While the world is changing continuously, the only immutable thing in the 21st century becomes change itself. Technological advancement has brought a bunch of significant innovations to each section of our lives. Game development is one of these sectors, which not limited to developing games for various hardware platforms anymore. The advanced technology of today's world widens flexibility, effectiveness, and attractive offers of the game development sector. Thus, growing interest and demand have caused the establishment of multiple game development companies. When Android game development began to engage in diverse hardware platforms, it took on considerable importance in the gaming industry. One of these companies is Android, which operating system for computers, smartphones, TVs, consoles, etc. As a result, it could prevail over the famous operating systems such as Java or Symbian. Hence, game development company becomes one of the most popular and used platforms in the modern world.

Android is not only a well-established and advanced platform in the entertainment industry. The services offered by this company have already passed the borders of modern technology. There are a plethora of features such as modernity, creativeness which differ Android game development company from other platforms. Besides, Android can provide users with customized services and productive software ecosystem which raise its popularity in the sector. Thus, customers can enjoy a vast range of innovations through this mobile game development company.

On the other hand, according to statistics, game apps on the Play Store bring 90 percent profit to the business holders. It indicates the profitability of the development company can be more than an online gambling business. Therefore, the number of people overgrows while the quantity of games is increasing on the Android platform. 


Unique Features of Android Game Development

android game development

As mentioned above, there are many special and unique features that differ in Android development from other operating systems. Although you can encounter some of them on other platforms, Android offers you a high-quality and reliable type of them. In other words, you will experience the most professional and outstanding form of existing services through this game development company. Thus, you can enjoy both innovative new and high-quality existed services.

7/24 Technical Assistance

One of the most significant features which raises the popularity of Android is technical support that it provides users for 7/24. Moreover, users can experience multimedia assistance through this operating system for round the clock. Game developers will get more freedom for controlling these features by multimedia assistance. At the same time, they can offer an excellent gaming experience to the users in this way.

Common Programming Languages of the Apps

As you already know that people feel more comfortable when they engage in familiar features such as system, programming, design, etc. Therefore, Android game development delivers services in the most used programming languages like C++ or Java. It is a fact that these programming languages are the most famous and widely used around the globe. Thus, Android has developed products such as Android SDK and NDK, which simplifies the system of the games for users.

Less Limited Ecosystem

As mentioned above, this development company uses adequate and less limited ecosystem for its users. The ecosystem of Android provides developers with considerable freedom for making use of unique attributes and tools. These opportunities help them to establish various game types like video games, slot games with original designs, symbols, and themes. Hence, Android system eliminates limitations and coercion of the sector by offering more liberty than other platforms such as IOS game development, Kai OS, etc.

Direct Interaction

As you have already assumed direct interaction is one of the most innovative and peculiar attributes of Android. Developers can interact with users directly through this feature. In other words, they can figure out and analyze the interests, demands, activity, and reviews of users. On the other hand, players can feel the virtual world as a real one by touching the screen and making various movements like tapping, tugging, or swiping. Running the games by direct interaction makes them more entertaining and smooth. It grabs the attention of users who are more active on apps.

Easy Game Developing

android game development

One of the essential features of this operating system is opportunities for simple game development. Game development provides its users with many simple tools which let game designers develop games in a relaxed and smooth way. Besides, developers can achieve a straightforward configuration process on an Android device. In other words, Android developers can quickly implement each stage of the process by using their device hardware. Thus, users can enjoy high-quality gaming experience by using both apps and device of this game development company.

On the other hand, Android offers opportunities for significant interaction with the hardware environment.  It means a designer can develop games suitable for any situation through these tools unlike other types such as casino games, real-time strategy games. Additionally, they can enjoy the availability of the relationship between the operating system and LTE, Bluetooth, IDEN, Wi-Fi, etc.

Customer Satisfaction

We have already mentioned that you will enjoy an excellent gaming experience by using this operating system. They try to deliver services which bring a high level of customer satisfaction. As a result, users will encounter amazing game controls, direct manipulation, GPS through the design of the games. Furthermore, the OpenGL function lets developers produce fabulous sound effects, visual graphics, smooth functionality, etc. At the same time, you will not need to waste an enormous amount of time for the uploading process of apps through this company. The android game development business offers users the fast submission process of the market. We want to remind you that you can get Android apps through multiple websites, channels, browsers. It means that you do not need to spend time on approval and reviewing process by the Play Store.

Android Game Development Process

The space of the Android operating system is enlarging through various development tools. Game designers need a proper set of these tools for developing useful game apps. However, the success of these games does not only cover development tools. It highly depends on the game process, approaches, and practices for developing them. The game development should consist of the innovative, smooth, creative process.

On the other hand, there should be a professional team of designers, programmers, writers, project managers for developing unique and bug-free games such as Android games, poker games, etc. The primary purpose of this team is to design games that conform to the requirements and expectations of the gaming market. There are basic steps and standards that any game development company should follow to be successful.

Step I: Project Estimation

The first step in this process is to estimate the project and its main features. Therefore, developers call it the framework of the game development process. Under normal conditions, the Android game development team brings project estimation based on client consent and game theme. This step covers everything from the most significant factors to minor issues related to the game concept and strategy design. Moreover, project estimation should bring current and future expenses of the process for decreasing the risk level.  When both leaders and customers confirm the plan, the team can move on to the next step.

