Some studios limit themselves to the creation of Cross-Platform Mobile Game Development (games, applications) only for a specific mobile operating system, for example, for iOS. We believe that Cross-Platform Mobile Game Development only for mobile platforms is quite risky because the recruitment of buyers to your application for devices is approximately more expensive compared to other platforms. As a result of this, the program must be successful in order to catch the eyes of the customers.

Other platforms, such as Facebook, need a successful viral marketing campaign, you need to work quite a lot. Still quite fundamentally, so that your customers invite their buddies to the Cross-Platform Mobile Game Development, as a result of this, an aristocracy is necessary.

What should be the control in the game?

With the rise in the popularity of phones and tablets, touch-screen interaction has become the most famous. It means that the requests for visual design have changed because a mouse is no longer required to perform specific actions. Nowadays, most often they make interfaces with giant keys and controls so that we can steer our fingers on the screen. Actually, about tablets, for the game development of control components is considered a higher priority - you need to weigh the comfortable location of the user's hands. As a result of this, if you see an android game in which both index fingers are required for control.

Cross-Platform Mobile Game Development is written simultaneously for several platforms in one language, different from the native one. How can such code work on different devices? There are also two approaches. The first is that at the stage of preparing the application for publication, it turns into a native one for a particular platform using a transpiler. One cross-platform programming language is "translated" into another.

The second one is that a specific wrapper is added to the resulting code, which, already working on the device, on the fly translates calls from non-native code to the native functions of the system. It is only necessary to refine the UI and UX for platforms, but now, within certain limits, even this can be combined - for example, the hamburger menu is actively used on both Android and iOS. So also making corrections to the interface so that the application meets the spirit and letter of the desired platform is a matter of desire, the necessary speed and quality of Cross-Platform Mobile Game Development.

Cross-platform mobile game development is not a panacea

When choosing, you need to proceed from the tasks and existing resources. Cross-Platform Mobile Game Development is a right and understandable direction, but with its advantages and disadvantages, which must be borne in mind even before the project is launched. The cross-platform application made is better than the unmade native. You can quickly and cheaply develop it, upload it to the store, and check the demand from users - does anyone look for the application for you. Based on the results of such an experiment, it will be possible to decide the fate of the mobile direction in your company and investments in it. The first that follows in the footsteps of sending care is the solvency of users of any Cross-Platform Mobile Game Development platform.

What are programming languages more suitable for cross-platform development than any other?

cross-platform mobile game development

If there are no problems with financing, then C is the best choice. For example, you get the best performance on all platforms, spanning mobile systems. However, the price of such development will become importantly higher, because working with C is more complicated than with almost all of the high-level languages.

In addition to this, if you are developing a personal product for any platform, then you will undoubtedly need a more personal (own) code. It radically stands out from the layout when the creator simply transfers the system from one platform to another.

If the budget is limited, you can use C # (through Unity) or ActionScript (with support for Flash or Air): both of these varieties will be an excellent way out of history - they are considered high-quality programming languages and are supported by a large number of companies. Integrated memory makes game development more comfortable, but there are still difficulties with the data, especially on mobile platforms.

What are the main outstanding qualities of creating cross-platform games?

If you have a useful Cross-Platform Mobile Game Development program, then this alignment will allow you to expire to a broader audience, spending about the same amount of money. Well, what if, suddenly, someone recommends your video game to his friends and they can play it on any platform, then the possibility of increasing the viral audience will grow. Cross-Platform Mobile Game Development allows users to intend to society autonomously from the device used.

What is the most severe task, and how to avoid it?

When developing any game, the problem of the ownership may appear. This can be caused not by the inexperience of the creators or by something similar, but by some tasks of the platform. For example, in one of our games, we were aware that we would not be able to make a similarly rich internal universe of our casino on mobile devices, and we made a decision it would be more expedient to create an entirely different separate product.

Another crucial issue is Apple's permission. The process is rather slow - approximately within a week. For those who periodically, for example, one in 2 weeks, release updates this is even more important. It is necessary to maintain the likelihood of players from different platforms to play together.

Thanks to the rapid spread of the mobile Internet and IT application development, installed on new, intuitive user devices, the mobile application becomes good form, business card, commercial tool and an additional source of income. Therefore, the development of a new generation of mobile applications using web-resources and modern IT-technologies is becoming popular and potentially profitable.

Cross-platform mobile application development

Cross-platform frameworks come to the rescue, which allows you to develop mobile games using standard HTML5 / JS / CSS web technologies. It is enough to write an application in HTML5 using the framework API for working with the hardware functions of the device and get ready-made applications for almost all mobile platforms as an output.

What is a cross-platform application? Imagine a mobile site that does not always need the Internet, and from a design point of view, it is closer to mobile applications, not to web pages. This is how cross-platform applications can be described. You should use the tools to cross-platform mobile applications.

The most popular and modern solutions for Cross-Platform Mobile Game Development are PhoneGap, Xamarin, Unity.

