Technology undoubtedly affected every aspect of our lives. Whether you are working in an office or outside, whether you are doing housework or walk in the streets of megalopolises, you will notice how technological advances enhanced the way we live thanks to a mobile game development company. In the daily rush of life, you might not notice how much our lives have changed. Everything is faster and closer, hence, more accessible to us. Entering the network of games created by top mobile game developers is enough to find someone to play and communicate through messages and headphones.  However, technology does not only make our actions more comfortable to perform, but it also changes how we entertain ourselves through mobile game design. I remember we played with Tetris, dominos, or cards when we were kids. 

Look at the entertainment of today’s kids and teenagers. They use their smartphones, computers, and tablets to play games, to create virtual characters and play in a network of their coevals. They do not need to go out to socialize or find friends to play games. The trends of mobile game design are not only designed for children. In fact, the mobile games industry turns out to be so popular that it will become 64 billion worth industry in 2020. It is not surprising if you think a little about the gaming trends of last year. You probably were amazed by how fast Pokémon gained popularity among young people, or how PubG caught people’s attention in a concise period of time. 

Working in a Mobile Game Development Company

These successful games trapped millions of people in their fantastic virtual world. Most of us, while playing these games, were inspired about new projects. However, starting the game project is not an easy task, and probably, this factor restrained us from entering the gaming industry. On the other hand, if you work with a dedicated mobile game development company, your ideas will turn into reality in a short time without any flaws. In this article, I will help to find the best business which will aid you in every possible way for your mobile game design. 

Before we pass to the actual tips for deciding on a company that develops mobile games, I want first to introduce you to the concept. In the last decade, mobile games became an essential part of our entertainment. It turned to billions worth industry, as a result of the transfer of traditional video games to the mobile environment, together with the creation of new gaming ideas. Those mobile games were also integrated into social media, which ensured that people would replay the games, and the company will gain retention.

Besides, developers designed the games applicable to different platforms using Java or unity game development platforms; hence, no matter what brand of the phone a player uses, they could play the game easily. In such a massive industry where trends change every month, and its users double in a short time, it is very profitable to start developing the game idea in your mind. You need to find a professional mobile game development company that will understand your perspective and put your plans in action rapidly.

Experience and Reputation

As mentioned before, mobile game design is not a piece of cake; it requires a lot of time, dedication, and expertise. If you want to develop an entertaining, creative game with high-quality graphics, like the ones slot game developers create, you should think twice before deciding the choice of a mobile game development company. Team members should have in-depth knowledge of various platforms like Android or IOS, together with an understanding of customer needs. An experienced company will be able to shape your ideas further, to lead you toward the right decisions and finalize tasks on time. Additionally, a little creativity while developing the game will be the sprinkles to the cake. It is also worth mentioning that before choosing a partner, you should also consider their reputation. Just go online and search for that company, their previous works, reviews, etc. 

This will help you to have multiple perspectives and evaluate the company unbiased. You can request the company to share their portfolios with you, together with the background information about the developers. Experienced company means experienced employees, which, in return, will lead to a decreased probability of performance risk. Performance risk occurs when the final game does not conform to the standards and does not deliver the promised quality. With the help of professionals, that type of problem will not be a flaw in your project. You will be sure that your game project will have a great design, high quality, and it will attract as many players as possible.

The Reputation of Mobile Game Development Company

Sometimes, the company might be experienced; however, you should also check their reputation. The gaming industry is a fast-changing one; hence, any mobile game development company should keep up with those trends. If they fail to do so, their previous experiences will have no current value. Therefore, you need to go online and read reviews from the actual clients. Besides, an expert team does not mean that communication will be flawless. An organization should have expertise in technical skills and human skills like empathy or collaboration. For this aim, word of mouth is also a useful tool in getting comments; therefore, try to discuss your choices with your close partners and collect much information.

The Team

Being a jack-of-all trader does not work in game development. A successful game requires dedicated teamwork. Therefore, if you ask me what the fundamental factor or the building block of successful mobile game design is, I will definitely mention the team of the mobile game development company. When you choose the company with an effective team, you do 90 % of your work. Why is this issue so essential? The reason is closely related to Project Management. A right team will involve best android game developers and will be able to eliminate many of the project related risks. They will communicate effectively and ensure that all the tasks and subtasks are finalized on time. An experienced team will be able to allocate a sufficient amount of time to each step, therefore, ensure that they do not run out of time.

Finalizing your project on time is very important, because of the time-to-market factor. Let’s assume that the team created a fantastic game; however, it was released late. By that time, other games might enter the market and “steal” your target players. Even though you have created an engaging and innovative game, you can lose if time-to-market is missed. 

Team Working with your Partners

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On some occasions, the game is finalized; however, the client is not happy about the result. This issue mostly occurs when the final game is not consistent with the specifications that the client requested. Therefore, the team should also run customer-need analysis, so that, the final game will not be very different from what you have imagined. An experienced team is aware of the importance of customers. They ask a lot of questions about the specifications a client prefers and consider them through all steps of mobile game design.  Even if you face any discrepancies about certain aspects of the game, a professional team will be able to communicate, collaborate, and find a mutual way. 