Step II: Project Analysis

The next and essential step in game development is the Analysis process. This step consists of multiple levels, which both facilitate the process and minimize the chance of failing. Therefore, any development team needs to perform these layers elaborately:


The first layer that the game team needs to realize is to research and evaluate various aspects of the games. In other words, the project team should define the main features of a planned game based on previous Android games. Charged member should analyze expectations and requirements of both customers and the sector elaborately. However, they should also consider existing resources for establishing perfect games. Thus, the project team should develop Android games through current demands, facilities, and implement them precisely.

Facilities and Resources:

As mentioned above, the game development team should take into account available facilities. The team leader should analyze the staff, their potential, and abilities, facilities, testing devices, software solutions, etc.  These tools will let the team comply with the requirements of the sector and complete entire project successfully. This knowledge will ensure more stable and accurate calculations about the process. These calculations include the scope, timeframe, and expenses of the project.

Risks Management:

One of the significant layers of the entire project is risk management. This layer is so compulsory for assisting game designers in developing solutions when there is a necessity. It can include various troubles, errors, or changes. The most common situation is required changes during the project related to design or technical issues. Moreover, the team sometimes needs to outsource several services of the project after the process starts. These factors affect the quality and success of the designed game. Therefore, risk managers usually exaggerate the chance of the risk level for ensuring a trouble-free project.

Size and Scope of the Project:

The android game development team should determine the size, scope, and limits of the project in advance. They are essential requirements for developing any type of games such as casino games, real-time strategy games. The team needs to consider specific modes, proposed attributes, and target hardware for smooth functioning.

Step III: Game Design

The next and visual step of the development process is game design. This stage includes various significant features like technical development, UI flow, etc. The art part of the project also materializes in this step.  Designers and other related team members come together and bring various design materials such as class design, architectural structure, database design, etc. After the project team arranges design plan, customers of the game company should criticize, evaluate, and confirm it. These criticisms and reviews of the customers play an essential role in the next stages of the project. Team leaders and members should discuss these comments on the design meetings and consider them as a framework of the process.

Android Art Design

When we say design, the first thing that comes to mind is art. The main part of the design project based on art development. On the other hand, the art design of the project carries visual importance for the company.  Therefore, Android game development focuses on this layer exclusively. On this stage, the design team come together and establish diverse symbols, themes, characters. Thus, they make a ready raw version of project design through art concepts.

Them, artists forward these versions to the customers to get approval and ensure the documents comply with their requirements. Do not forget that customers can require some changes, modifications in the model.

Android Art Development

The next responsibility of the design team is art development. Team members bring various game factors and tools for developing the best game design. These tools contain some visual graphics, 3D, and 4D versions. Android art development consists of multiple components like texturing, animation, forming, visualization. Android team members use various design software like Adobe Photoshop, Maya, ZBrush, or the other ones for developing unique games.

Step IV: The Core of Android Game Development

It is time for the following and most essential step of game development.  On this stage, the game development team bring and utilize the most proper facilities and devices for realizing the project. The customers also involve this step of the process. Team leaders of game development company get their reviews and implement them as much as possible for ensuring customer satisfaction. Android game designers perform main functions such as coding, testing, error eliminating in this step. In the last years, they prefer to use a game engine which can run on multiple platforms besides Android.

Step V: Reviewing Games

The high quality of Android games is an indicator of hard and exhaustive reviewing process by the development team. Reviewing process analyzes and evaluates the personality of the games. When the game pass-through this process, it has high quality, functionality, performance. On the other hand, Android game development team can ensure the best gaming experience for the users. Therefore, they spend a vast amount of time on this process. In other words, they sacrifice their time and energy for fulfilling expectations of users and increasing customer satisfaction. Not only assigned people but also all members of the team participate in this process.

Step VI: Testing and Quality Control

It is a fact that Android is one of the most diverse and broadest operating systems which integrate with various devices. It means there is a wide variety of devices with different size, function, and designs which engage in Android. Therefore, testing and quality control step takes on a high level of importance.  Android development team needs to make sure that the application will be able to run on multiple hardware.

Moreover, apps should perform smoothly in various gaming environments. Besides hardware conformity, the Android game development team has to check its functionality, performance, and compliance with user requests. On this stage, testers should eliminate explored troubles and errors and adjust some features through customer demands. Even, development company can deliver the model to the external group for testing and quality control. Thus, Android game developers implement an elaborate testing and quality control process for guaranteeing bug-free products.

Step VII: Launching

Finally, it is time to publish the game for the usage of players. One of the last steps of the game development processes launching. After polishing, testing and applying comments of customers to the project, you can launch the game. Thus, the project team can deliver the product to the application market after assuring all steps followed precisely. For the Android operating system, the models will appear on the Google Play store after evaluation and confirmation process.

Step VIII: Assistance by Android Game Development

Under normal conditions, the final step of the game development should be launching. However, game development companies such as Android continue the process for ensuring performance and functionality of their products. It is a fact that any apps need updating over time. Therefore, game designers develop supplementary solutions for future support. In other words, they keep going to provide clients with assistance after the launching process. In this way, apps do not fall astern of any opponents in the application market.

For developing an effective and quality game, you should cooperate with a professional and reliable Android game development company. This partner has to follow the latest trends in the market, have considerable experience and a professional game design team. A development company with the mentioned feature will support you to launch a successful Android game of the gaming industry. As a result, your game dreams can come true without any anxiety.