 [1]. Data frameworks

 They occupy 80% of the cross-platform development market for mobile devices

 [2]. The PhoneGap framework allows you to create mobile games using JavaScript, HTML or other similar technologies.

Cross-platform game development is right for you if

cross platform game development

1) Support for platforms and versions. First of all,

it is necessary to determine how many and which platforms

and their variants have to be supported (range

devices, differences in development toolkits

for each of them, as well as browser capabilities on

Each platform).

2) Device features. What features of the device will be needed

(camera, file system, etc.)

3) User interface. Install the relationship between the application interface and a user on the one hand and the device's OS with others.

 4) Performance is one of the main factors which is taken into account by the web developer for mobile apps. Therefore before starting cross-platform game development needs to check the return on a prototype or existing analogs. 

5) Updates. When developing mobile games need to consider the fact that users do not always want to switch to a new version.

6) Safety both in terms of a work

application, user, and the application itself and the OS that he uses.

7) Non-technical factors. An example of such factors are ease of distribution, whether access to device capabilities is required, development methodology, psi factor inherent in this or that application, additional price loads to support various platforms and versions, etc.

From the above, we can distinguish features of a modern mobile web application that play a significant role while developing mobile apps or games. Modern Cross-platform game development should have a comfortable interface, convenient, and intuitive when using.

Based on the preceding, we can make a conclusion - a mobile web application is a complicated, complex that consists of a specified structure, and should be reliable and safe.

Mobile Application Development Principles

When developing mobile applications, the main differences are technical features like a toolkit, API, and SDK, interface design paradigms. The same main principles of designing applications for mobile devices remain unchanged regardless of the platform and installed on its operating system. In practice, it is impossible to achieve all of these principles.

Most architectures implemented in 4 Management systems.

1) The method of independence. It is important to develop mobile platform games that would be independent of device type and platform. It can not always be achieved painlessly, but

useful applications are usually written like this that they can work on many mobile

devices and platforms. In practice, this is an elusive factor. Therefore it is necessary to choose the most suitable type of mobile device and accordingly a platform. It should be noted that operating systems have various characteristics.

2) High performance and availability. The architecture under development should have excellent performance when regular and peak periods of need for resources. If necessary

applications at any given time, architecture should also have high availability.

3) Scalability. Being developed architecture must be scalable, fast

adapt with a significant increase in the number of users who do not "fall," support standard functionality work.

Architecture should also be designed in such a way to allow horizontal (additional servers) and vertical (adding faster servers) scaling without prejudice to any existing applications and without significant code modifications.

 4) System requirements of the user.

Allow for processing as broad types as possible. Keep in mind

A full range of users for high- and low-performance systems.

The above characteristics and principles allow you to develop good mobile applications and to maintain the core development principle.

There is a wide range of Cross-platform game development technologies for mobile applications to a detailed analysis of systems is necessary to break them into three classes depending on the characteristics of advanced application development.

Since the IT market has a wide range of such products is not an appropriate

analysis of them all, and it's enough to analyze only those that are most widely used under development, but at the same time cover all three class. Allows usage of various hardware-accelerated properties that improves game performance and applications. The disadvantages include that compilation takes place on the Corona server and

gets the compiled file without access to the Internet is not possible, as well as impossibility

connecting third-party libraries developers. Another significant disadvantage is the inability to write extensions and additions. It has a significant number of patterns to create different types of

applications. Provides work with web service SOAP, which makes it easy to create,

Retrieve, update, or delete content [10]. Performs performance management. There is the possibility of writing additional extensions and implement designed early or developed

third-party firms. JQuery Mobile is a touch-based web framework developed based on JavaScript.

Advantages of cross-platform development 

pros and cons

Cross-platform development approach has the following

positive points:

1. It requires fewer resources to implement the application immediately under

several platforms. It is the essence of the cross-platform approach

- The same code works on both iOS and Android.

Only one set of graphics. All this reduces the number of working hours and how

the consequence of the project budget.

2. Less development time. Due to the lack of unique

interface elements and simpler technologies time to create simple

There are usually fewer products.

3. Simplified product update cycle. If you need to add or correct something to the project, this is done right away for every platform on which the project is distributed.

4. Ability to use the mobile version of the site. Most cross-platform solutions use the JavaScript family of languages, therefore, if you already have a mobile version of the site, a significant part of the code and materials can be used in the application without changes.

5. Using a single application logic. Embedded logic in the app will work guaranteed the same for everyone.


  • 1st and more significant - in order to be successful, your future Cross-Platform Mobile Game Development must satisfy the needs of your motivated audience; Including unique custom design. 

  • Be careful about choosing an outsourcing team of creators. Get the price offers in your preferred area, take care of plans from the portfolio of selected companies. Take the trouble to choose the right combination of value and skill.

  • You specify as it is likely in detail, all the details of the upcoming plan with a selected team of creators: business logic and a list of opportunities, the area in which you intend to launch a product, monetization, and a specialist.

  • Find your design preferences for your mobile game.

Subsequently, such as all of the above items resolved and approved - so make your own way to success!