If you still cannot decide whether an in-house team or outsourcing gives you more odds to be successful, this article is going to help you. Outsourcing services have become a popular trend among small businesses several years ago. However, people still hesitate to outsource. Hence, by getting more explanation about the essence and motives of outsourcing game development, you will be more aware of the role of outsourcing in business. Moreover, you can get familiar with the benefits if you outsource game development company. We also created a comprehensive list of steps that should be done before choosing any developer, including a unity developer. If you want to outsource development, the steps will guide you to the best ways of doing it. 

What is Outsourcing?

Sometimes when we say “outsource,” people think that work goes off-shore. This interpretation is not always accurate. In simple words, outsourcing means you find and use the skills of a third-party. The third-party company or individual can be in other countries or your location. The only condition for outsourcing is that you use the skills or knowledge of someone whom you do not directly employ. If we look at statistics, IBM conducted a survey and found three main reasons why people outsource game development. Around 27% said they outsource development to decrease the costs. On the other hand, people also outsource innovation and growth, 36% and 37%, respectively. Initially, people preferred to outsource, mainly off-shore, because the labor in developing countries was cheaper. However, soon, they noticed that outsourcing also leads to increased efficiency, creativity, and productivity. Nowadays, people outsource any type of game development, including unity game development. Hence, the outsourcing of game developing becomes more popular among companies.

Drivers of Outsourcing

Outsource Game Development

The word that we hear extensively today- outsourcing- would not have been so popular without several factors. These factors are economic, strategic, and technological. In terms of economy, people wanted to create high-quality products or provide services with low-cost. Therefore, outsourcing from low-cost countries was a pretty attractive offer. Secondly, companies noticed the benefits of outsourcing in their strategic activities. When they outsourced regular business activities, they could focus more on their competencies. As a result, they could also get specialized in their fields. Besides, technological factors also had a positive effect on outsourcing development. For instance, internet speed is now too fast, so that we can communicate instantly. Also, we can make research on the internet easily. There exist many platforms to introduce your skills, review other companies, or find the websites of best game developing companies. Though it is not always mentioned, the elimination of cultural barriers also stimulated outsourcing. As globalization had its positive effects, people become more integrated. Basic stereotypes are no longer believed. For instance, people do not only view China as a place of cheap labor, but also a country full of skilled people. All these features increased the importance of outsourcing and made it available to every individual. 

Why Should You Outsource Game Development?

Cost Saving

One of the primary benefits of outsourcing game development is saving money. It does not matter whether you casino game development or turn-based one, outsourcing will reduce your costs. Creating a game is time-consuming work, which demands a lot of skills. Therefore, it is also a very costly process. You can either employ developers and create your own full-time, in-house team, or outsource people. When you develop your team and do not outsource the development of a game, you need to consider their work environment. If you have an office, you need new furniture or equipment. Besides, you need to pay more utilities than before and pay for their documentation, etc. However, outsourcing is cheaper as you should only pay for the work they are doing for you. 

On the other hand, if there exist several game developers in your location, they will demand higher wages. It is the simple rule of the economy. If the supply is less than the demand, the price starts increasing. There is another solution to this problem, too. You can also find entry-level developers and train them. But in this case, you should again waste your money on trainers. Even, you lose much time to this process and time is money. However, in other countries, like China or India, there exist many top mobile game developers. Most of them are already experts in their fields, and you do not need to train them. No need to mention that these countries are also famous for their cheap labor. Hence, you can guarantee that outsourcing the development of the game will cost you less than creating your team.


Outsource Game Development

When you outsource game development, you can enjoy flexibility. Imagine that you have a game project and you employed full-time professionals. After the project ends, it can take some time for you to get a new project. What will all those in-house team members do during this idle time? They will simply wait for a new development cycle, but you have to pay for them. Besides, what happens if a new project demands only several employees? Then you should downsize your team or keep them and pay. As you already noticed, in-house teams do not give you much flexibility. However, if you outsource game development, you can choose the number of developers you need. You can be in contact with them how much you wish, but still, work when you have a project. In addition, you pay only if you need a service. We should also mention that you will have access to a large pool of skills. Any idea of yours, including real-time strategy games, will be realized. As a result, outsourcing offers you flexibility together with ensuring value for your money.

Saving Time

You should also outsource game development to save time. While you build your in-house game development, you need to consider your physical resources. You cannot locate as many team members as you wish. The number of developers and designers should be limited. The reason is that you can not employ more people than your workspace allows. Therefore, with a limited number of employees, your development takes more time. However, you can outsource as many artists, developers, or designers as you wish without being restricted. As a result, your game developing cycle works faster. 

In addition, employing is not a fast process. You need to place a vacancy, screen resumes, then interview each applicant. If any of them satisfy your needs in terms of skills and knowledge, you still need to train them. Then it will take further time for them to be productive in their new jobs as they need time to get familiar with the processes. All these steps slow down your work. Besides, you also shift your focus from the polishing process of game developing to issues of management. 

Better Control

If you have your own company, management can be burdensome. Besides coming up with new gaming ideas, you need to focus on managerial sides of the business, too. Keeping track of financial records, dealing with tax issues, and effectively managing your employees need a lot of time and energy. In addition, when there is a crisis, you will lose your nerves. After all, you are the manager of at least tens of people who depend on you. The problems grow bigger when you own an online casino. Therefore, these issues may restrain you from focusing on the projects. However, if you outsource game development, that company will manage all game-related tasks and management of the team. As a result, you would be able to manage other issues effectively. You can save a lot of time and energy if you outsource. 

