Android game development is an essential part of the Android platform that creates new applications. Only devices running on the Android operating system can use these applications. Today, there are so many game development companies using the Android operating system. However, there are five Android game development companies that offer amazing games.

The main feature of Android game development companies is that they create games for smartphones or tablets, but not desktops. It is because the Android operating system is not available on laptops or personal computers. That is why, while evaluating these companies, it is necessary to consider some essential factors.

Factors that make a good game

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Even though every gamer has a particular preference to choose a game to play, some elements are common and vital for all gamers. They are:

  • Gameplay. This element allows players to interact with any game while playing it. The gameplay is a connection between a game and its players, as well as covers plot and game rules.
  • Storytelling. While playing any game, every gamer reads information, or watch a trailer about the game. If the story of a game is attractive or different from others, then the game will be loved by players.
  • Real environment. It includes several essential factors: eye-catching, good soundtrack, music, and sound effects, and real lifelike effects.
  • Social Interaction. Here, the existence of multiplayer game connection and communication, as well as sharing your results or videos about a game, create an excellent social interaction among players.
  • High User Interaction. Players always like to get quick feedback from developers and experience invisible controls.
  • Advanced technical development. What attracts every gamer is a smooth framerate, highly designed camera, and graphics. These technical issues reinforce the storytelling and cohesion of a game by giving spirit to the game. 

Electronic Arts

The Android game development company is famous among gamers because of the brand. The company was established in 1982 in California, where global headquarters situated. EA is one of the global leaders in digital entertainment, developing various games for mobile devices, personal computers, and Internet-connected consoles. The net revenue of the company was more than 5 billion dollars in the last year. 

Some popular games that make EA one of the best Android game development companies. EA SPORTS FIFA, Need for Speed, Madden NFL, Battlefield, Dragon Age, Plants vs. Zombies, NHL, Star Wars JEDI, Anthem, UFC, and The Sims are the best brands of Electronic Arts Inc. 

Game lovers can also play EA games on their smartphones or tablets. Electronic Arts Inc has a variety of mobile video games in terms of stories. If you want to play a strategy game, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is one of the best games in Android game development. Real Racing 3 is a good racing game for gamers who prefer to drive sports cars. 

SimCity BuildIt is a simulation game providing a real environment for players to build metropolis in great cities. For sports fans, EA has the right menu, including FIFA Mobile, NBA Live Mobile, and Madden Overdrive. 


supercell - android game development

This Android game development company was created in 2010 in Helsinki. Even though this company is a new mobile game developer in the game industry, it has offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, and San Francisco. 

The first game of Supercell was This game was a multiplayer-based online game. Supercell launched this game in 2011 for playing through Facebook, mobile devices, desktop web, and tablet. Because of the difficulty and weak storytelling of the game, Supercell halted this game. 

Later, this game development company is popular with its five global mobile games. Clash of Clans and Hay Day are among the best mobile games, especially for Android gamers. These games make Supercell more popular in the game industry. Besides these games, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, and Boom Beach are also brands of Supercell game development companies.


This game development company was established by John Hanke in 2010 and was an internal startup project at Google. The name of the company refers to the whaling vessel that is Niantic. Later, Niantic turned an independent company in 2015, and it has offices in Hong Kong, Sunnyvale, Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, and Bellevue.

Before all of this, this game development company was a small team, including gamers, cartographers, computer scientists, and AI researchers. This small team firstly created its first product that is Keyhole, in 2001. It was like a video game allowing gamers to use interactive 3D maps of the whole planet. In 2004, Google acquired Keyhole and changed its name to Google Earth. Thanks to Niantic members, an original video game turned into a map application. Additionally, the Niantic team moved on to developing 3D modeling of all places in the Earth, introducing Google Maps, Panoramio, Street View, and SketchUp. 

Niantic’s first reality game was Ingress that was first launched for the Android operating system in 2012. Later, Niantic developed a revamped version of this game, branding as Ingress Prime.

The second mobile game of Niantic is Endgame that is a transmedia project, including an alternate reality. There are three versions of this game: Ancient Truth, The Calling, and Proving Ground. 

One of the best games of the game industry is Pokémon Go that Niantic launched it in partnership with the Pokemon Company and Nintendo in 2015. This game’s primary revenue sources are in-app purchases and regional partnerships. 

In partnership with WB Games and Warner Bros. IE, Niantic developed its next game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, in 2017. However, after beta testing, the game embarked on its global rollout in 2019. 



This game development company is one of the top worldwide developers in the game industry. A Chinese businessman Ding Lei founded this company in 1997. NetEase develops both mobile games and online PC games, as well as email services, e-commerce platforms, and advertising services. 

The most popular games of NetEase are Westward Journey, Heroes of Tang Dynasty Zero, Tianxia II, and Ghost II. Thanks to the partnership with Blizzard Entertainment, NetEase operates local versions of several famous games such as StarCraft II, Warcraft III, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Reaper of Souls, Hearthstone and Diablo III in China. 

Now, NetEase is well-known because of its some online games: Crusaders of Light, UNO, Speedy Ninja, Tome of the Sun, Onmyoji, Immortal Conquest, and Eternal Area. 

Stallion Gaming

Stallion Gaming is a new game development company based in Los-Angeles. As an organization, it was established in 2017. Now this company creates all types of games. Game fans can find different kinds of games, including casino games, unity games, mobile games, and strategy games. 

Additionally, gamers are capable of playing Stallion Gaming on mobile devices (IOS and Android), Playstation, and desktop. Games are also multiplayer and real-times games in addition to mobile and Playstation games. 

Stallion Gaming is also an Android game development company, which helps people to turn their game ideas into reality. The company modifies and modernizes Android and IOS games too, with 3D and 2D designs. 

As mobile games, Wild West, Tiki Island, Vegas Vacation, Totally Wild, Wild Lions, and Treasure Jewels are Android mobile games of Stallion Gaming’s Android game development. The game development company also has games for IOS game development such as Spinning Reels, Shamrock Keno, Rubber Duck, Shining Princess, Steampunk Keno, and Space Rocks. Besides mobile game development, Stallion Gaming focuses on Unity, Casino, and Strategy game development as the central part of its services. As Casino game development, this game development company includes Poker game development, Slot game development, and Real money casino games.