Besides, a capable team will ensure that no conflicts arise among team members who might disrupt the project cycle. It will be a great start if you have a small meeting with team members to get to know their backgrounds and work skills. Moreover, do not forget to discuss rules beforehand, such as authorization for essential changes in the project. Such preliminary agreements will avoid many problematic issues during the design and implementation phases of the project. 

The Process

The third factor you should consider is the process of mobile game design and how much attention a partner pays to the project cycle. The game development life cycle should generally start with the client-company meeting. In this meeting, the client should express his/her needs, and team members should actively listen and comment. Later, the company should refine the specifications to shape better your inquiry that will suit to your needs and the wants of the audience. Next, they should choose the design style and the theme for the game to make it catchier.  One part of this step is designing the background, characters, or objects. Those elements are designed differently in IOS and Android game development

After coding game details and User Interface elements, the project should go through preliminary testing and Quality Assurance. This will help developers to notice some bugs or discrepancies. Moreover, they will better understand the feelings of the audience and gaming experience. Finally, a mobile game development company should submit the project. All the steps mentioned should have precise timing and budget; if not, ambiguity might cause delays and budget overruns. A typical company will have a process similar to the one I described. However, the process can be different depending on the partner. Therefore, it is always for your best to get the details of the project cycle- or process- beforehand and regularly monitor the company. 

Project Plan

A detailed plan of the project is beneficial for mobile game design. If the company is behind schedule or if they make more costs than planned, you should call for a meeting and investigate the reasons. Besides, they should contact you in each step and should not pass to the next stage without your confirmation. When you are not aware of the process going, it might be challenging to go back and correct any action. Additionally, it will cause delays and cost overruns again.


As you are already acquainted with the importance of experience, team members, and game development life cycle, now it is time to put those factors in the decision-making process.  Have you ever entered a market to do the shopping and after remember that you forgot something? If this is a familiar situation to you, you must know that creating a to-do list or checklist is handy to eliminate this problem. Just like shopping, you should also have a criteria list while you try to find a proper mobile game development company. As said before, mobile game design is not an easy task. You should find a company that is able to perform all the needed activities for you. Your criteria may include, low pricing, high quality, professional team members, several years of experience, a large team, availability of physical location, etc. 

You should also define whether you want Android or IOS app development services.  To refine this process, you can list them based on the importance level and score each company based on those criteria. This method is called the weighted Scoring Model and mostly used for a better decision making the process. With the help of the model, you would not ignore or forget any critical factor for your game. Moreover, you will be able to choose the most appropriate mobile game development company.


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On some occasions, people get really busy with the technical side and forget the communication process. Of course, expertise, technical skills, game specifications are essential elements that need to be considered. However, if there does not exist a clear communication path between the client and the mobile game development company, misunderstandings might hurt the building blocks of your dream project. First, one person should act as a medium and inform you about the current processes, changes, etc. Hearing many different scenarios about the game from various team members will put you in a complicated situation. Second, the company should arrange regular meetings, and if needed, urgent ones. Those meetings will be informative for you. In addition, if the team knows that they should report to you regularly, they will feel more responsible. 

Sometimes clients become too involved and request many meetings; however, this is also prohibitive as team losses time for meetings. A few numbers of meetings will be sufficient. Besides, you can also request written reports or request meetings only if the team deviates from the planned project. In this way, communication will be useful while it will not disturb the developers’ work.

Game Development Services

All those factors mentioned might seem a little confusing or overwhelming. Among so many companies that offer game development services, you might get puzzled and make wrong decisions. However, when you choose the right mobile game development company, all of those complicated factors become regular work. By considering all of them, they ensure that you launch the game on time, on budget and in quality which you deserve. 

Stallion Gaming offers you a unique service for mobile game development. As I said before, one part of effective communication is having a medium between the client and the team. Therefore, we assign a project manager who will contact you directly and learn more about what specifications you want to see in your game project. That person gets your ideas and communicates them to the team. As a result, the team is well aware of what the client needs, and the client has direct contact to approach whenever needed. In addition, reporting and monitoring the project cycle is another part of communication. That project manager will keep you updated about the current process and ensure that the final game project has the exact specifications that you requested. 



Besides, Stallion Gaming will help you with the promotion activities of your game and monetization of the project. You can even get their help to build your own casino game, too. If you want to monetize your game, all the related features come within the game. We also offer customer support for you not to feel alone in this exciting journey.

What is better? Stallion Gaming’s’ mobile game development team will storyboard your game, design your characters, establish levels. As a result, you can visualize what the final product will look like. You can always make comments about the mobile game design as the project is communicated to you several times and sophisticated after every comment. The mobile game development company has already excelled games on IOS and Android platform. They offer you many sophisticated types of games, including real-time strategy games. Whether you like 2D or 3D, the team will help your dreams to come true. They have enough expertise to develop the game on Java or on the Unity game development platform. It suits your game the best. Furthermore, developers ensure the safety and privacy of the project. They deliver it either privately or through any platform that you wish.