Rapid growth in technology has greatly benefited the video game industry. The first video games to come out were nothing more than dots on a screen. But now games have become an integral part of our lives. Many people have also started to become interested in developing their games. Open source game engine technology allows the user to let their imagination run wild and put together their wildest fantasies. Since the open-source game engine market is vast, there are a lot of options to choose from. This article allows the reader to get some information on available game engines, and what to look for when using them. So without further ado, here are some open source game engine software you should check out!


Why an Open Source Game Engine?

When compared to a licensed game engine software, an open source game engine has many advantages. Even on the game development term, it offers many more benefits. One edge of an open-source platform is the full availability of source codes. Many different plugins can be added that can benefit the time you spend on development. It lets the user extensively customize the application’s features. Another great advantage of using an open-source game engine is that most high-end game engines require the need for powerful hardware, but when a user goes for an open-source one, the hardware needs, drop dramatically. Linux would be a good example. It does not require powerful hardware specs to operate when compared to Windows. It also has a high compression rate that comes handy when dealing with large files. The last but not least benefit of an open-source game engine is the free license it comes with. With licensed software, most operations and publishings require a license. Whereas an open-source one lets the user operate more freely. 



open source game engine

CryEngine game development software is one that you may have heard of. It carries game titles like that of Cabal II, Giant, Sniper II, and one of the most famous games ever made, Crysis. After the video game Crysis was released was when CryEngine grabbed the attention of the game development community. It helped the game reach graphics levels that were revolutionary at the time and still is 12 years later. It helped create the famous phrase, “But can it run Crysis?”. It set a benchmark for computers at the time, and could still give them a run for their money when running on the maximum settings. All of this was possible due to the high customizability of the software. Which allowed the users to push the boundaries of what was possible. As time passed, many updates were rolled out that supported new features and functionalities. Since many game engines started to become an open-source to the community, the owners of CryEngine decided to go with the idea of “Pay what you want.” This meant that users were left with the choice to, in a sense, “donate” whatever money they thought was justified. 


Unreal Engine 4

Unreal engine game development software is one of the more advanced ones. You could acquire it for free, but there is a 5 percent royalty fee on games and applications that you release. But do not be afraid, because this is only for developers that have revenues over 3000. Also, according to its developers, there are no royalty fees for film projects, consulting projects like architecture, visualization, simulation, and contracting. Significant games like Final Fantasy VII remake was made using the Unreal Engine software, giving the user an idea of how capable the game engine is. Small indie games or big titles, no matter the workload, Unreal engine 4 has you covered!



Unity game engine has cemented itself as one of the best game engines out there. You can use the personal version for free to create 3D and 2D games. Unity software is compatible with 24 platforms such as; desktop, virtual reality, mobile, console, tv, and web platforms. You may recall unity from significant titles in the gaming industry like Assassin’s Creed: Identity and Temple Run. Unity game development software is also used by indie game developers that develop smaller, more mobile-friendly games. 

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Panda 3D

Panda 3D is known to many developers by the company it is created by, which is Disney. The Disney name has helped give much-deserved leverage to the software. The popularity is gained from developers arose from the fact that it is an open-source framework that lets the user develop simulations, experiments, visualizations, and 3D games. The game engine is free under the license of BSD. The games developed through the engine are written on Python and C++. The software itself is was also written on C++. The users of the software can use the automatic wrapper-generator functionally through the Python interface to expose its complete functionalities. The game engine was initially developed for Disney theme parks to create 3D attractions. But nowadays it has grown in popularity for developers worldwide. 


Spring Engine

spring engine

Spring Engine was first released in June of 2007. Being under the GNU general public license, it offers an open-source 3D real-time strategy (RTS) engine for developers. The game engine is responsible for rolling out games like Zero-K, Evolution RTS, and Spring:1994. The software offers one of the best open-source game engine technologies for amateur game developers. All that you need to get started hardware wise is a 512 MB graphics card, 2 gigs of RAM, a 3 GHz dual-core CPU, and a wheezy 5 GB of hard disk space. When it comes down to the language to write games, users can use Lua, which is a lightweight multi-paradigm programming language that can customize almost every aspect of the engine customizable from AI to pathfinding. Because of the above-stated features, Spring Engine is one of the ideal open-source game engines for newcomers. 


Final Thoughts

Starting a game development project can be an enriching activity. You could begin game development as a hobby or a full-time profession. No matter the origin of your interest, you will need a place to start. More specifically, you will need an open source game engines to get started. Just like with everything else, you will be looking for the best open-source game engine to help you kick your ambitions off. When doing research, make sure to look into open source game engines that are friendly towards new users. More advanced software can give you more options and polished outcomes, but you could be losing time trying to learn every step of the way from your errors. But since open source software are more simplistic, they can be the learning block for your experience as a game developer. 

Most open-source game development platforms come with significant user communities that like to help one another. So, to sum up, the idea, make sure to do your research to save you from scratching a project halfway because of some pesky issue with the software you may have overlooked. There are plenty of open source game engine choices to choose from, so take your time!