Expansion of Possibilities

Outsourcing gives you a chance to expand the possibilities of market and ideas. When you outsource game development, you reach a more extensive base of skillful people. You might not be able to find the specific skills that you need in your location. However, as outsourcing can happen globally, you will have an abundance of skilled professionals. Whether you want a strategy game design or slot game design, you will find a professional developer for them. Besides, outsourcing from different cultures and backgrounds may help you to generate new ideas. Those people can advise you about the features of your game. Diverse opinions will bring fresh perspectives and creative thinking. As a result, the final result of your game developing can indicate the tastes of various countries. This consideration will ensure that players all around the world will like your game. With outsourcing, the game developing process becomes more global than having their own full-time employees. 

What to Consider Before You Outsource?

what to consider

Depending on the type of your company, the features you need and your location, outsourcing can be essential to you. If you decide to outsource game development, there are several steps to consider beforehand. If you follow the tips presented in this section, you will ensure that you do not face any drawbacks of outsourcing. You will be able to develop any game and even build your own casino game.

Right Provider for outsource game development

As we said, you can outsource globally. Therefore, when you want to outsource game development, you will have thousands of potential choices. The process might be complicated. However, it is always advisable to choose several potential partners. Create a criterion and narrow down your choices. Then conduct due diligence for each option. Contact them and ask questions. Put down their advantages and disadvantages. Afterward, you can choose the one who offers high-quality services that you need.

Sometimes for a low price, you can choose a low-quality provider. Get the necessary information about their team members. Moreover, read about customer reviews and request references from past clients. Also, analyze their portfolio with previous works. For example, if you need an online casino software provider, research if they have popular games. In this way, you will ensure that you will not have to deal with the poor performed project at the end. 

Up-to-Date Services

Technology is developing steadily, so does the gaming standards. Trends in the development of games, including strategy game development, fluctuate a lot. If you want to outsource game development, you should ensure that your provider uses advanced technological tools. They should also be aware of trends and keep up with them. Besides, your game should be able to adhere to the technical standards of the current market. Otherwise, your game will soon become outdated. These standards might include user-friendliness or compatibility with several platforms or devices. Choose a provider that offers you a broad range of technical solutions. 

Clear Communication

Constant communication is one of the most important aspects of outsourcing. If you outsource game development off-shore, you need to get on-time reports and information about processes. The team should not make any changes or critical decisions without your approval. Otherwise, the end product will be different from what you requested. Also, there is a high probability that you will have time differences if you outsource off-shore. You should also consider language and cultural differences. Sometimes those differences may lead to miscommunication and misunderstandings. You should ensure that you use “export” English- which means talking slowly with simple words. Be sure that all members understand what you want and expect from their work. Hence, the communication process is challenging to arrange. However, clear communication is the key to success. No matter how difficult it is, you should find a provider with great solutions for communicating. 

Intellectual Rights

intellectual rights

Another essential issue of game development, Intellectual Rights, is too significant to ensure. We cannot claim that outsourcing game development brings many benefits without risks. One of those risks is the security of your intellectual property. We should not ignore that those companies are far from us. You let go of some of the control of your property. Therefore, before agreeing, you need to seek legal advice. You should also sign a contract with articles about the protection of intellectual property. Besides, it is wise to consider the laws and regulations of a country where you outsource. The meanings and implications of their rules can be different, which can cause problems for you. In addition, if you want to outsource the poker game development, you should check the laws of your country, too. That is why you need to get expert help in legal issues.

Get Control

Before I mentioned that, communication gives you more ability to control. Overall, you should select a company for game development, which allows you to have control over operations. Control does not mean you should interrupt their work for detailed monitoring. Instead, you should be able to monitor the processes and ensure that team members finish their tasks as requested, on-time, and on budget. Therefore, professional game developers, like slot game developers, will give you the necessary inputs and communicate effectively. As a result, you will be aware of the on-going process and ensure the productivity of your operations.

Project Management

You should also find out if the outsourcing company utilizes project management effectively. The existence of professional project management tools means that your project will operate in a smooth way. The team will prepare the plan of the project cycle of game development beforehand. In this way, you will know what you need to expect. This plan will show the costs, the time required, and how the work responsibilities are divided. Besides, the project manager will communicate with you clearly, have frequent meetings, and ensure that they do not deviate from the established plan. Without proper project management, there is a high probability that your project can get out of control. 

What are the Drawbacks of Outsource Game Development?


You should not also wholly rely on outsourcing. Do not think that it is a magic wand and benefit you instantly when you outsource game development. As much as the benefits, outsourcing can also have adverse effects. First, you lose your full control over the project. Secondly, your communication becomes challenging because of time and culture differences. Third, outsourcing overseas may make your partners furious as you let money leave your country. Next, you also face risks of losing intellectual property. 

Besides, the company can perform poorly or does not perform at all after you make some payment. However, do not let all those factors to demotivate you. In the realm of businesses, outsourcing can benefit them considerably. To eliminate all the risks associated with game development, all you need to do is finding a reliable and experienced company. If your provider is a professional, then you will not face any issues of project management, communication, or security. 

In addition, you will also guarantee that the end game will include all the details you requested. We also do not want you to lose time while searching. Stallion Gaming offers you its extensive services in the highest quality. Whatever idea comes to your mind, our team can realize it. All types of games, including unity, real-time, or turn-based game development, is possible with our services. Besides, we recruit the greatest IOS and best android game developers, hence we make our games compatible with any device. In this way, you can guarantee that your project does not become outdated. If you want to outsource game development, it is enough to review our service. Then you can contact our representative to make your game development idea to realize in the shortest possible time.