role in smartphone game development. Maybe it is the graphics that make your game perfect for players. Some games have excellent graphics but do not worry about the art style. It does not indicate they will not reach their target players. But these kinds of games require a massive amount of money. If you have enough money to make a perfect game with high-quality graphics, then you do not need to read this blog. However, if you run your startup and do not have a vast amount of money, then you need to go for the art style. 



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Having an understanding of disconnection is essential for developers. It helps them to consider something that they could underappreciate during the development phase. Generally speaking, having good visuals is not the same as having better graphics. A development company could create a game with low graphics but still looking stunning. Technology has evolved a lot, and there are lots of ways to make the game look perfect and increase aesthetics. If you have an app idea or you run your smartphone game development company, you need to consider the power of art services. 

Thanks to the technology now developer could create a more advanced and detailed graphics and interactions. When the developer provides better visuals and graphics for the user, the experience becomes much more enjoyable and entertaining. Therefore, creating a game has become more than an error-free code. If you are entrepreneurs with an app idea, you should consider taking time for the design of the game as well. Therefore, finding a game development company that could provide you with both a programmer and a designer could be a good start of your journey. 

Games with a better art style become more realistic and more appealing to players. Thanks to game art services of smartphone game development, these games are more detailed. However, having a high-quality art style comes with its cost. Most of these games suffer from frame rate problems and require powerful hardware for running correctly. On the other hand, stylized sets contain better frame rates, which creates perfect visuals without charging a device. They also age better than realistic games because they include limits of developers' imagination. But realistic mobile games have fragments from the real world. Therefore, expectations toward the real world are always changing.