Godot is an open-source game engine developed by a Latin American company prior to its public release. Godot engine runs on Mac/IOS, Windows, as well as Linux. Developers can create games for both web and mobile platforms by using this development environment. This post aims to cover the Godot game engine and mention numerous reasons why you need to use it for game development.

#1 Godot is Good for Programmers

Almost all game development processes rely on some programming knowledge. Individuals with programming background are considered more suited for this kind of task. Godot is one of the best tools that is built for programmers who want to develop games. Godot game engine is very reliable in terms of API because Godot API exposes most of the elements of the engine and shows features that are hard to find directly by code. From a coding standpoint, Godot engine gets high praise because of the ease of use and precise documentation.

#2 Dedicated Language

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Godot engine is a beneficial tool for programmers. The advantage that developers can get from using this platform is that Godot engine comes up with programming language that is called GDScript. Programmers are aware of the fact that in house languages are either poorly managed or unnecessary that is why this addition makes sense to them. GDScript created as a restatement from other programming languages such as Python and Lua.

Godot decided to mash these languages up because none of them was making a difference in regard to game development. So, as a result, the Godot team established a programming language that is as readable as Python. They keep features like strict typing, editor integration, essential elements of Python, and add more clear optimizations for speed. Many game developers who start to work with GDScript find out how easy it is to learn and practice the tools of Godot while they want to develop a video game. Though, if you do not have spare time to learn a new programming language, the good news is that the Godot game engine has Multi-language support for game development.

#3 Godot has Multi-language Support

godot game engine

If you ever try to develop a game, you would know that choosing a game development environment means selecting a programming language. No matter how comfortable is game developer about a programming language, if the needed features are not supported in that platform, then he/she has with few choices. Either they need to switch to another development platform, or they need to choose a platform that has multi-language support. Godot game engine directly supports programming languages such as C++, C#, and GDScript, as we mentioned before. The great news is that those languages can operate with Visual Script, which is a code-free node-based system that works similarly with Unreal’ Engine’s Blueprint system.

#4 Godot Engine Supports Language Binding

If the officially supported language does not fit with your ideas, then you still have an option. GDNative API of the Godot game engine allows developers to bind other languages to the system directly. This feature gives you access to the Godot API even though you use another programming language. Demand is very high for this feature; that is why Godot aims to extend the number of words. Currently, bindings for programming languages like Nim, R, Ruby, and can be found on the Godot portal.

#5 Node System

Most of the game engines employ scenes, these scenes used to represent the levels in the game. Several objects can exist within these scenes. For example, in Unreal Engine, scenes are actors, or in Unity, they are Game objects. In Godot game development tool scenes are a collection of nodes. In other words, each node of the game is a single object, and each of them can inherit from any other of them. A whole collaboration of those nodes called a scene in Godot game engine. Scenes also have an ability to inherit from one another. It is only possible when they have a common root node. The node system that Godot offers to the customers provides a different style of approach to working with objects that are not easily understandable. It is an automatic and extendible design tool that can help many game developers to achieve the perfect game design.

#6 Godot supports both 2D and 3D Game Development

Godot engine is a great tool that can handle the creation of both 2D and 3D games. Indie game developers who frequently use 2D formats like Godot game engine because it is very smooth. Rather than pseudo 2D, Godot provides you with actual 2D graphics space that expresses in pixels. Simplicity is the key to making adjustments and developing good games. That is why with Godot engine 2D game creation and optimization process runs smoothly.

Unless you indent to build a AAA game that has top-line graphics, you will not face any limitations by the Goton game engine. 3D tools are newer for Goton engine; that is why they may lag at some point, though the team of professionals tries their best to build a better platform for enthusiastic game developers. Godot engine has specialized nodes for both three-D and two D formats. Two-point five D format will be available sooner than later according to the daily reports by the company.

#7 Godot offers Custom IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics)

godot game engine

Godot Engine has a built-in IDE, and it provides some cool functions to the users. The best part about Godot IDE is that it gives users the freedom of choice. If the developer does not like IDE or the text editor tool of Godot, he or she can use their favorite tools while continuing their work on Godot.

#8 Godot Engine is Lightweight

Generally, Godot engine executable is about six hundred MB, and it does not require users to install it. You need to download, unzip it and there you go. Alongside the small file size, the Godot game engine can comfortably work with lower-powered systems. One of the cool facts about this engine is that any in-engine performance by developers reflects the performance of the complete projects made with it.

#9 Godot Engine is an Open Source

Godot is open-source software that allows developers to get all the related tools, including editing under the MIT license. Godot game engine is free, and you possess the rights for everything that you created on this platform. One of the best reasons why it is a flexible tool for game developers is that while they work on some projects and see some errors or they do not like some details on the interface, they can immediately change it and continue their job. Users can add a new and unique feature to the game engine of Godot. So, these community-developed tools can help other programmers while they develop games.

Final Thoughts

If you are a game developer who wants to create well-rounded 2D and 3D games with high-quality graphics, then Godot game engine can be useful for you. Besides, the flexibility factor of the engine is significant for any developer who likes to work with specific texting formats, languages, and more. Do not hesitate to check the Game engine by Godot for better results.